Thursday update made for each other 6 February 2020

Made for each other 6 February 2020: Prerna says how did you think, that you will celebrate honeymoon with me, I m pregnant with Anurag’s child, I m not here for honeymoon. Mr. Bajaj stops her and says this room wasn’t for us, management took this decision knowing I got married, I m bad, but not so bad to ignore that you are pregnant, you are emotionally attached to Anurag, I can get better girls than you for physical touch by paying less money, you are standing here, I can tolerate you for your qualities, I will not touch you with any intention that you misunderstand me, you will always be pure. She asks why did you marry me. He says this is not the right time to tell you why I married you.

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She says I know. He says I didn’t know you know psycho analysis, tell me. She says you did this to break Anurag and me, that he goes mad after me and you take over his company. He says you are wrong, I respect women, I don’t use women for business, I will never do this, I will wait for you in lobby, Mrs. Bajaj. He goes. She thinks what’s the reason for this marriage, I thought he married me to belittle Anurag.

Anurag sees the bed. Bekhayali….plays…. He ruins the things. He recalls Prerna and cries. He burns her red dupatta and throws it on the bed. He shouts and sits crying there. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna come to the hotel and collect keys. The man says Nivedita was asking about you and your wife. Mr. Bajaj says its okay, she knows my wife. The man says there is some fire in your suite, sorry for the trouble. Mr. Bajaj says I have some files there. He goes to get files. Prerna goes to get Anurag’s souvenir. The man gives them some blankets to cover up. Mr. Bajaj says tell me what you want, you don’t go in, I will get it. She says no thanks, I will take it myself. They get in. They see Anurag fallen unconscious on the ground. Prerna says Anurag. Mr. Bajaj says there is fire here. He ask the men to take Anurag out.

Police comes to Basu house. Mohini asks where is Anurag, is there anything wrong. Inspector says no, we got details from credit card company, he is in Zurich right now. She asks Zurich? She thanks the inspector. She calls Nivedita. Nivedita says mom would be so tensed. She answers the call and says Anurag has reached Zurich for the business conference, find out and tell me where is he, its good that he isn’t after Prerna. Nivedita says fine. She ends call and says he has come to confront Prerna and Mr. Bajaj, but why, Prerna doesn’t care for him. Prerna asks Anurag to wake up. Mr. Bajaj says calm down, I will get a doctor. He goes. She hugs him and cries. Anurag opens eyes and sees her. He makes her away. She asks him to wait. He goes out.

He asks her to keep the fake concern to herself. He asks what wrong did I do that you did this with me, we were getting married, tell me, this is my right to know, why did you do this, if you think I did the same by marrying Komolika, then sorry, I had a reason to do this, mom doesn’t know I m here, tell me, why did you marry that man, you wanted a marriage with all rituals, I was giving you that, I had sindoor on this right, I had told Komolika clearly that this is just your right, answer me. He pushes her and says sorry, just tell me why did you do this, I m requesting you, I burnt that wedding bed, I can’t see you with anyone, I can’t even imagine, tell me the truth, why did you do this with me, why. She says leave me, you are hurting me. He hurts himself. She says stop hurting yourself.

He asks so what, do you care, it doesn’t matter to you. She asks him to go back home and talk. He says you think this is a drama, you know what you did to me is a drama, you disappeared on marriage day and made a joke of me, what are we going to talk, tell me, why did you do this, lets forget everything, forget this marriage, leave everything and please come back with me, I will forget that this has happened, what matters is love, I won’t be able to live without you, you are my soul mate, you must be under compulsion like I had been, let me know, there must be a strong reason, tell me, I will listen to you, won’t you say, how did a third person come between us, we had made promises to each other, I had promised you that we will never leave each other, you promised me, say something. He gets on knees and says I beg you, I m sorry, just tell me, why did you do this to me.

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