This is fate update Monday 7 December 2020


This is fate 7 December 2020: Preeta gets off the car to get Janki inside. Janki was still throwing bricks towards Prithvi and Pawan’s men. Shrishti notices there was new petrol in the car. Preeta and Janki tell her to find another car, until they tackle these men.

Sherlin and Maira stood outside the room. Sanjana wanted to talk to Karina. Maira gets a sneeze, Ramuna and Sherlin send her away. Sanjana discusses with Karina that Preeta left on her own Munh Dikhai ritual. They must think about marrying Maira to Karan, she belongs to a good family and loves Karan as well. Karina says she selected Maira and was sure Maira will be the best daughter in law choice for Luthra’s, but she was shocked today how Maira presented drinks to guests herself. She behaved really strangely. She did not want to discuss about this anymore.

Her Karan is a good son, he does not deserve either Preeta or Maira. She leaves. Sherlin thinks Maira has adversely affected her repute in everyone’s eye. She must do something. Outside the room, Ramuna argues with Sanjana that she boasted she would convince Karina. Sanjana replies that her daughter is not her responsibility at any cost.

Preeta and Janki continued their attack on Prithvi and Pawan. Preeta turns around, the bricks had ended. Prithvi was happy to see as Preeta walked closer to Prithvi. He was hopeful if she still loved him. She throws a huge stone which hits Prithvi on his knee. Pawan throws a bullet shot in the air. Preeta and Janki raise their hands. Pawan threatens Preeta to marry his brother or die. Prithvi taps Pawan’s back determined to snatch his love. Preeta says if even she dies, she won’t marry him. Prithvi says he can not let her die. Shrishti came there in the car and shouts for them to come soon. Prithvi attentively looks down.

She pushes a bunch of bamboo sticks over the crowd and gets into the car. Pawan shots a bullet. Janki removes Preeta from the way and was herself hit on the hand. Preeta pushes her in the car. Prithvi shouts what if Preeta was hurt. The girls fled. Prithvi shouts at Gabbar to start a car but he says there was no fuel. The goons leave.

Sarla tells Rakhi she came here for her daughter’s reception and faced such situation. She might have hurt some of you, she joins her hands in apology, but she is not ashamed of whatever she said. Maira says she hasn’t seen a more stubborn lady than Sarla. Her daughter insulted the whole family, and she stands here shameless. Karina tells Maira she is leaving, she must not say anything. Sherlin wishes Maira stops talking, otherwise the family will throw her out. Sherlin thinks she needs to do something to clear her image. Rishab questions Maira if no one taught her any manners, Sarla is her mother’s age. Ramuna says not Maira, but Sarla needs to learn manners.

In the room, Sherlin calls police inspector. She introduces herself to inspector Pooja, and says she came to Preeta’s house. She invites Pooja to Preeta’s Munh Dikhai. Inspector apologizes that she got a lot of cases in the police station. Sherlin says she did not tell Preeta about the invitation. She insists the inspector comes here. Inspector Pooja promises to come. Sherlin thinks that Preeta was winning as hatred culminated in everyone’s heart for Maira. Now, it will be reversed.

Outside the hospital, Preeta and Sherlin decide to go to police station. Janki forbids Preeta that she promised Rakhi not to create any drama on her Munh Dikhai. She cannot give anyone a chance to any disgrace. Shrishti tells Preeta to go home, as its her function and there are a lot of guests in Luthra house. She and Janki will go to police station. Janki insists she has to go to Preeta’s Munh Dikhai. They need to teach Maira a lesson as well. Preeta decides to go to Luthra House. It is Maira who needs to see her real place and face; so first things first. Shrishti asks Preeta if she is going to say I love you to Karan today? Preeta does not understand this. Shrishti says Preeta just said all this in front of Prithvi, then why not Karan.

Sarla leaves Luthra House. The family was upset that Preeta invited inspector Pooja and left herself. She wanted to bring them all in a position to be blamed. Sameer was tensed and wonders what he must do. Maira was worried. Sherlin whispers to Maira that she did all this to save Maira’s respect. She suggests Karan to help them. Maira will wear a veil, and Karan must do couple dance. This will not lend inspector a chance to see Preeta’s face. The guests come inside. Kritika assures that the inspector is a family friend. Sherlin announces a couple dance between Mr. and Mrs. Luthra. Sameer gets a message from Shrishti that they are here, right outside the house.

Sameer consoles Sarla, that Preeta is going to arrive with Shrishti and Janki really soon, Samee explains that he also tried calling them but was not able to so finally when they both were able to talk he exclaims that Preeta got kidnapped and but Is now fine, Shrishti asks them to get inside as she will return the car later, Sarla is shocked to see them all, she inquires how they all got injured and what has happened with Janki, Preeta answers that it was because of Maira who got her kidnapped.


Karan is dancing with Maira, she exclaims that she is doing all this because she loves his family a lot, Karam mentions that this can never be the truth as she is a friend of the family and would remain like this as far as the relation goes. Ramona mentions that her daughter is forgiven them all and that is why she is dancing with Karan, Sherlin thinks that she would make sure Maira is the wife of Karan as Preeta was their past and Maira is their present.

Rishab comes with Rano aunti, he sends her to the dance floor, then is shocked to see that Sherlin is smiling, Kartika asks him what he is thinking off, Rishab exclaims that he cannot understand why Sherlin does all these things, Kartika doesnot understand, he replies that he cannot comprehend why Sherlin doesnot accept the fact that Preeta is the daughter in law of their family, Kartika gets frustrated demanding that he never consider to be the truthful as she can also be wrong. Rishab answers that he will stop defending her when they also stop degrading her.

Sarla exclaims that she is once again proud to be her mother, she wishes that every daughter has the same characteristics like her, she is happy that Preeta has deceived Pawan and Prithvi, she is really blessed to have a daughter like her, Sameer explains that everyone thought she has run away with Prithvi, Sarla mentions that she told everyone that Preeta is not wrong as she cannot run away, she also showed them all the letter, Sarla says that she also scolded Rakhi because it was her responsibility to ensure that Maira doesnot create a scene, Preeta asks her why she fought with Rakhi, Sarla responds that she got really angry as Maira is really clever, she mentions that Maira was dressed as Preeta and even drinking wine, she did a lot of bad actions, Preeta says that she would make sure nothing wrong happens to her in laws family.

Sarla exclaims that she should do all that she can to punish Maira, they all exclaim that she should be arrested, Preeta mentions that she would make her pay but not today because she promised Rakhi that nothing wrong would happen in the function because of her so she has to just act calmly in the function, as for Maira she would make her pay by undermining her in front of the entire family as she is the daughter In law of the Luthra family.

Sarla and Janki enter the function, Janki exclaims that she wants that she throw Maira out of the house by dragging her hair, Sarla stop her saying that she should not say these kind of things, Janki mentions that she was with the kidnappers so uis thinking like them.

Sherlin takes Rishab to the dance floor, Shrishti and Sameer both call Ganesh, Sameer takes a glass of juice and is about to walk so that he can drop the juice on Maira, however Shrishti stops him as the police inspector is standing right in front of him, Janki takes the inspector away which enables Sameer to drop the juice on the dance floor, Maira falls and everyone turns on the light.

Karan apologies to her saying that he did not do it on purpose, Maira sees that Shrishti is smiling, she thinks that it might be the actions of Shrishti and Sameer, they both run away from the function, Rishab orders Ganesh to clean the juice. Sherlin is really worried that her plan was not able to fulfil as Maira fell.

Shrishti and Sameer and running, they do not let Maira catch them and hide in the hall, Shrishti asks him the place where Preeta ordered them to bring Maira, she remembers when Preeta ordered that they both bring Maira to the guestroom, they remember that it was the guest room, Maira comes calling out their names, but they both start running as they want her to follow them to the guest room.

Gabbar and his men are nervous when standing in front of Prithvi, Pawan comes ordering them both to leave them, he asks Prithvi if he wants something to drink but then when he sits on the bed, Prithvi exclaims that he knows that Pawan loves him a lot and it si the same with him but he should not worry as he is really angry with Preeta so would forcefully make her his wife. Pawan exclaims that he is still in love with Preeta even when Preeta only takes about Karan so what does he want to do, Prithvi mentions that he has a plan, Pawan talks about Sherlin, Prithvi is not able to understand, Pawan says that she is calling him so he must answer her call.

Prithvi answers the call, Sherlin starts scolding him mentioning that he kidnapped Preeta so as to marry her however Preeta has escaped and come back to Karan and they cannot do anything now. Prithvi says that he has something important to talk with her, she inquires what does he mean, he mentions that he wants to talk about Preeta as she has started to be more attractive than before.



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