This is fate update Saturday 3 September 2022

This is fate 3 September 2022: Preeta comes running to a hospital and says that she needs to see a child specialist. A doctor checks Pihu and asks a nurse to bring medicine. She tells Preeta not to worry. Whenever Pihu gets nervous, she faints.

Preeta asks how do you know so much about Pihu? Doctor says because I knew her mother very well. She died after giving birth to her. Preeta says, her mother’s father sent her to NGO and then I adopted her and now I am her mother. Doctor says, Pihu’s mother died after giving birth. I was the one who did delivery. I get appointed as a doctor for all NGO kids. I tried searching her a lot, but the management had changed. Her birth certificate was changed. It’s a long story, I will tell you later. She asks Preeta to wait outside, but Preeta says, I want to stay with her. Doctor says, I won’t let anything happen to her. I used to do all her treatments in NGO. I know all her medical condition.

Preeta comes outside and recalls the doctor’s words. She then recalls Sonakshi’s behavior with Pihu and how she threw her. She thinks no mother can do that. No mother can hurt her mind, but Sonakshi got Pihu kidnapped. She goes to the doctor and says, I will be back in half an hour. It’s an urgent work. Please don’t let anyone meet Pihu.

Sonakshi is waiting for Karan. Sherlin tells her, he will come, but I need to go home. Sonakshi asks her to wait. Sherlin says, I need to go home and prove Preeta a bad mother. Sonakshi gets a call from Karan. Sherlin tells her to pick up. Sonakshi puts the call on speaker. Sherlin pushes her and she screams. Sherlin disconnects. Karan tells Vinod to drive faster. Sonakshi asks what nonsense. Sherlin says, I disconnected for your good. When Karan hears you screaming, he will think that the kidnappers are hitting you and he will come here faster.

Preeta thinks that Sonakshi has become a danger for her family. If she can do this with Pihu, then he can do anything with her family. She says, I must stop her. She takes a taxi. She calls Karan with driver’s phone, but in vain. She then calls Srishti, but she is tied up and unconscious. She then calls police and asks them to reach Luthra mansion as soon as possible.

Rajiv tells Sonakshi that she lied to them and now police is involved. If he knew, then he wouldn’t have agreed. She says, you are getting paid for your work. He says he doesn’t need such money and calls her ruthless. If she can abuse a child like that, then she can do anything with them. Sonakshi points a gun at him and asks him to shut up. Rajiv manages to take the gun back from her. A goon comes and tells Rajiv that Karan is here. Karan asks Dadi and Mahesh to stay back. He goes inside with Vinod. Karan sees Sameer and Srishti and goes to them. Vinod finds Sonakshi injured and lying on the floor. Karan goes to her. Rajiv and his goons come out and manage to take the guns away from Vinod and his men.

Karan asks where is Pihu? Rajiv tells him to give his money first. Karan says, to hell with the money. Rajiv threatens him. Sonakshi gets up and says, try hitting him (Karan). She pushes him. Vinod and his team fight with Rajiv and his goons. Karan asks Sonakshi, are you okay? Sonakshi says, don’t worry about me. I want our daughter, Pihu. Karan asks where is she? Sonakshi says, I thought she must be here. I tried searching her a lot, but then the goons caught me and tortured me a lot. She cries and says, I want our Pihu. I will die without her. Karan says, I will find her. You stay with Sameer and Srishti. Karan leaves.

Rajiv fires bullets at Vinod. Karan beats up Rajiv. Sonakshi fears that Rajiv might tell everyone. She can’t trust him. Karan threatens Rajiv and asks him to tell where Pihu is. Rajiv says, Pihu is with Preeta. Mahesh and Dadi also come there. Rajiv continues, don’t tell Preeta. We had a deal and she asked us to kidnap Pihu. Karan gets furious. Rajiv says, I am not lying. He shows her Preeta’s dupatta and phone saying she forgot them there. She kidnapped Pihu by wearing a burkha, so no one can identify her. Karan recalls seeing the CCTV footage in which someone with burkha kidnapped Pihu. He asks Rajiv what Sameer and Srishti are doing here? Rajiv says, Preeta madam called them here so they can be her witnesses. So that they tell everyone at home how Preeta fought with us. Karan can’t believe. Rajiv continues brainwashing Karan.

Vinod tells his team to take Sameer and Srishti to a hospital. Sonakshi recalls how she and Sherlin blackmailed Rajiv to say and do all this. Rajiv pushes Karan and runs out from there with his goons. Karan looks at Preeta’s dupatta.

Karan reaches the mill, he picks up the dupatta of Preeta, Sonakshi taking out the mobile texts someone saying the work is done, Sherlin picks the phone and after reading it asks Simmi to leave because the work has been done and she will get the money, Sherlin is glad that this place is near to their house because now today would be the last day of Preeta in the Luthra house, Sherlin reaches the house and is glad because no one knew that she was not present and is glad because now their favorite daughter in law would be thrown out of the house, Karina in excitement says that Sonakshi has found out the location of Pihu, she even called Karan informing him of the location, Sherlin runs towards Karina, Kritika asks her to calm down otherwise she would fall, Rakhi questions if she is fine, Sherlin

replies she is really excited because Sonakshi has proved that the relation of a mother and daughter is above any other relation, karan announced that he would reward anyone who finds the location of Pihu but no one helped them except Sonakshi whom they all consider to be an outsider, she herself is not a mother but would always like to be as Sonakshi because even gave her daughter to Preeta and never compared herself to anyone, no one gives their child, the Luthra’s gave Preeta the duty of a mother but she failed each and every time, while Sonakshi came out as the winner, Sherlin exclaims that when Sonakshi’s hands got burnt she did not say anything to them because her daughter was in danger even today when they thought that Vinod would be the one to help them but it was Sonakshi who found out the location of Pihu, Rakhi questions how can she compare two mothers,

Sherlin asks what has she said wrong because Preeta went crying to her room while Sonakshi found out about Pihu, Rakhi scolds her demanding that she stop talking, Karina taking her side questions why she should stop because whatever she is saying is the truth, she exclaims she doesnot want to have any conversation with Rakhi as she is just worried about Pihu.

Preeta steps out of the car, she asks the guard to pay the driver but is stopped by the police, she explains that she was the one who called them so asks if everything is fine, he says that Sameer and Shristhi have been admitted to the hospital because they were found unconscious at the factory. Preeta is worried when the inspector exclaims that they were given a high dose of chloroform, but now they are trying to search for the kidnapper, Preeta takes the name of Sonakshi, asking if they have not been able to find her, she rushes inside the house.

Karan along with the entire Luthra family is anxiously waiting for her, Preeta entering the house rejoices exclaiming that Pihu is fine, she rushes to hugs Karan exclaiming that Pihu is fine, Karan sees the injury so asks if she is injured when Preeta replies that it is nothing to be worried about when Dadi exclaims they have went through such a big incident but she is happy, Preeta tries to explain that she could not resist living in the house and went to protect Pihu, Rakhi asks when did she leave the house because they all thought she was in her room, Preeta apologizes revealing she could not stay in the house so went to protect, she even apologizes to karan saying how she knows he ordered her to stay inside, Karan replies she got hurt because of it.

Dadi standing questions what is the need that Preeta got her own daughter kidnapped, Sherlin coming from behind says it was because she needed money, Preeta gets shocked hearing this and the entire Luthra family is also stunned, Sherlin exclaims that she needed twenty crores in order to save the marriage hall of her mother because she heard their conversation when she came to meet her, Sarla assured Preeta there was nothing to worry about when Sarla asked her to go and bring her purse,

Sherlin came out wondering what is going on when a man stopped talking with Sarla how when his mother told him that this amount was not of worry to Sarla since her daughter is the wife of Karan Luthra, Sarla then asked the person to leave before her daughter comes otherwise she would feel bad, she will herself give the entire amount, Preeta then brought her purse while Sherlin was hearing their conversation, after Sarla left she thought of a plan.

Preeta asks Sherlin what is she talking about and is she in her senses, Sherlin exclaims that everything would be sorted when she talks with the person on the call, she while talking with him questions how much money does Sarla need to save her marriage hall, the person reveals the amount, Preeta questions why are their so many questions in their hearts, Preeta sees Sonakshi so then starts to fight with her asking what is she doing in her house, Sherlin pushes Preeta away when Dadi exclaims that Sonakshi is the one who hid in the trunk of Karan’s car and then the car of the kidnappers, after which she fought with them, Dadi exclaims this is how the duty of a mother is fulfilled,

Preeta replies she is the one who did this all not Sonakshi, she tries to explain to karan who in anger asks her what is she saying, she reveals that Sonakshi is lying because she never desired any money from their family however karan doesnot believe her, even Mahesh stands up questioning what wrong did he do as he always considered her as his own daughter, why did she not come straight to him if she needed any money as he would have given her not twenty million but two hundred million, Preeta is not able to believe anything. Sonakshi while acting as if she is crying questions Preeta is why she is constantly hurting the Luthra family both mentally and physically.

Karan is constantly listening to everything when Sonakshi exclaims they all saw at the Diwali function how Pihu got trapped in the crackers, and even the time when the food got stuck in her throat, it all happened because Preeta was not able to be a good mother, she therefor decided to kidnap Pihu and then also demand the money to save the marriage hall of her mother.

Preeta questions if she is done with her story, Preeta explains she is the daughter in law of the Luthra family and has not done anything wrong, she cares for them so why Sonakshi is acting, Preeta says that Sonakshi would never be able to live in this house, karan turns questioning Preeta where is Pihu, Preeta asks why is he talking to her like this, Kritika exclaims that it is because they are worried she might try to harm Pihu, Preeta questions what is she saying, Dadi also exclaims that no one would believe anything she says because she along with Mahesh and Karan have heard everything even before she arrived, Preeta replies she doesnot know what they have heard but is not the truth, Karan says he would not believe anyone but what about the kidnapper because when he reached the mill, the kidnapper revealed she was behind the kidnapping. Preeta is stunned to hear this revelation.

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  1. I don’t like this series at all just like twist of fate why is bad people always winning the people writing this story should change their story line it’s not good for evil people to win all the time I’m tired of watching the same thing


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