Timeless love starlife update Tuesday 12 March 2024

Timeless 12 March 2024: Vidhi coming to Hariprasad’s house and asks him if he is fine, as he is coughing a lot. He hides the tissue paper which has blood on it. Bimla comes there and hugs Vidhi. Vidhi tells that Satyavati sent this envelope for the temple.

Bimla says I will present it in the temple. She goes there and finds the garland burning. She sets off the fire and thinks if it is some sign. Dev calls Vidhi and tells that he has done all the packing and asks her to tell which dress to keep in the bag. Hariprasad coughs and drinks water. Bimla comes there and is afraid. Vidhi then goes to Balghar and meet the kids. She tells that she will meet them daily. Chitra calls Vidhi. Vidhi tells her that she is on the way to reach there. Jai asks if the family is going to watch film. Chitra tells that they (Dev and Vidhi are going to Kathmandu. Jai smiles. Satyavati asks Dev to come and says it is 6 pm. Dev calls Chitra. Just then Chitra comes there and tells that Vidhi didn’t come there. She says I thought she has come here. Dev says Vidhi had called and said that she is going to meet Chitra and asked me to call on her phone. Dev calls Balghar’s matron and then Hariprasad and asks about Vidhi. Hariprasad gets worried. Dev and Satyavati call everyone. They get worried. Abhi and Priya come home. Satyavati tells them that Vidhi is missing and says they shall call Police. Priya says she might be stuck somewhere. Dev says he will call Police and calls his friend who is in Police service.

Bimla tells Hariprasad that Vidhi is missing since 4 hours and asks him to call Dev. Hariprasad calls Dev and asks about Vidhi. Dev says he has called his ACP friend and he will call him. Hariprasad says we will come to your house. Dev says ok come. He tells his family that they shall trace her last location. He asks Chitra what she said. Chitra says she said that she will reach there in15 mins. Abhi says he will check in hospitals. Dev says nothing has happened to Vidhi.

Jai calls Chitra, who blames herself for calling Vidhi to the café. Jai asks if they have called Police. Chitra says Dev called his ACP friend. Jai asks her not to take stress and says he will come there. Dev and Abhi are searching Vidhi. Dev finds the beggar taking out money from the purse, but he didn’t see that it is Vidhi’s purse. Satyavati calls Dev and he goes.

ACP comes to Raichand Mansion and asks Jai what he is doing here. Satyavati says he is Chitra’s friend. ACP asks Satyavati how is her relation with Vidhi. Satyavati asks what do you mean? Dev comes there and says it was like a mother and daughter. He says they are my family. ACP says he doubts the family first. He asks Dev if he doubt on someone. Dev says he has doubt on Amba, and tells that she has kept indecent proposal infront of him. ACP asks him to tell. Dev hesitantly says that she demanded to become my baby’s mother. Satyavati asks what? ACP says ok and goes. Jai thinks I took her lightly, but she is influential.

ACP comes to Amba’s house and asks if you was waiting for me. Amba says no, and says whenever Police came to my house, it was sent by Dev. ACP asks where was you all day? Yogesh asks why you came here and questioning her. ACP says Vidhi Raichand is missing. Amba gets up. ACP says we came to know that you are interested in their lives and you asked Dev Raichand to give you a baby, and you want to start your life with the baby. Yogesh and Vikram are shocked. Amba says she asked baby medically and says baby can be born in clean way also. She says I can file defamation case against him and asks him to bring the proofs and take her.

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