This is fate update Monday 28 September 2020

This is fate 28 September 2020: Shrishti mentions that she stopped as she never wanted to hurt the child which is in her belly, Sherlin gets shocked at which Shrishti replies that she stopped because she believes that the child is not responsible for their quarrel so she does not want to waste her time,

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She then congratulates her by saying that she is beginning to see her belly and soon everyone else will also see that she is pregnant and so now she is waiting for the time when everyone will come to know the truth of Preeta and will apologize to her, she then asks if the father of her child is with her at which she gets angry, Shrishti leaves after taunting her.

Prithvi opens Preetas photo exclaiming that he is not able to live a single day without Preeta so wants to meet her, he wonders what he can do so decides to call her as it is not possible to meet her at the moment, he calls her but she does sot answer so he wonders if she might be ignoring him, then thinks that she cannot do this as she is really nice and might not be near her phone, he decides to call the landline hoping that Sarla answers it so calls them but it is Janki who explains that everyone is fine but she cannot call her now as everyone is busy in the preparations at the Kumkum Bhagya hall,

he politely asks to give Preeta the phone but she denies and then ends the call, Prithvi gets angry saying that if he wants to talk with her now so will do it today.
Karan is coming when karina stops her asking the reason he is supporting the Auroras at which he replies that he only wanted that the wedding function wraps up without any mishap and so asked them to stop otherwise he does not care, Karina is left stunned by his reaction.

Rishab is looking when he sees preeta so immediately greets her, he thanks her for providing them with such a beautiful venue and also that he is happy to know that the relation between their families has still some strength left, Preeta thinks that this means that he does not know anything about how the hall was booked, so she refuses to tell him anything, Rishab says that karan said that the Kumkum Bhagya hall was very lucky and so he wanted that his function be conducted at their hall.

Rishab asks if he can ask a question then asks why she sent the notice to their house, she is left stunned, Rishab says that he will stand by her in any situation if she says that she never sent the notice, she says that she doesn’t know anything about the notice, Karan comes in between then takes the glass of water, Rishab gets mad at him asking why he is asking her to work for him, she says that she doesn’t mind as she is just working for her client, then she advises Karan to not make people respect him as those who care for him will never do so just for his money.

Maira comes to the hall when Rakhi says that she will bring the thali, karan says that she will not bring it but it will be the owner who is Preeta, so he calls her.
Sherlin is walking when she is about to bump into Janki who asks her to walk while being in her senses as she will not be affected but the child will have a severe affect, she leaves at which Sherlin gets really angry thinking that she will have to do something about the Auroras, Kartika sees Sherlin and feels that something is awkward.

She starts to walk and then bumps into Sameer who asks her what has happened, she explains that she thinks Sherlin is not the right girl, Sameer responds that the only difference is that he is sure she is not the right girl, Kartika then mentions that she is also starting to feel the same for Maira. Sameer explains that they both want to see Preeta with Karan so will never prefer any other girl.

Preeta comes hurriedly asking what has happened, when karan asks her to greet the bride, he thinks that this will have a severe affect on preeta but she doesn’t pay heed to what he wants and performs the rituals, when it is completed everyone leaves for the dancers, Shrishti takes Preeta away.

Preeta starts to cry as soon as she enters her room, Karan also comes and sees her crying, she hides her face from him wiping off her tears, he sits with her but she turns her face, he asks the reason for crying, he says that she felt bad when he asked her to praise the girl who is about to take her position in his life, he says that she said he did not mean anything to her and was not of her type, she says that she said it and meant each and every word, when he asks the reason of crying, she makes an excuse saying that she had dirt in her eyes, he says that she is crying to which she explains that he can think whatever he wants because she doesnot care, He says that he she cares for what happens to them.

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