This is fate update Wednesday 20 July 2022

This is fate 20 July 2022: Pandit calls Rajat’s mother to tie the knot. Rajat and Sonakshi then stand for the rounds. They take the rounds. Everyone claps as the rounds complete. Next is sindhoor ritual. Chacha ji receives a call. He confirms whether he should stop the marriage.

After getting confirmation, he goes to Rajat and tells him something in his ears. Rajat moves his hand back from filling Sonakshi’s maang. Everyone is shocked. He stands up, removes turban and garland and throws them away. Sonakshi asks him what happened. He dropped sindhoor, broke garland. He says that he doesn’t want to marry her. Sonakshi’s father tells him that he could have told him if there was any problem. Rajat says he would have if he knew what he just found out. Mahesh says it’s wrong to do this in front of all guests. Rajat apologizes

to him, but says he won’t be able to do this marriage. Sonakshi tells him that he can’t insult her family. He tells her that she better stay quiet. He’s very angry and may speak out something which he shouldn’t. Karan, Preeta and others intervene asking what happened. He walks. Sonakshi stops him and says that she wants answer. He says that he wants answer why second marriage with him when she was already married. Why did she hide her first marriage from him? She pushes him saying she never got married. Chacha ji says that they have proof and the proof shall be coming there shortly.

Sonakshi gets mad. She says if they don’t want this marriage, then fine, but don’t lie. Rajat’s mother speaks from Chacha ji’s side that he tried many times to tell them about her past. But she said past doesn’t matter. Now after knowing her past, it did make difference. Srishti recalls Rajat’s mother telling Chacha ji to let past stay in past. Rajat’s mother tells Sonakshi that she thought she wouldn’t let past come in the present, but marriage happens only once in a life time. It’s biggest decision of one’s life. Sonakshi says she never got married before this.

Chacha ji says no matter how much one tries to hide their past, it always end up coming out. Today her past is revealed. How could she hide such a big thing and marry Rajat? Yashvardhan says enough to Chacha ji. He warns him not to speak further against Sonakshi. Rajat’s mother tells Yashvardhan that he’s Rajat’s uncle and tells him to be mindful with his words. Just like any groom’s parents, they want a good bahu as well. Yashvardhan says that he can confidentially say that Sonakshi has done nothing wrong. Rajat’s mother says if he doesn’t know her past, then it’s his problem. Preeta intervenes telling Achila not to say something for which she may have to regret. Achila tells Preeta that everyone can’t be like her. Preeta says if Sonakshi was already married, then why would she marry again?

Preeta tells Rajat that more than anything, she’s surprised with him. He was the one who was asking Karan how to impress, propose to Sonakshi. He wanted to make their bond strong. What happened to all that talks, that trust, those dreams? He says he had a lot of trust on her. He refused to Chacha ji to enquire about her past. He and his mother have fought so much with Chacha ji regarding that. Everyone has past. But when to-be wife is already married, then won’t that boy back out from the marriage? Sonakshi cries.

Preeta tells him when there is trust, there is no place for doubts. If he has trust, then why did he get up from the mandap? He didn’t see any proof. Rajat says that Chacha ji said there is proof and it’s coming in some time. Preeta asks that’s what his trust is? What kind of love is that? She just met Sonakshi and can tell that Sonakshi never got married just by looking in her eyes. He says all that doesn’t matter now because he’s not doing this marriage. If she broke his trust before marriage, then what will she do after marriage? Sonakshi runs to her room.

Preeta tells Rajat to put his broken trust in his pocket then. She tells Yashvardhan that it’s good Sonakshi didn’t get married to that guy. She goes to Sonakshi’s room. Yashvardhan tells Rajat to take his family and leave. Chacha ji tells him that he’s acting like culprits are them, not his daughter. Yashvardhan says that he doesn’t want to hear a word against his daughter now and yells at them to leave. Chacha ji says that they won’t leave like that. His private detector is coming and he will expose Sonakshi and prove that it’s Rajat who got saved from her.

Sonakshi cries in her room. She starts packing her bag. Preeta comes and asks what she is doing. Sonakshi says what else can she do? She was getting accused and even Rajat said that she fooled him. More than Rajat, she is angry with herself that she was such a fool that she thought Rajat loved her. She thought they would have a happy married life. His mother can call off this marriage, but she doesn’t want to give her character certificate to anyone. She knows who she is. Her family knows her. She says sorry to Preeta for dragging her family into this. She never wanted to marry, but her father fixed the alliance and she said yes for him. She planned so much for her future, but her life is spoiled now. She doesn’t want to see Rajat’s face or his family. She will just leave from there. Preeta tells her enough of crying. It’s good that she found out before marriage that person whom she is marrying doesn’t even trust her.

A true lover can fight with the whole word, but doesn’t leave his partner. Rajat is trusting a third person and got up from the mandap. She doesn’t need to think about him. She doesn’t need to cry because this marriage got called off. But running away from there is wrong. Does she think she will be able to live peacefully by running away without answering accusations against her? Preeta encourages Sonakshi to answer to Rajat and his family’s wrong accusations, so that they don’t dare again to accuse her in future. Sonakshi says that even if she fights, no one will trust her. She’s a girl and when there is a question on girl’s character, everyone asks for proof.

From where she will get the proof? Who will stand with her and support her? Preeta says that she will support her. The world is like that only. Whenever people see a weak girl, they accuse her, sometimes for their own benefit and sometimes for their entertainment. Many girls stay quiet and accept the accusations. But she is not that kind of girl. She will fight for herself. She motivates Sonakshi.

Preeta encourages Sonakshi to fight for the truth, her family, her self-respect, so that next time, people are afraid to accuse any girl wrongfully. When a girl’s character is questioned, it’s not about girl only. It’s about her upbringing, her parents as well. She can’t let all that happen. She has to fight back. She takes Sonakshi to everyone.

Sonakshi tells Rajat that he used to say he loved her, he couldn’t stay without her, he wanted to marry her badly. And today what he did in mandap? He called off marriage on the last moment. He raised questions on her character. She was marrying him, but hadn’t given him rights to question her character in front of everyone. She says not him, but she will break this alliance. She then tells Chacha ji that his intentions weren’t good as

it was him who was digging her past behind her back. Chacha ji asks they would let marriage happen just like that? What if truth came out after the marriage. Karan intervenes telling Chacha ji that he said enough. He requests them to leave now. He tells Rajat that he is not like what he thought. He thought he was perfect for Sonakshi and would keep her happy, but no. He tells Sonakshi, sorry, but he’s glad that her marriage didn’t happen with Rajat. She tells him not to be sorry. She further tells Chacha ji that it seems like he doesn’t have a daughter which is why it was easy for him to accuse her.

They will leave after accusing her, but some people will think that she was wrong and that’s why groom left her in middle of marriage. Hence, she tells Chacha ji to prove what he said. Rajat tells Chacha ji that he must prove now. If he is not able to prove, then he will marry her.

Sonakshi asks Rajat what he thinks that she needs proof so that she can marry him? She needs proof for her own, for her family. He’s dead for her from today. If Chacha ji fails to prove her wrong today, then she is going to file a case against them for spoiling her image to teach them a lesson. She is not a girl who is dying to marry him. Her father fixed alliance and she said yes for him. She tells her father that it’s better to be alone than having such life partner. Preeta tells her that she is not alone, they are always with her. Srishti and Karan’s family back her.

Chacha ji says they all are behaving like they are villains. Till now all marriages in Rajat’s family have happened in respectful families and he will make sure that tradition continues. Sonakshi asks him to stop talking and prove his accusation. Chacha ji’s private detective comes there with a paper. He says that he didn’t want to reveal her past in front of everyone, but she forced him to. His detective informed him that she was already married. He has 2 proofs. One for her marriage and other for her having a daughter.

Everyone gets shocked. He continues that babies don’t born without marriage. He reads a report that says she gave birth to a child in May 2017. She recalls her father admitting her in a hospital. Chacha ji says that hospital report clearly states that Sonakshi gave birth to a child. Preeta says it could be some other Sonakshi too. What’s the proof that report is real? Sonakshi recalls her father scolding her.

Preeta tells Chacha ji that Sonakshi is quiet that doesn’t mean he’s right. That’s such a disgusting accusation. What she should answer to that? Kritika asks why they are doing this? Karan’s mother tells Rajat’s mother that she’s a woman herself and is quiet after listening all this? Dadi also says this is too much now. Karan tells Chacha ji to call the child if he’s right. Sonakshi continues recalling her father telling her what she did. She spoiled Raichand’s reputation and put him down. One day truth will come out and the whole world will laugh at them.

Preeta tells Karan to leave. Even Sonakshi doesn’t know how to react to their cheap accusations. She tells Rajat that he surprises her more than Chacha ji’s false accusation. He called off marriage because of that fake report. Chacha ji tells Preeta that she talks good, but it won’t change the facts. Srishti defends Preeta and insults Rajat. Rajat’s mother intervenes and fight continues among families.

Chacha ji says that he was controlling till now as he didn’t want to harm Sonakshi’s reputation. But now he will have to tell them father’s name. He says that the report has father’s name and asks if anyone is interested in reading it? Karan was going to take it, but Preeta takes it before him. She gets shocked reading Karan Luthra’s name. She faints. Karan’s mother tells Sherlin to bring lemon water. Sherlin thinks that she wants to find whose name is in the report and mummy ji is sending her to get lemon water. She goes

Chacha ji tells Kritika to tell everyone whose name is written in the report. She too gets shocked and doesn’t know what to say. Chacha ji says that he will tell everyone himself. He says child’s father’s name is Karan Luthra. Everyone is shocked. Karan says what nonsense and he reads the report himself and is shocked.

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