This is fate update Wednesday 25 November 2020


This is fate 25 November 2020: The Luthra family try to stop the police from arresting Karan, Rishab assures that he will make sure Karan follows his orders, Preeta also stops them by saying that this should not be the case and there is no need to take him to the polices station, Rakhi also assures them that he will not insult Preeta anymore.

The inspector asks the constable to come out explaining that she should not take the side of Karan as he is insulting her right before their eyes, Rakhi however orders Karan to stand with Preeta on the other side of the door, when it happens, Preeta demands that Maira take the Thali from Karina and put it down as she might be tired, Rakhi comes forward and is about to perform the rituals when she remembers how she convinced karan to come and see Preeta as she is her lucky charm, the police inspector asks her why she has stopped.

Maira runs into her room and she starts cleaning her hands, Sherlin comes mentioning that she might have made a lot of mistakes and it might have gotten full because she has lost the battle and the stars of Preeta might have waken up as she feels that god is writing her destiny because nothing wrong can happen to her. Maira refuses to accept her words mentioning that she has a plan and will be the one to throw Preeta out of the house the very next day.

Preeta stops Rakhi from doing the ritual, the inspector asks what has happened as she must let her do the ritual, karan says that she is just acting at which the inspector says to Rishab that this is the very reason she said that she would have to come and check on them from time to time.

Preeta says that she only wanted to stop her because when she left her own house her mother was crying and really worried, so she wants that her mother also see that she is going to perform the GrehPerwash and so she calls her mother, Shrishti answers the call and the Gaitri along with everyone greet her mentioning that there is no need to worry as she is going to enter into her own house which is a really good sign, Rishab takes the phone and then Rakhi starts the Arti, after which she asks Preeta to hit the vase with her right foot and then after placing her feet in the Kumkum thali enter the house as along with her Lakshmi will enter her house.

Preeta performs her GrehPerwash finally entering the Luthra family as the wife of Karan seeing which Samer and Rishab are really happy while Karan is really frustrated, she slips while walking and takes the support of Karan, Rishab mentions that all the rituals of the GrehPerwash have finished and now they will take the blessings of the elders, everyone is shocked to see him, he mentions that he knows all the rituals, Dadi wonders why he is so happy with the wedding.

Karan and Preeta take the blessings of both Dadi and Karina then turn towards Rakhi and she smiles after giving them her blessings mentioning that they must live a happy and contented life together. Rishab mentions that they all should give the blessings to them both.

Rishab congratulates them all mentioning that they should also be happy as they are now relatives, Karina is shocked to him, he ends the call and welcomes Preeta into the house.The inspector also congratulates them and mentions that she is going to leave for now but will come from time to time as she has not fulfilled her duty, she explains that she is his big fan and has seen all her matches so would also wish to see how he fulfils them in his life. Then they all leave the Luthra Mansion.

Shrishti celebrates mentioning that all those things have happened which they wanted to, they bring sweets and start eating them, Shrishti exclaims that there is still one ritual which has to be performed.
Preeta comes into the room of Mahesh Luthra mentioning that she ahs finally entered the house. They now have the relation of a daughter and father and she will always call him as papa so that she is able to protect him and the entire family as she always wants the betterment of this family, she exclaims that he should give her blessings so that she is able to fight those who desire the wrong of this family and also that she has the strength to fight them all.

Sherlin asks Maira what has happened, Maira explains that she will take revenge from Preeta in the morning but what would they do now as she will sleep with karan in the night, Sherlin takes her mentioning that Karan never wanted Preeta near the house so nothing would happen between them under any circumstance.
Preeta enters the room of Karan remembering each and every moment spent with him which was full of friendship and an open heart, but she is still worried about what is to come ahead in her life.

Preeta is in her room, she gets a call from Sarla who asks how she is, she tries to say something but is not able to, Preeta asks what has happened and why she is so nervous talking to her own daughter.
Shrishti mentions that she cannot understand her mother as she is talking while smiling, Janki says that she might be trying to say something important as she got worried when Shrishti mentioned about the first night.

Sarla explains that she was not able to fulfil the rituals of the norms and so she doesnot know what to say, Preeta asks that she say anything without any worries, Sarla mentions that she wanted to inform Preeta of what her duties were going to be in her new house but was not able to and so she wants that Preeta never let anything wrong happen to her family and always keep the relations together, Preeta says that she should not talk about karan as he did not want to accept her as his wife and only agreed to prove that she is the one who is wrong and he even blames her for the condition of Mahesh Luthra,

Sarla answers that she knows who are against the family, she says that Preeta is aware of how Sherlin and Maira are trying to ruin their family which is why she took this step and everything will be alright, She even says that Karan is a liar and said that she wanted the alimony from them, Sarla says that he might be instigated by both Maira and Sherlin as they never wanted her to come to the house, she says that he even called her as a 4th fail doctor which is really embarrassing as he mentioned it in front of everyone.

Sarla explains that whenever a girl is born the parents dream that one day a prince will come and take her as his wife and keep her after giving her everything that he can, she knows that Preeta was joyed when she saw him under the veil and he has only a single face, she is his best friend and even if he is angry with her he doesnot care for anything else,

Sarla says that when he first married her she thought that Preeta would be in his house however he left her and she took the flowers from her hair but she still refused to remove the Kumkum and Mangal Sutur and it was because she was connected with him, so she should keep the relations together and fulfil all her desires.

She also explains that Preeta should build her relation with Karan, Shrishti thinks that her mother is trying to inform her sister what should happen in the first night after the wedding, Janki pulls her ears saying that she should stop thinking like this.

Sherlin explains to Maira that there is nothing between Karan and Preeta, the only reason he accepted her is because he wants to show everyone that Preeta only desires his money which si what the girls like Preeta only want, she assures Maira that karan would make her sleep on the balcony, Maira gets relaxed saying that she is sure karan would do the same thing and in the morning she would throw Preeta out of the house.

Sarla explains that Preeta knows what kind of things karan likes and it is the best thing that the husband and wife are friends even before being married so it helps to strengthen the relation and she is sure that her daughter would make sure that every relation is just the way it is without any problem.


Karan comes to Rishab’s room asking what he said in front of the police that there is the ritual of GrehPerwash in their house, Rishab answers that he cannot lie to the police, Sameer also comes saying that he said that the inspector was his fan and that same fan ruined all his plans.

Shrishti is in her room opening the window thinking that this would the first night when she would sleep alone and would not have to listen to her scolds at every moment ,she would miss it but it is the right thing as she has finally got to her house, she sits on her bed wondering why her mother never says it clearly and always has to make a story, she decides to call Sameer and when they talk he says that Preeta is in the room of Karan while he is in the guest room,

she gets worried saying that it is very crucial that they both should be together in a room as this is the only way that their relation would work, she explains that he should go to karan to say that Preeta thinks that he is nothing and she is the only one who has brains in the house which would make him angry and he will be forced to go into the room with her,

Sameer refuses to do anything saying that he will be beaten if he tries to do anything like this, Shrishti mentions that he is his brother and has some duties which he must fulfil however he still refuses, Shrishti then threatens him by saying that if he doesnot do what she is asking him then she will come to the Luthra house and say to everyone that he tried to kiss her. Sameer gets really tensed hearing her threat.

Sameer was shocked to hear that Shrishti will try and kiss her. They were on a video call. Shrishti says if he doesn’t do what she wants to… Sameer says if he abides by her wish, then she must kiss her. Shrishti agrees to do what he wants her to.

In the hall, Karina tells Rakhi to get all the decorations off tomorrow. Dadi and Karan come there. They wonder why Dadi isn’t yet asleep. Dadi says Karan is a bit tensed, she is taking him to guest room and make sure he sleeps first. Karan requests Rakhi to come along and massage his head. Rishab comes there complaining that Karan does not want him in the room. Karan says he knows Rishab would force him to go to his own room.

Dadi explains that Karan doesnot want to live with Preeta in the room, then why force him. Karina sides Karan that he must remain in the guest room. She will speak to a lawyer tomorrow morning he will handle the NGO and police. Sameer comes there saying surely its safe for Karan to live in the guest room. Already, Preeta considers her as the lioness and Karan as a coward cat.

Karan must clearly tell Preeta… Sameer was reluctant. Karan forces him. Sameer says Karan will get them brothers disgraced if he does not face Preeta. Can Karan accept defeat so easily. Boys never get defeated by girl. What Bua and Dadi want is an act of cowardice. King never leaves his seat, likewise Karan must not leave his room. Karina tells Karan not to get into Sameer’s incitement. Sameer says she just heard Preeta speak to Shrishti that she made Karan leave his room. Karan was now fuming and decides to sleep in his room.

The family was angry at Sameer for igniting Karan’s emotions. Sameer says he was right in the past, and whatever he said today is also right. Kritika was upset that Preeta is changed.

In the corridor, Mahira stops Karan to speak to him. Karan says he is going to his room. Mahira was quizzical that the inspector got the room decorated and now Karan is going to the room. Karan clarifies he just need to speak to Preeta.

Sameer cursed himself for whatever he had said, then realizes and taps his own back for doing this all alone. He calls Shrishti and tells her that he ignited Karan’s emotions and sent him to the room. But their differences might prevail now. He said a lot to Karan, like Karan is a coward etc. She wanted to know about the weather, but now he can hear thunderstorms.

Now Karan will go and question Preeta why she called him a “Wet Cat”, though it’s not Preeta and Shrishti said all this. Their wedding night will be life’s most epic horror film. Shrishti tells him not to take much stress. Preeta will understand that this was Shrishti’s idea and tell Karan as well. Sameer was terrified now. Shrishti guarantees Sameer that Preeta will not fight Karan today. She will speak to Karan politely and even say sorry to Karan.

She tells Sameer that today Sarla sent Preeta to Luthra house, giving her the courage to live in her house; and be a good wife to Karan. She was excited that its their wedding night today. Shrishti tells Sameer that their task does not end here. That Mahira and Sherlin sit in Luthra House ready to create differences between them; he must keep an eye over them. Suddenly, their call is disconnected. Sameer’s phone battery was dead. He decides to keep an eye on Mahira and Sherlin.

In the corridor, Mahira was tensed that Karan has gone to Preeta’s room. Sherlin assures Mahira that Karan just went to the room to show to Preeta that he is the boss here. Mahira was in a state of panic as Preeta came home with all her luggage and now Karan has also gone to her. She decides to go and spy outside their room.

In the room, Preeta wonders what to do. Her mother taught her a lot but… she decides to lock the room as she can’t sleep with an open door. Karan must be asleep by now. She wishes she could tell Karan that he is not the reason she came here. Karan enters the room saying she does not need to tell him any reason. He was mesmerized looking at Preeta at once. He tells Preeta he can’t let her plannings accomplish.

Preeta says Ok. She goes to close the door. He says Hello, she replies Hi. Karan says he is not the lion in this room. Preeta asks if he saw an animal’s channel. Karan was quizzical with his behaviour. Preeta tries to sit on the bed. Karan lay down and forbids her use his bed and room. Preeta moves her face closer… Karan recalls memories from their past.

Sherlin and Mahira reached at the door of Karan’s room. Sherlin stops Mahira from seeing all this. Mahira grabs a lamp, ready to charge at Preeta. Sherlin stops her.

Preeta says she wanted to check if Karan is drunk. He is talking strange that he is a lion, she is a cat etc. Karan tells Preeta to leave his room. Preeta silently walks towards the door. Karan wonders what Sameer fed him, because Preeta is extremely calm. Preeta finds Sherlin and Mahira on the door and decides to elevate Mahira’s panic. She bolts the room door. Mahira cries outside that what they must be up to.

Karan straightens up in his bed asking why Preeta locked the door. Preeta smiles at him. She thinks she needs to melt Karan by praising him being Karan Luthra, the best cricketer. She will fulfil his dreams today, things she never said or will ever say. She sits on the bed besides Karan and begins that she wanted to say something she never did. Its special and private as well. She says he is an extremely nice human being and her king. Karan was happy that she finally accepted. He turns to leave the bed. Preeta holds him back in a hug. They get apart. Preeta says sorry. Karan asks what for? Preeta wonders why he is like that; he must accept his sorry as such. She was silent.

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  1. I really hate you guys for this series you show and the ending part is worthless please if you are guys are shooting season 3 please better stop it because we Nigeria the zee world loves said we don’t need this is fate


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