Timeless love starlife update Saturday 10 February 2024

Timeless love 10 February 2024: Jai making coffee for Vidhi and himself, and messages Vidhi saying it will be soon 5:30 am, I hope you will be on time. He hears tu hai meri kiran song. Dev and Vidhi come out to the car. Dev tells her about the rules before driving the car. They sit in the car.

Vidhi ties the seat belt. He says you have snatched the idea of romance from me. Vidhi takes the seat belt and asks him to help her tie the seat beat. He ties her seat belt. Jai is waiting for Vidhi and says Vidhi don’t pick Dev’s call while driving the car etc. Vidhi looks at the gear and asks what is it? Dev says it is gear. Vidhi says yesterday she learnt automatic car, it is best. Dev says always learn car driving on gear cars, else how you will drive when you have to drive it. Vidhi says ok. He says whoever learn to drive gear car, can drive both gear and automatic car. He explains to her. Jai thinks it is 6 am, but she didn’t come till now. Dev sees Jai’s call and keeps her mobile with him.

He motivates Vidhi to drive. Vidhi starts driving. Dev tells Vidhi that Jai’s call is coming, but she shall not pick it while driving, and asks her to remember to keep limitations. Jai gets angry and throws the cups down. Dev and Vidhi come home and see Chitra with Jai. Chitra and Jai are talking to each other. Chitra tells them that Jai is her school mate. Jai asks Vidhi, why she didn’t pick the call.

Vidhi says actually I went to drive the car with my husband and asks what is the problem, as there is still time for office. Jai thinks old man has cut her feathers already. He says I had come to teach her car driving. Dev says you had forgotten that this is weekday and not weekend. Priya brings tea for everyone. Abhi also comes there. Dev serves them tea. He recalls Jai looking at Vidhi and asks him to be careful. Jai tells him that he can test humans. He tells that the tea cup is having crack. Priya says sorry. Dev changes the tea cup. He thinks he knows Jai well now. Jai suddenly taunts Dev on his beard. He then says that he is joking.

Jai asks vidhi to get ready and says they will leave for office. Vidhi says it is just 7 am now. Jai says he has to talk to her on the way. He tries to convince Vidhi. Vidhi refuses to come to office now, and tells that she will reach office by 9 am. She tells that she has some house work also. Jai says I was actually taking her test and asks her to give straight forward answer to the clients also. Jai says I will leave and tells Dev that he has come to apologize to him, and tells that it was not Vidhi’s mistake yesterday. Dev says I understand and asks Jai not to be impatient.

Jai says he don’t need anyone’s advice. Chitra goes to drop him. Priya says she is getting good feeling seeing them. Jai peeps inside and sees Dev and Vidhi hugging each other. He gets upset and goes. Dev tells Vidhi that he feels proud of her, as she has taken stand against dominating boss.

Bimla and Hariprasad come to Jai’s office and tell him that they can’t do work for him, as They will be doing business with Abhi and Priya on Dev’s insistence. Jai asks them to rethink. Bimla says we have decided and they leave. Jai thinks to ruin their business and thinks sorry Vidhi.

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