This is Fate written update for Sunday 10th February 2019


Sunday Update On This Is Fate

The lawyer says there is little hope as the matter has been ruined. Prithvi was happy that he shot in air, and the arrow struck two preys at a time. Preeta was stressed that they must do something. She asks Shrishti if she told Maa, Shrishti says she must have a heart attack. Sarla comes from behind. Preeta hugs her, and says now everything will be fine.

In the room, Kareena was crying. Sherlin sits with her, igniting Kareena against Mahesh. She says Mahesh was also angry at Rakhi but won’t care to apologize Kareena. There is little trust between their relation; and importance of Kareena in this house has also lessened. She promises to support Kareena in every decision, once she is married to Rishab. She tells her to relax, while she gets her a glass of water.
Sarla comes to the inspector but he doesn’t listen. He says she must have come for Karan’s bail, but it isn’t possible.

He is caught red-handed with drugs. Sarla says whoever takes drugs or have it must be locked up in jail. But Karan isn’t such a person, he has a little ego and doesn’t bend in vain in front of anyone. When she had first met him, she didn’t like him but now she understands he is a nice person.

The inspector says he considers Sarla an innocent and a nice girl herself, but the youth needs a daring life. Sarla insists she knows that guy well. A few days back she slapped him, still he didn’t speak in front of her. Can he even touch the drugs, then? The inspector says he can’t disgrace her, as she is like his mother.

Sarla says if Karan was caught in some other crime but drugs, would he have released him? The inspector says may be, he had. Sarla requests him to release Rishab then, he didn’t commit any crime. She had seen how everyone was blaming Karan and intrigued him; he was only angry as an elder brother. At least the inspector must have stopped media as well, if he considers her as a mother please accept this request.

The inspector thinks for a while, then orders for the release of Rishab. Preeta hugs Sarla out of happiness. Rishab comes out by then and holds Sarla’s hands in thankfulness. Sarla was crying, Rishab hugs her. Mahesh had reached the police station and hugs Rishab as well. Rishab says he spoke to commissioner, he asked to do something legally.

Mahesh tells them to go home and requests Sarla to come with them as well. Rishab asks if he won’t meet Karan. Mahesh says he promised Rakhi he won’t meet Karan until he investigates the matter.

Rakhi was crying for Karan in her room. She restlessly awaited her sons. Sherlin decides to be the elder daughter in law of the family, and brings her a glass of water. She says she always found Rakhi smiling, and can’t see her broken this way. Rakhi says two of her gems have been in lock up, she wonders where the drugs came to Karan from.

Sherlin smirks thinking she is well aware how this happened. She then assures Rakhi she trusts Mahesh for bringing Rishab back. Kratika comes to inform Rakhi that Rishab is home, and Preeta and Sarla are also there. Sherlin wonders why Preeta came here?
Karan speaks to a lady inspector if his father came to take his brother? She tells him it was Preeta’s mother who convinced the inspector to release Rishab. The lady flirted, when two other men were brought to lock up. They recognize Karan as a star and says they are sure Karan was trapped in a drug case.

Karan tells the fellow criminals that the shorter among the two girls (Preeta) isn’t his girlfriend, but if she suits him? They say she is a made for each other for Karan, love is evident from her eyes. Karan thinks about Preeta.

Rakhi hugs Rishab, she asks about Karan and cries shouting continuously for Karan. Mahesh now shouts at her to calm down, he brought Preeta with him to help sort the matter. He asks Preeta to calm down and tell if she met Karan at the time of his arrest. He asks why they had to go to City Zone Club. She must tell him each of detail, it’s important for them to know what happened there; else he will consider her responsible for whatever is happening. Preeta says she called him to the club. Rakhi interferes, but Mahesh angrily stops her from speaking any further.

Preeta thinks about Sherlin, stares at her. Mahesh repeats his question. Rishab gets a call from the lawyer, he screams at Mr. Khanna that he was alone in police station. The lawyer says he wanted to give a solution about the drug’s matter. Rishab must have kept himself calm in police station. Rishab instead shouts even louder, he was furious that the lawyer left the police station while his brother was still in jail. He leaves the hall while speaking on phone. Sherlin was worried about Preeta’s stinging stare at her.

Sherlin also goes to get her mother’s call.
In the room, Sherlin cautiously takes Prithvi’s call. He asks Sherlin about the details in Luthra house. Sherlin says everyone is upset here, but Mahesh has brought Preeta and family here. He wants all the details and Preeta is staring at her as if she will tell them about every detail about them. Prithvi assures Sherlin that Preeta won’t take any such action. Preeta and Karan must have decided to collect a proof against her, and they must have come to the club for the same reason.

Rishab comes from behind. Sherlin poses to be talking to her mother. Rishab asks to speak to her, but Sherlin cuts the call saying her mom was angry at her to give him more tension.

In the hall, Rishab angrily tells Kareena he fired the lawyer. He was useless and stood there without having a solution. Mahesh asks him to calm down, it won’t get him any solution. Rishab says he will call another best lawyer. Mahesh shouts at him to cut the call, the other would also accuse him to hit the police. It’s important for them to know the truth right now.

Mahesh turns to Preeta and says only she knows what the truth is. It’s really important to know what’s unseen, they will know if someone trapped Karan or was it a mistake or coincidence. Rishab agrees to Mahesh now. Mahesh asks Preeta to tell him if Karan takes the drugs, or some of his friends does; this can help them.

Preeta says Karan has no bad company, she is sure Karan didn’t have any drugs and had no idea what was happening. Someone might have trapped him. Kareena curtly questions why even Preeta went to the club. Preeta’s family now questions why she went to the club, if Karan went there. Rishab says Karan went to the Club for some personal task. He thinks he can’t tell Preeta he was finding proof against Prithvi.

Sherlin thinks Prithvi was right, Preeta won’t open her mouth against her without a proof. Kareena blames Preeta for Karan being in jail, else why would Karan go there. He must have gone to help Preeta. Even at the time of her roka, Karan and Rishab put their lives at stake for her. She is a curse for her children.

Shrishti counters Kareena but she insists it’s because of Preeta that Karan is in jail. She brings bad luck for them Luthra’s. Sarla asks Preeta to tell her anything she knows. Preeta says she has told them whatever she knew. Sarla says she can’t bear her insult anymore. Mahesh stops them, and tells Preeta there is something still missing from the chain. Sarla apologizes, as Kareena is insulting Preeta. Rakhi now questions Kareena why she hates Preeta so much.

Preeta looks towards Mahesh recalling how he called himself as her father. Sarla takes Preeta’s hand to leave. Preeta turns around, and tells Mahesh she called Karan to the Club. She knows a truth no one is aware of. Sherlin has an affair. Everyone now turn to look at Sherlin now.

Kareena claps at Preeta’s accusation. She calls Preeta a liar, although she and Karan were looking for evidence still Karan didn’t see that guy, because no such guy exists. Preeta says she is well aware what a girl’s character and respect mean for a girl but Sherlin is characterless. Sherlin asks Rishab to say something.

Rishab asks what he must say, he doesn’t understand what’s happening. Kareena says she will explain, Preeta got a golden chance to weave a story to break Sherlin and Rishab’s proposal just for Karan. Preeta was always against her choice, and is blaming Sherlin on purpose.

Mahesh scolds Kareena for ruining the matter, who is she to decide who is right or wrong.

Sarla defends Preeta, but Kareena says according to them they must break the marriage of Sherlin and Rishab and marry her with Preeta. Kareena doesn’t stop. Sarla was furious and tells Preeta they can’t always be right because they are rich. Preeta cries in apology to Sarla.

Kareena says Preeta is lying because Sherlin wasn’t in the Club today, she was shopping for her wedding dress since morning. Shrishti asks Kareena if she saw Sherlin shopping today, they can watch CCTV footage of Club. Rakhi says she had seen Sherlin here at around 4.30. Preeta says the raid was around 1 pm. Rishab agrees to go to watch CCTV footage of Club. Preeta asks Sherlin to move. Sherlin asks to get her purse from the room. Everyone in the family was alert.


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