Timeless Love starlife May 2023 teasers

Starlife Timeless Love May teasers 2023: 

Saturday 27 May 2023
Episode 1

Dev rushes to his sister Chitra when he learns about her emotional distress on the day of her wedding. Later, Vidhi witnesses a shocker.

Sunday 28 May 2023
Episode 2

Vidhi is shocked to see Dev kneeling before a lady. He tries to persuade Vidhi, but she accidentally breaks an expensive bowl belonging to Urmila, which stresses her out.

Monday 29 May 2023
Episode 3

While Vidhi’s parents worry about the ring, Vidhi heads to Dev’s office to give it back to him. Elsewhere, Dev is confident about Vidhi returning the ring.

Tuesday 30 May 2023
Episode 4

Vidhi gets shocked as the ring is missing from the tiffin box. While Dev is happy to win the bet, Vidhi’s mother realises that she forgot to place the ring in the box.

Wednesday 31 May 2023
Episode 5

Urmila gets agitated when she learns that Vidhi has returned the ring. Dev arrives at Vidhi’s place after she refuses the job offer at his office.

Timeless Love replaces Chasing my heart This May on Starlife


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