This is fate update Sunday 12 December 2021

This is fate 12 December 2021: Sameer reveals they have not lost the mobile, everyone is shocked to hear the mobile, Pammi questions what does he mean to which Preeta clarifies that Sameer is not lying as they have not lost the mobile, at the present time they should not decide what is righty and wrong, also to not blame each other but to be honest she is glad that Pammi cares a lot for Karan, she also cares for him so would do anything that get him free, she clarifies that the mobile was not lost but stolen, Preeta thinks of how they cannot let anyone know what really happened to the mobile.

They all are in the hall when Sameer’s friend comes asking him to hand the mobile which is password protected, they get tensed, Sameer reveals they have lost the mobile.

Mahira is in her room wondering what Karan said to her, that he really loves Preeta and cares for her, she recalls that he said how he was not able to say anything to Preeta but can reveal it to Mahira, she worries of what would happen when he actually says it all to Preeta after which she would be madly in love with him, he has provided her with all the necessities that any girl can require but above all he gave her the name of the Luthra family, she thinks that everyone has someone to be with but she doesnot have anyone, she wonders who Prithvi is with, she gets really mad so wonders what she can to get Karan as she cannot see him with her, she vows to do anything she can to be with Karan for the rest of her life.

Rakhi apologizes to Sohail explaining the mobile was stolen so his services are of no use, Mahesh decides to file a complaint with the police however Kritika stops him explaining if he would go to the police, they will suspect the Luthra family as they are the prime suspects in the murder case of Akshay. She explains that even the theft of the mobile is the offense so she doesnot want him to go and in form the police, Pammi asks why is she worried because anything that would happen would be because of Preeta so she must suffer, Sameer asks Sohail to come with him, he asks Kritika to send two cups of tea with the Ganesh, Preeta leaves explaining Ganesh has gone to the market so she would herself make the tea, Kritika also leave saying she needs to do some work.

Prithvi thinks Preeta has married in the wrong house as if she had married him then she would have lived without any regrets, Sherlin sees him smiling so signals asking what has happened, he leaves thinking there is some tension.

Mahesh comes to stand in front of Pammi explaining she must consult them before blaming Preeta because she is really obedient daughter who cares for everyone however she cannot see them in any sort of problem, he respects her as she is the wife of his brother but had Preeta responded to her blames, she would not have been able to respond, he leaves, Rakhi coming to her says that she must not think wrong of Preeta because she has never differentiated amongst both her houses so she is sure that Preeta would be the one to free Karan.

Sameer is with Sohail who questions what is going on because just now he said that they have lost the mobile but is now saying that they are bringing the mobile, Kritika coming asks him to not think of anything, Preeta brings the mobile explaining she brought it with a lot of difficulty, Sameer asks him to charge it, Kritika says they would first see the videos as then everything would be sorted.

Prithvi knocks on the door of the kitchen calling to Preeta but she is not there and he thinks that it feels no one has come into the kitchen, he hears someone coming so thinks it is Preeta however is shocked when Sherlin enters the kitchen, she asks what happened to his smile because she feels he thought that Preeta is coming and was shocked to see him, Prithvi explains he was waiting for her as he can even hear her heart when she is coming, he explains he really loves her because the biggest proof is their child, Sherlin however is mad because of her figure which was destroyed because of the child, she doesnot want the child, he however calms her explaining they are now the clear winners as Preeta doesnot even have the second plan, Sherlin takes the juice for the celebration because she cannot drink, Prithvi however explains that even the juice feels like alcohol with her, Sherlin exclaims they were able to get the victory because of her cleverness when Prithvi interferes explaining she is wrong, he makes her remember that he saved her when she was hiding behind the curtain.

Preeta demands the mobile, she is amazed because the mobile is not working, Sameer decides to switch it off, Sohail takes it asking if they ever dropped it, Preeta agrees explaining a lot of people are after this mobile, Sohail takes the mobile saying he will have it repaired in two and three hours.

Preeta goes to meet Karan, she explains everything they have discovered blaming that Mahira is the killer, she vows to get him freed however Karan disagrees saying he doesnot believe that Mahira can be the murderer, Preeta questions how he would know when they are gathering the evidence he however insists that Mahira cannot be a murderer, Preeta is left stunned hearing Karan.

Karan explains he is not taking anyone’s side but knows Mahira cannot be the murderer, he reveals that when he was at the hotel Mahira was with him so how can she kill anyone, Preeta says then what is the point because she could have come back after killing him, Karan explains that she was always with him and came to the house after Sameer called, Preeta gets frustrated saying he must not talk about her in this manner as she doesnot like it when he talks like this about her because she is not a nice girl, Karan assures that he is sure Mahira cannot be the murderer, he asks if she is jealous but she denies it, he even apologizes for talking about Mahira but Preeta is not interested, she temporarily forgives him explaining when he would come back, she will not leave him.

Preeta reveals she needs to go back and find out who the real murderer is if Mahira did not kill Akshay.

Sameer is playing on his mobile, Shristhi is really worried, she asks how can he be so calm while she is really tensed of how Karan would react when Preeta reveals the entire truth, he questions what is she trying to say, Shristhi reveals she desire that they go and try to find out how did Mahira actually murder Akshay, he also agrees so they leave to find the truth, Sameer questions what trick should they use, she mentions she has a plan, Sherlin coming from behind gets excited thinking now Mahira would pay the price for deceiving her.

Sherlin sees Prithvi coming and smiles, he asks what is the reason of her smile, she reveals he might be thinking she is smiling after seeing his cuteness but it is not the case as she is smiling because of her cleverness, she heard Sameer and Shristhi talking, they both were planning to interrogate Mahira, Prithvi questions if she believes this is a really big achievement as it is not the case as even though she was able to deceive them, they all are going to figure it out, Sherlin shouts at him demanding that he stop as whenever she makes a plan he always has to say something that ruins everything.

Sherlin asks if he thought that she would forgive Mahira so easily after what she did to him, she vows to take her revenge not knowing that Mahira is standing behind her, Prithvi tries to signal her but she doesnot listen, he forces her to turn so she gets shocked seeing Mahira, Prithvi feels worried that everything has ruined, Sherlin questions why did he not tell her that Mahira was standing behind her, Prithvi explains that he tried to warn her but she did not listen, Prithvi leave saying she has carry on as he needs to go to work.

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