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The episode begins as Karan and Shrishti are having a discussion and they laugh together. Shrishti boasts about being mentally and physically sound enough to understand his situation. Preeta hear them together. Karan watches her go furiously and was worried, and tells Shrishti about it. Both were worried, Shrishti sends Karan to make Preeta up. Sarla stood behind her and scolds Shrishti that Prithvi has been badly hurt, is she celebrating for Preeta’s fiancé’s pain. Shrishti apologizes Sarla for forgetting about him, she was excited for the game. Preeta comes outside and notices Prithvi’s car was here but Prithvi was nowhere in the house. She decides to find a driver and follow him. Karan comes out but Preeta ignores him. Karan offers to help her find her breaded goat. Preeta clarifies he isn’t a goat. Karan was nice to her and says he is ready to help Preeta right now, it’s important for them to find him through car. Preeta agrees. Rakhi and Sherlin came out to get some luggage from the car. She asks Karan and Preeta where they are going at this time. Preeta says Prithvi might have walked away out of anger and they are going to find him. Rakhi was concerned as it’s an unknown place. Preeta looks around for Prithvi in the way. He tells her to relax as she is there. Preeta only focused on finding Prithvi and tells him to do it as well. She blames Karan for hitting Prithvi, she has heard his conversation with Shrishti. Karan doesn’t accept it but Preeta says she heard Shrishti appreciating him for stirking Prithvi’s face. Karan says when Preeta left, Shrishti said Karan can’t hurt Prithvi deliberately; only Preeta doesn’t understand how nice he is.

Preeta says even if wasn’t deliberate it was his mistake, he is professional player and could have saved Prithvi. Karan says Prithvi is an idiot, he couldn’t save himself from a ball during fielding; and there he was challenging him. Preeta comes out of the car annoyed. Karan apologizes her.
Sherlin calls Prithvi who
was at the roof and furious over everyone including her. He complains about his hurting face. Sherlin tells Prithvi that Karan and Preeta have gone to find him. Prithvi says he will create an issue if they don’t call him right now. He cuts the call with Sherlin to avoid missing any of their’s call.
In the car, Preeta tells Karan to focus on where Prithvi must be. Karan tells her to stop lecturing him now so that he can focus. Karan’s car broke down in the middle of way. Preeta considers it a joke initially, but he was serious as it won’t start. They come down to check, there was smoke from carburetor. Karan calls the mechanic, and tells him the location but his phone’s battery goes out.

He asks for Preeta’s phone but she hadn’t brought it. At farm house, Sameer tries to make Shrishti fearful by a ball. She wasn’t afraid but irritated. When Sameer comes out Shrishti says she and Preeta aren’t easily horrified. Their father told them not to be afraid until they see something terrifying through their eyes, and its spotted then they must face it. Sameer says he must be a sensible person with thorough experience of life. Shrishti tells him that she celebrated this first Holi without him. Sameer tries to cheer her up and reminds her how she got drunk on this Holi. Shrishti tries to leave but Sameer stops her. He asks her if she proposed in front of Karan while drunk, he is his brother and never lies to him. Karan initially thought she was proposing him, but she took the name of someone else. Shrishti asks Sameer what exactly Karan said. Sameer says it was some shorty, breeze of wind. Shrishti feels weird and angry over Karan for telling him. Sameer asks if its true. Shrishti denies and runs downstairs.

Sameer was thoughtful that if it was a lie, Shrishti must have slapped him; but this shows she actually proposed him.
Downstairs, Shrishti was cheerful that she proposed Sameer and even accepted it. Sherlin passes by. Shrishti holds her hand and dances around but Sherlin jerks her hands off. Shrishti realizes it was Sherlin there. Sherlin asks the reason for her happiness, but Shrishti tells her to stay away from her when she is happy next time. Sherlin tells Shrishti that celebrations is done with champagne, not through this third class dancing. Shrishti calls Sherlin as down-market who is always boastful in front of her. Karan insults Preeta for not carrying her cell phone. They have an argument with each other. Karan felt helpless and was irritated. Preeta tells Karan to wait for a while, the mechanic would come here. Karan was unsure if he has heard the address or not? Preeta suggests him to walk a bit, may be they find a mechanic half way. Karan likes the idea. Preeta boasts about her sensibility and use of brain. Karan holds Preeta’s hand flirtatiously then mocks her as there might be wild animals. Preeta says she isn’t afraid and can walk alone, but Karan roars like a lion. Preeta was terrified and returns to him. She then suggests Karan to push the car, it might work. Karan asks her to help him.Sarla hugs Rakhi thankfully and was sure everything will be fine.

There, Karan suggests about asking a lift. Preeta mocks that there is no car around. They hear the sound of a car, Karan tells her to go aside as only he will ask for the lift. The car stops, Karan turns to Preeta boastfully so it was driven away. Preeta jokes about Karan’s charm. Mahesh calls Sherlin and laughs that Prithvi isn’t still back. He says its better this happened, else they must have to serve Karan’s team. Sherlin thinks that none of Luthra’s wish Prithvi to be here. Rishab comes there looking for his phone and asks if Karan called them? Kareena asks him to call Karan but the phone was off. Preeta’s phone was left home. Rakhi suggests him to call Prithvi, Rishab was worried about his reaction but his number could also be reached. Rakhi was no worried. Mahesh says they must be together and will soon be back. Mahesh asks to bring them something to eat. Sarla offers to help Rakhi in the kitchen.
On the road, Preeta tells Karan to hide on a side and she will ask for a lift. Karan laughs asking if she will show some innocent face like Indian heroines. He wasn’t ready to let Preeta ask for lift.

Preeta jokes that Karan wasn’t able to stop a car because of his The Karan Luthra attitude. Preeta tells him to hide behind a car; as soon as she gets into it he must jump at the back. A trolley passes by them. Karan jumps out laughing but the trolley stops at a distance. Karan follows Preeta with a plant in hand and climbs at the back.
In the kitchen, Rakhi and Sarla were cooking together. Shrishti and Kratika were also there. They discuss how enjoyable is the time here, away from Mumbai. Sameer comes to the kitchen. Kratika notices the sharing of eye looks between them and the smiles. Rakhi asks Sameer to bring her gram flour from a cabin, their eye lock break then. Sameer leaves the kitchen. Kratika teases Shrishti by throwing a tomato up in the air, and inquires what’s going on between her and Sameer. Shrishti stammers and finds a chance to leave the kitchen. Kratika was determined to get it said from Sameer anyway.

Sherlin calls Prithvi. He says he was waiting for Karan and Preeta to reach him for hours now. He has checked his phone multiple times. Sherlin says his hotel is the first to reach on way, they will soon be there. Prithvi shouts that he wants an apology from Karan at any cost.

Sherlin was annoyed of his temple and cuts the call. The driver speaks to Preeta flirtatiously and inquires about her family and home. He complements her to be beautiful. Karan enjoys it from behind, Preeta asks the driver to speak less as she has head ache. He turns the radio on to play ‘Kaatay nahi kat-ti’. Preeta shuts it off. The driver stops the trolley with a jerk, predicting its gone out of order and they might have to stay on the way. He tells Preeta there are rental rooms in the building on front, they can spend the night well there. Preeta was afraid and looks behind for Karan. The driver opens the door for Preeta. Karan jumps with a fake paper knife in hand. The driver was fearful. Karan acts to be a hysteric and calls the driver as girl thief. As he charges towards the driver he run away. Preeta was happy inside but screams as Karan shouts towards her. Karan demands a thanks, but Preeta boasts that she isn’t afraid of anyone and can protect herself well. She says thanks isn’t needed here, she could have twisted his fingers had he touched her. She appreciates his acting of a hysteric.


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