This is fate update Sunday 6 September 2020

This is fate 6 September 2020: Janki warns Preeta that this time her mother is adamant and never wanted her to go near the Luthra house as she doesn’t her to hurt herself anymore, Preeta mentions that she knows what Sarla wants but doesn’t know why she is blaming herself,

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Janki explains that she was the first to find out that Karan as the one behind the veil and she could have stopped the marriage but she thought that they both were meant for each other. Preeta explains that she said the truth when she called Shrishti that she was at the Luthra house, she explains that she only went there as a doctor but she promises Janki that she will never go near the Luthra mansion.

Samer walks in the kitchen as Karan what is happening, Karan says that he is feeding Maira as she was not able to eat by herself, she had burned her hands, Samer starts to ruin their moment as he is constantly asking Karan to also feed him, he says that Karan also did the same when Ganesh fell and got injured. Karan goes to prepare food for Samer at which Maira gets angry, she leaves asking them to enjoy the moment.

Sherlin comes into Mahesh’s room, she sits with him asking how he is feeling also mentioning that she knows he would have enjoyed the moment as he did not have to wear the clothes and talk with the guest, he only had to remain in his bed, she also says that she feels really happy that he was not able to do anything, she also makes him realize that he took the papers from her hands but she will not let him do any such thing, she tries to look for the keys, getting angry when she is not able to find them,

she then takes out the breathing pipe at which he starts to struggles she then places them back apolo0gizing to him, saying that she wants that he remain like this until she throws them all out of the house, and will make sure that they pay for everything that they have done, she remembers that she found the keys at Rishab’s room, so leaves thinking that they will be in the same place.

Preeta is with Sarla, she is applying clothes to her forehead, Sarla says that she is alright and they both must go and sleep, Preeta says that she is aware of her nature so should not ask her to go back, Shrishti also is adamant to sit with her, they both try to Sleep, Preeta starts to cry thinking that she will not go near the Luthra house, Sarla assures that she knows Preeta will not go near the Luthra house.

Sherlin is looking at Rishab while he is sleeping, he wakes up asking the reason she was looking at him, she explains that she feels he doesn’t have any time for her as he comes home late and immediately goes to sleep, Rishab also apologizes as he has been very busy with the office work, She thinks that she meant that he get up and leave the house so she can find the keys to get to the locker.

She advises that he get up as she will bring tea for him so that he can leave for the office, Rishab asks what she meant, she explains that she said this because it is his routine and so she only wanted him to get ready, he thinks that he will leave after talking with Karan regarding Preeta.

Karan is sleeping in his bed when Preeta stops the sun with her dupatta, he wakes up getting happy seeing that she is caring for him, he gets up from the bed coming near to Preeta, she tries to leave however he pulls her back, asking her to accept everything, she leaves after which he gets up from his dream. He wonders why he is not able to forget her and the reason she comes into his dreams, he takes a glass of water thinking of what has happened.

Everyone is in the house, Preeta asks to do the work and she should have the breakfast, Janki denies it but they both explain that the breakfast is very important, there is someone on the door, Shrishti asks Preeta to open the door, she opens it to find that it is Prithvi, they all get shocked to see him standing at the door, when the ask the reason he explain that Sarla called him as she has something important to talk with him.

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