This is fate update Monday 20 December 2021

This is fate 20 December 2021: Mahira ends the call Pammi walks behind her, Mahira gets furious questioning why did she lie because she talked with her mother who said she did her father did not inquired about her, Pammi tries to mention her mother might be lying when Mahira assures her mother cannot lie to her, Pammi reveals she cannot understand why Mahira is still in this house because she said she came for Karan however now she is trying to trap Sameer, Mahira tries to mention that she doesnot know what Pammi thinks because she doesnot have any interest in him, Pammi exclaims she should also stay away from Karan as he is also married, in their family there is no ritual of getting married twice like in her family, Mahira leaves calling her a mad women which worries Pammi who shouts at her.

Rakhi is on the call with Dadi who questions why did she not in form her that Karan came back, Rakhi reveals she was nervous that Dadi might scold her, however Dadi replies she would never scold her for this step as she has for the first done made a step which is really courageous and she would always be proud of her, Dadi explains that the Grandchildren are a lifeline for them so she must bring the entire family back to the Luthra Mansion as she has come to know that the police are searching for him so would be coming to the Luthra house, Rakhi gets tensed so immediately stops Karan mentioning that Dadi is really ill and desires to meet him so they all must leave for their house, she advises Preeta to call everyone to the parking lot, Karina and Dadi are anxiously waiting, she asks her to call them instead of wandering here and there, she is about to dial when Karan walks into the house with the rest of the family, they all greet each other when Karan explains Rakhi said she was ill but what has happened, Rakhi signals her to not say anything, Dadi replies she really missed him, Karina also exclaims she really missed him, Karan leaves saying he needs to rest but doesnot go to his room, Prithvi gets suspicious of where he might have gone, Karina advises they all should rest while she would send the coffee, however Pammi stops her.

Prithvi walking in the hall calls the police station in forming that Karan is in the Luthra mansion, the inspector warns him to not joke with the police as there is no one in the Luthra house, Prithvi explains the last time he called he in formed that Karan Luthra is at the Luthra villa but now they have reached at the Luthra Mansion, the entire Luthra family is involved with them in the escape including Shristhi and Sameer but there two people are not involved and they are Sherlin and Prithvi.

The entire family is waiting when Ganesh comes hurrying to them, they all ask what has happened when Preeta asks if he saw the police hearing which everyone gets tensed so stands up, Mahesh starts scolding them questioning if they have any idea what sort of a scandal this would create as Karan is a celebrity and the public would further instigate the incident without proper knowledge, Dadi stops him asking why is he using such harsh words when everyone is quiet, Karina appreciates her, Shristhi exclaims she has a plan, Preeta however stops her but Rakhi allows her so she says they can hide Karan in the water tank as when the police would not find him they will leave, Rakhi agrees so asks Preeta to accompany her while everyone else is really worried.
The family is waiting when there is a knock on the door, they all are really worried.

Rakhi is walking when Preeta is following her, Mahira stops her asking if there is anything as she seems tensed, Prithvi also comes asking what has happened and if the police have arrived, Mahira gets tensed so questions why did she not let her meet Karan as now they would once again arrest Karan, Rakhi comes calling Preeta saying that Karan is not in his room, Prithvi mentions he saw him going downstairs, the police arrive before Rakhi was able to call Karan, he calls Preeta saying the inspector is waiting for her, Prithvi waits when Sherlin comes questioning what has happened, he says the police have arrived, she is tensed wondering how did they come to this house when he informed them of the previous house, he reveals he is the one to give them the information after which they came to this house, Sherlin says that she felt tensed while Karan was around her, Prithvi exclaims she has gotten coward and must not be worried when he is with her because they always keep the victory in their hands, they both then leave to watch the drama in the hall.

The police question Preeta about the whereabouts of Karan, Rakhi questions why they are questioning Preeta when it was their job to find Karan, the inspector warns them to not play games with them because they know how to perform their jobs, he asks for Karan’s room when Rakhi thinks how they would find Karan when she was not able to find him, she offers to take them, and they all leave for Karan’s room.

Prithvi is in the hall and informs Sherlin to keep a close eye on everything and if they see Karan then should text him while he would in form the police, he leaves without listening to anyone.

Shristhi starts crying, Mahesh questions what is the act, she apologizes explaining she is the reason for this and had she not kidnapped Karan nothing would have happened, Dadi asks her to not worry as she has done nothing wrong and Karan is with them because of her, Karina also exclaims she is glad Karan is with them and doesnot care what is right and wrong, Mahira stepping in explains she is also glad Kara came back but they must accept that the way which was chosen is wrong, Pammi asks why does she not remain quiet.

Rakhi and Preeta are walking with the police to Karan’s room, Prithvi stops the constable saying that they would not find Karan in his room as he is downstairs, they start searching the room when Kritika walks out of the bathroom, she is tensed and questions what the police are doing in their house, the inspector says he is not in his room, they start searching the rest of the house, Kritika asks Prithvi what are the police doing in their house, he explains that someone in formed the police that Karan is in this house. She is tensed so leaves him alone in the room.

Prithvi standing there plans to do something as the police would not be able to find Karan on their own, he thinks if the Luthra’s are able to in form him and he runs away.

Prithvi starts searching in the hall he is not able to find Karan so wonders where might he have gone as he said he needed some fresh air, he only desires the police see Karan as they would then arrest him so he would be back in the jail, otherwise if he partners with Preeta then would surely plot against him which he cannot have as it might ruin his plan.

Prithvi sees Karan walking so he hides and tries calling the police but when Karan walks past beside him he stops Karan questioning if he has freshen up as this is what he said, karan questions if Prithvi realizes that he is ignoring him as he is a waste of time, Prithvi objects saying it is a disrespect and he should not say, Prithvi responds he is really bad for Karan so if he decides then can even ruin him, Karan raises his hand to just

warn Prithvi to live respectably with Kritika, warning that he should not get any complain otherwise he doesnot know what he will do to him, karan mentions the only reason he is resisting him is because he married, Kritika otherwise he would have beaten him if he stepped foot in the house, Prithvi after Karan leaves thinks he would now head back to jail with an additional charge, he wishes that it be played on every news channel that Prithvi Malhotra has sent Karan back to jail and protected the country, he exclaims when police would take him back to the jail and throw him in a cell, is when he would realize that Karan has lost the battle against him, he after some time wonders how much does he talk to himself so leaves to see when Karan is taken away after being arrested by the police.

The constable assures that Karan is not in any of the rooms, Karan walks from the front door, the inspector reveals they were waiting for him, he agrees to leave with them but insists on talking with Mahesh before so he asks him to pay the hospital bill. Inspector questions why did he come back just to reveal this little information, Shristhi tries to explain but Karan stops and says the jeep which was transferring him got into an accident while the constables got injured so he took them to the hospital but did not have any cash or his mobile so had to come back to his house, the inspector blames him for lying saying they got the information that Karan was trying to run away, he mentions that if his family was involved they would have send him out of the country, inspector replies that they got a tip that Shristhi was the most involved however karan refutes these claims, the inspector mentions he doesnot like the celebrities because of their position but he believes Karan is an honest person as he did not leave the constables to die and is even honest, Preeta and Karan thinks the time when they both planned that Karan would surrender to the police, she mentioned how she used to think differently of him.

Inspector mentions he came filled with anger and thought he would arrest if the entire family was involved in breaking Karan however, he turning to Rakhi exclaims she has given her children really honest upbringing, Rakhi while crying accepts they have made a mistake, but Karan stops her from saying anything further, Prithvi is furious that his plan backfired as Karan was supposed to be humiliated. The inspector ordering the constable to bring Karan to the jeep.

Karan starts meeting the family to say his final goodbye, Shristhi is not able to live without hugging him after which he turning to Preeta assures he would come back and there is no need to worry, Rakhi also hugs him, he stops seeing Prithvi who asks why he came back but he leaves the house.

The entire family is sad that Karan was arrested once again, Preeta follows him when he says he is glad that she came to talk with him, she mentions he would be glad that karan was arrested but she explains it is not nice that he was the one to call and get Karan arrested, Prithvi questions why does she always have to talk about Karan as he only desires to be with her and doesnot care of anyone else, she mentions she doesnot think he is really worthy of living in this family and must not think they are stupid as it is not the case, she warns him to not think he is really clever and so must stay away from her, she turns to find Sherlin standing there and even warns her before leaving, Sherlin coming to Prithvi says she feels that Preeta would create a big scene in the court hearing as her intentions do not seem nice, Prithvi assures her there is nothing to worry about as he needs some time to be prepared for their enemies.

In the night Preeta and Kritika are standing when Rakhi is hurriedly walking out of the house, Preeta questions where is she going, she responds she has left the medical box of Mahesh ion their old house, she might have forgotten it because of the hurry so is going back there, Preeta stops her offering to go but Rakhi is tensed asking if she would go alone, Kritika offers to be with Preeta, Prithvi also calls them from behind mentions the car is ready, Preeta however says that they can go with the driver but Kritika seeks permission from Preeta to allow Prithvi, Sherlin also asks Rakhi to go with them but Prithvi declines saying she must rest however Sherlin insists on going with them, Rakhi allows advising that she come back and must not get tired, she agrees then Preeta asks Prithvi to come, Kritika tries to talk with him but he leaves so she feels he might still be angry with her.

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