Blood and Wine Telemundo May 2023 teasers

Telemundo Blood and wine April teasers 2023.

Monday 1 May 2023 

Aurora finds herself locked in her own house in Calistoga. Roberto manipulates Sara and uses her to spy on Aurora.

Tuesday 2  May 2023

Aurora and Juanjo meet at the Chicago hotel, while Paloma breaks up with Jordan. Crisanto has no choice but to buy the grapes from Natalia.

Wednesday 3 May 2023

Aurora feels scared of Roberto, and doesn’t accept his apology. Paco buys a camera for Paloma and names her the oficial photographer for the project.

Thursday 4 May 2023

Juanjo realises that Fernando his been physically abused, and offers to help him. Roberto secretly records Aurora’s therapy session.

Friday 5  May 2023

Juanjo manages to escape from Edgar’s guards, but Fernando is wounded. Paloma discovers Roberto’s gun and Aurora demands that he return it.

Saturday 6  May 2023

Roberto places cameras around the house to spy on Aurora. Juanjo seeks help to finish that harvest, while Crisanto prepares Emilio’s wine launch.

Sunday 7 May 2023

Aurora comes home drunk late at night, and Roberto is furious. Wilmer leaves prison and retrieves Natalia’s laptop.

Monday 8  May 2023

Aurora and Juanjo are trapped in a lift at the hotel. The Bodega Montiel loses a large amount of wine after an earthquake.

Tuesday 9  May 2023

Aurora’s therapist advises her to report Roberto to the police. Meanwhile, Crisanto asks the Bodega Montiel to store his wines.

Wednesday 10 May 2023

Aurora decides not to report Roberto. Leonardo and Paloma discover that there are bottles missing from the wine shop, and inform Crisanto.

Thursday 11  May 2023

Serena and Juanjo visit Aurora, worried about her situation with Roberto, but Aurora denies everything. Roberto harasses Dolores in his ofice.

Friday 12 May 2023

Aurora tells Serena that she no longer loves Roberto. Natalia tells Luis that they’re going to replace 5,000 litres of Crisanto’s wine with their own.

Saturday 13 May 2023

Roberto receives an email containing a video of him cutting the brake lines on Juanjo’s truck. Aurora goes to Juanjo’s house and they cook together.

Sunday 14 May 2023

Crisanto demands that Juanjo leaves Aurora alone. Aurora arrives at her parents’ house and finds Roberto lying in the doorway with a head wound.

Monday 15  May 2023

Crisanto tastes his wine and suspects that there is something wrong with it. Wilmer takes the money that Roberto left at Emilio’s grave.

Tuesday 16  May 2023

Roberto meets with a real estate broker to sell his apartment at the beach. Joaquín is worried about Juanjo and goes looking for him.

Wednesday 17 May 2023

Serena goes to see Juanjo, and they reconcile. Roberto tortures Wilmer to try and force him to say where they money and the tablet are.

Thursday 18  May 2023

At the Montiel winery, a meeting is held to debate the presidency, and they carry out a vote. Roberto disposes of Wilmer’s body.

Friday 19 May 2023

Aurora sends a message to Juanjo to let him know that Dimas is in hospital. Crisanto blames Aurora for the gas leak.

Saturday 20 May 2023

Paloma calls Aurora and asks if she knows anything about the wine theft. Juanjo hands his resignation to Natalia, but she does not accept it.

Sunday 21  May 2023

Natalia arrives at her house looking for Paco, but he’s at a bar with Paloma. Aurora tells Roberto about her Small New Wine project.

Monday 22  May 2023

Paloma hands Crisanto Dolores’ lawsuit for her unfair dismissal. Natalia apologises to Paco, but he does not forgive her.

Tuesday 23  May 2023

Aurora tells Roberto that she is presenting her project to a number of wineries to see if they are interested in producing it.

Wednesday 24  May 2023

The police look for Dolores to inform her of the discovery of a body. Crisanto asks Roberto to try and persuade Aurora to return to work.

Thursday 25  May 2023Paco and Paloma are stuck in the car after sliding off the road. Roberto tells Aurora that he knows she is working with Juanjo, and attacks her.

Friday 26  May 2023

Sofi sees Leo hugging Alexis on a park bench and breaks up with him. When Aurora doesn’t show up at the warehouse, Juanjo and Serena begin to worry.

Saturday 27 May 2023

Natalia tells Susan that Paco saved her from her depression. Roberto continues to abuse Aurora, but the next day she manages to escape with the child.

Sunday 28  May 2023

Roberto follows Aurora in Sara’s car, and Aurora heads for Juanjo’s house when she realises she is being pursued. Susan interrogates Roberto.

Monday 29  May 2023

Ernesto arrives at the police station with Aurora in handcuffs. Aurora tells Susan in detail everything that Roberto put her through.

Tuesday 30  May 2023Luis accuses Anita of being irresponsible and a liar. Juanjo and Paloma go to Aurora’s house to look for evidence; Sara sees them and informs Roberto.

Wednesday 31  May 2023

Aurora tells Juanjo that she wants to resume the Small New Wine project. Roberto enters Juanjo’s house and shoots him; Serena calls the police.


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