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This is fate 9 September 2020: Prithvi asks if she was again insulted by Rishab, Sherlin declines explaining that she got very happy to know that he cares for her, he explains that he would have killed Rishab if he was with her, she explains that she wants to make him realize that Karina also loves her a lot because she went to Rishab and scolded him for being rude with her which made her really happy,

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he pleads to meet with her, she refuses explaining that Rakhi came to the house all of a sudden and so they might have to reschedule their meeting. She exclaims her love for him when Maira enters the kitchen hearing all of her words.

Dadi tries to get up from her bed, she is about to fall which Samer hears immediately coming to help her, he explains that it was just Preeta who made her feel healthy again but if she premises him then he can call her again, she refuses explaining that she only wants someone who will take the house as her own not like Preeta who pretended that she cared for their house, she will make sure that Karan marries for the second time.

Sherlin asks Maira if she wants to know whom she was talking with on the phone, Maira declines, Sherlin responds that she was talking with her mother as she was never before scolded by Rishab who was always kind to each other but when she talked of Karans second marriage he got really furious as she was only trying to be the elder daughter in law, but he felt that she was wrong, Maira explains that she feels what Sherlin is doing is the right thing,.

Sherlin leaves for Dadi’s room, Karina comes asking if Sherlin was with her, Maira explains the entire situation, she asks her to call Karan asking her to come home, she advises that she should do all that Karina tells her to do.

Karan picks up Maira phone, explaining that he will come within twenty minutes, Preeta hears him taking then remembering each and evrythihng which Karina said gets and asking him to stop the car, she explains that her husband has left her hand and is not by her side anymore.
Sherlin enters Mahesh’s room, she opens the safe and is about to take out the keys but Karina calls her so she places everything back then goes to meet her.

Karan drops Ranuka at her house, then when he turns back she wonders if he is going to meet Preeta. Karan sees her walking then wonders if he should offer her a lift as she makes him really angry. He calms down as if he does not help her then Rishab will scold him for being a rude person, he turns his car, Preeta gives it a hand asking him to stop, they both get into a heated conversation where they both argue with each other, she again tries to walk refusing his help.

She starts to walk, he follows her which angers her, she asks the reason why he is following her, he makes an excuse that her car is broken she gets frustrated then getting into an auto leaves for her house, he feels really happy as now he will not have to listen to anything that Rishab says.
Sherlin is setting the table, she thinks that she has to take the property papers really soon as she can no longer wait, Karina is helping Dadi coming down the stairs, Maira immediately rushes to help her, Karina is really happy at Maira attitude as she is really caring for the family, Sherlin is confused as to why Maira is being so comfortable.

Karina calls Maira closer explaining that soon Rakhi will talk with Karan to move ahead in his life and marry again, Rishab is really happy with the smell of the food, He sits down then acts as if he is and with Sherlin, she wonders if she would have to make him cheer up again.
Dadi reminds Rakhi of the duty which she has to fulfill, Rishab sees her tensed face, asking what happened, Karina tries to cover for her but Rishab is not convinced then Rakhi also says that everything is alright.

Karan also comes to the dinner table and is very excited after smelling the food, Rishab asks that seeing how he came he feels Karan is really hungry. He asks Rakhi to pass the water she is still stunned, he asks the reason, she explains that she wants him to marry someone else and move forward in is life.
Karina pleads with Karan to stop this childish behavior and move on in his life, she advises him file for a divorce and marry someone else, Karan refuses saying that he will never let her move forward in her life, which is the punishment she will get for ruining his family, when they try to force him he threatens to leave them all and shift in a hotel if they further discuss it, Karina then again tries to talk to him however he gets frustrate and leaves to go to his room, Rishab is left worried.

Shrishti along with Preeta and Janki are setting the table, Sarla comes to the table they all ask why she came out as she is still ill, Sarla denies to stay in her bed, they sit at the table, Sarla requests them to not worry asking Preeta to tell them all of her first day, Janki says that she knows Preeta will make friends because she is really smart, Preeta gets tensed which is noticed by Shrishti. Preeta compliments that she really likes the food, Sarla says that Janki makes really good food however Janki denies requesting her to resume her responsibilities and get well soon,. Shrishti refuses to accept anything but does not listen to anything and then they start to have their food.

Maira is in her room, Karina comes hugging her, she asks if Maria is thinking that she should back put from her decision to marry Karan, she denies explaining that she now feels that they both must move forward in their respective lives as they have nothing like love between them both, Karina explains that she is glad that Maira is seeing the true picture, she also assures that she will make sure Maira marries Karan without considering who is standing in front of him.

Karan is sitting in his room, Rakhi comes seeking permission to enter the room, he denies his enter if she wants to talk regarding his marriage, she explains that she only needs a hug, they both hug it out then Rishab also arrives explaining that it feels Karan is in trouble rather than Preeta, Karan again asks Rakhi to send Rishab always as he doesn’t want to talk to him, Rishab hugs him explaining that he does not want to talk to anything regarding Preeta, he cannot bear her insult nor wants to listen to her good behavior so what does he want, Rishab sits requesting Rakhi to order Karan to either divorce her or being her home, Karan says that he will not divorce her because he wants top punish her for what she has done so will never let her move forward in her lifer,

Rishab explains that he feels they are doing all the things in a really fast pace as Karan is tensed in himself and does not know what to do. Rakhi asks if he thinks that Karan will ever develop positive feelings for Preeta because he is the best friend that Karan ever had.
Sherlin enters Mahesh’s room, she hurriedly takes out the property papers, when she turns back then hearing footsteps immediately hides, Rakhi enters the room, Sherlin gets tensed as Rakhi comes to sit with Mahesh.

Rakhi feels that there is someone in the room beside them, she goes to check but doesn’t find anyone, then again comes to sit with Mahesh, Sherlin gets worried that she might get daughter then featuring that her plan will spoil she thinks of a way to get out and runs for her life. She successfully gets out from the room.

Prithvi is having tea when there is a ringing on the door he wonders who might it be then is shocked to see Sherlin standing at the door, he asks her to come in, when she enters he asks if Rishab insulted her again, as if it is the reason then he will make sure that they pay for what they have done, Sherlin asks him to calm down then starts smiling, he asks her the reason she changed her mood, she emotions that they will soon be rich as she has found the property papers, Prithvi is also very excited asking her where they all are and where the papers are she explains that she gave the papers to the lawyer, he asks why she did such a thing, she explains that she gave him the papers to find out for any query otherwise they will take the sign of Rishab, Prithvi then sues that they have to see the reaction of Rishab when he loses each and everything,

Preeta comes to sleep. Shrishti asks if she met Karan. Preeta asks who Karan. Shrishti understands this means she met. She asks if Preeta went to same place for work where Karan does the practice. Preeta didn’t want to speak about Karan. Shrishti says it won’t end any matter. Preeta says yes she met Karan, the meeting was the worst; but there isn’t left anything to even fight. She thought Karan was a nice man who couldn’t control his temper, but she now understands his moves and actions are all pre-planned. She is sure he still has some planning in mind. Shrishti was worried if Preeta has known about Maira and Karan’s wedding.

There, Karan was annoyed that he doesn’t know what’s going on in his mind. He can’t marry anyone else, to make Preeta’s life easier. It will also pave way for men like Prithvi and others awaiting Preeta. He can’t let anyone marry Preeta, else he won’t be able to revenge her.

Preeta says Karan didn’t let her marry Prithvi because he had to revenge her, her mother is ill because of Karan only. She will now get rid of him. She will divorce him. Then he may move on in his life, and she will move on in her own life. Shrishti is left stunned at what she is hearing.
Karan disagrees mentioning that he will never divorce her, she would have to remain with him even when they both are not together, and he is adamant that he will not let her move on in her life.

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