This is Fate Zee World Written Update – Friday 21 December 2018


Rishab changes her direction but Kritika thinks Rishab would only look at a sweet and simple girl. Rishab is worried what if she signals Preeta. Kritika looks behind to find Sofia and says she loves his younger brother. Rishab fakes a call and leaves.

Kritika is determined to find out whom he was looking at. Rishab wonders why he behaves so odd when Preeta is around. Dadi comes behind him to take him downstairs and accompany the guests. There, Karan is shocked to see Sofia inside.

Karan hides himself behind Akshay sensing she will cause a trouble. Sameer whispers Sofia is right here. Karan turns around and hugs Sofia saying he already told her he is busy. Sofia tells Karan about a surprise, she points towards a cousin Rehan who wrote an article about him.

She says right now Rehan is in India and wants to write an article about their love story. She forbid Rehan so he suggested they must get engaged; she says this will make their story a breaking news. Akshay and Sameer stare silently, Sameer then takes Karan aside while Akshay also takes a leave.

Kritika tells Preeta that Rishab likes a girl and has been looking towards her. Preeta says the family must respect if Rishab likes a girl and she is happy for him.

Dadi tells Rishab secretly that her foot is fine, she wants to dance now. Rishab says he also has a secret, he also wish to… then gets lost with staring Preeta. Shrishti notices his stare. Dadi complains Rishab can never have a secret, he is very dry person. Rishab turns to see Sofia and waves his hand. Kritika is upset about the smile exchange and thinks Rishab knows already Sofia is Karan’s girlfriend. She wonders what’s there in Rishab.

In the room, Karan says Sofia is a danger. She is a time pass, he never hint her about marriage. She is a smart girl, but if he denies today her cousin would ruin his reputation. Sameera and Akshay agree. Karan says he never promises anyone. Sameer gives him an idea, he says he must do something that Sofia rejects him by herself. Karan isn’t  ready.

Akshay also suggests the same. Roo comes to call them downstairs for engagement ritual. The ring fell down, Preeta holds it and forwards it to Rishab. Shrishti thinks about confirming what she suspects. Preeta notices Rishab had placed his hand as if to wear it. Preeta tells him to give it to Kritika. Rishab curses himself for the strange behavior.

Roo is upset about the boring stuff in party. She goes to Shrishti and asks if she is still angry. Shrishti says no she isn’t. Roo then complains why this is so boring. Shrishti says uptil now Rashi’s wish about rituals was being fulfilled, there is going to be fun soon. She takes Roo for handling DJ section. Preeta feels proud of Shrishti’s arrangements.

Roo calls for everyone’s attention and asks them to come to dance floor. Kritika and Akshay dance on the floor. Shrishti thinks she feels Rishab feels something for Preeta. She brings Rishab and convinces Preeta to dance with her and save her event. Shrishti tells Rishab Preeta doesn’t like to dance with him, Preeta clarifies it’s not like this. Rishab asks her to dance with him then.

Roo comes to invite everyone for the dance. Preeta comes with Rishab. Roo sends Shrishti with Sameer to fill the dance floor. Sameer denies but Shrishti says she can’t reject the request of her employees. She goes with Karan instead. Sofia thinks Karan wants to make her feel jealous, and goes on floor with Sameer.

Roo begins a game, to switch couples with change of song. Preeta comes to dance with Sameer now, Sofia and Rishab dance together while Shrishti dances with Sameer. Karan dances intimately with Preeta who feels uncomfortable and tries to push him away. Karan holds her and continue with the dance. Kareena eyes her curtly. Shrishti steps over Sameer’s foot deliberately who tries to get close and step over hers? Preeta goes aside, while Shrishti and Sameer also part. Rishab and Sofia are announces the winning couple.

In the room, Preeta watches her dupatta torn. She curses the dupatta for mingling with Karan’s dress. Karan comes from behind and calls why this happens. Preeta wonders if her ear is ringing, Karan jumps to her front. Preeta screams. Karan laughs enjoyably.

In the corridor, Rashi comes to Preeta and says she is tensed, Sherlin hasn’t arrived yet. She is desperate to introduces her to Rishab. Rashi looks behind to see Sherlin had arrived. Preeta was left in awe and says she is really pretty and classy. She tells Rashi to let Rishab meet her. Rashi takes Preeta to meet her, Preeta was confused.

Kareena comes to greet Sherlin. She takes to introduce her to Rishab’s mother, Sherlin asks about Rishab. Rashi and Preeta had come downstairs. Rashi says Preeta agreed Rishab to get married. Kareena interrupts Rashi not to speak a lot about Preeta and takes her aside. She asks Rashi why she mentioned Rishab agreed to marry because of Preeta, she must think about Sherlin who would now think Rishab isn’t eligible to marry.

Rashi says she would now go and clarify her position to Sherlin. Kareena says she shouldn’t say a word right now. Preeta and Sherlin speak to each other. Sherlin asks Preeta why Rishab listen to her when he didn’t understand anyone. She tells Preeta even if she is her competitor for Rishab she doesn’t mind. Preeta assures she is a friend and shows her Rishab in the corner.

She tells Sherlin he is a very nice and helpful person, she respects him dearly. Sherlin says after all that Preeta said, she would give him 8/10. Preeta wonders who she would give 10/10 then. Akshay asks Kritika how much she loves and says he loves her shyness the most. Preeta hears this and thinks Akshay is simple and old school kind of person.

Karan spots Preeta in the hall and thinks he insulted her by leaving him alone on dance floor. He heads towards her but stops as Sofia comes in the way. Akshay calls Karan towards him, Karan comes there and asks if Kritika bores him. The siblings argue with each other, Akshay smiles Kritika is a care taker, he wanted a simple and nice girl. Karan whispers to Akshay he likes some fun making girls.

Sofia comes there and introduces herself as Karan’s girlfriend.Karan tries to avoid and goes to speak to Rishab. He meets Shrishti on the way and asks her about an idea to get rid of Sofia. Shrishti thinks for a while and tells him to let her feel he loves another girl dearly. Karan likes the idea and compliments she is better than her sister. Shrishti shares with Karan that Rishab has a soft corner for her sister, then leaves for her work. Karan becomes  thoughtful.

Rishab is shocked to hear from the manager that he sent the selected model at home. It was Sameer’s mistake who takes the phone call. The manager says the dress code is white and gold but he couldn’t hear the name of model as Shrishti was approaching. Sameer confronts Shrishti and tells her to spare him and go find someone else.

Karan watches Preeta from a corner and thinks she ruins all his setting when she comes for five hours a day; what would happen if she comes here permanently. Preeta was speaking to Akshay and Kritika. She senses Akshay is trying to dominate Kritika unjustifiably. Karan signals her to come aside but she ignores him. He was irked.

Shrishti was standing with a bowl of ice to throw over Sameer as revenge. Karan comes there before Sameer. Shrishti was shocked to see him there, she explains she only slipped in the way and curses herself.
Sherlin comes to Rishab and introduces herself. Rishab thinks she is the model as she wore white and gold and Sameer said her name starts with a Sh. Rishab takes her aside, opens his laptop and begins the audition professionally.

Sherlin shows her walk to him. She says she wants to clarify she can’t cook and helps her father in office. Rishab asks about modelling, she didn’t understand. Sameer brings the model. Rishab takes a few minutes and asks Sherlin why she wanted to meet him. Sherlin is irked and tells him to ask his friend Preeta.


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