This is fate update Monday 18 July 2022

This is fate 18 July 2022: Sarla mention she told Preeta that even when it is really difficult for her, she should reveal the truth after coming back to her home, Preeta exclaims she cannot even wait for a single day because Sarla is not with her, she got angry with Karan just because he was standing with Rajat, Mahesh Papa and Dadi are also taking immense care of her, she knows that Karina doesnot consider her as a family member but even then she is taking care of her, Preeta replies that she feels she is deceiving them cannot do it any longer, Sarla assures nothing will happen even if she is not pregnant, she has done a lot of for the family, by saving Karan, they all love her because she is worthy of it she has always been there for them, Sarla explains she told her it is the matter of her Bhagya, she would be pregnant

soon and must not worry as they would all care for her, Bhagwan doesnot place the problems on his good people. Preeta is talking when karan opens the door.
Sarla ending the call exclaims what is the reason her daughter is always put through such difficulties even when she cares for everyone a lot, Karan comes asking what has happened, inquiring if she hurt her leg that is why she is crying a lot, Karan promises that he would not hurt her anymore and will always take care of her, he explains he would take care of the child, and will even cjhan ge the diaper, they all will walk together in the night and morning, he will also teach him football so that he can be the captain because he is their first child, Preeta stopping her says that there is nothing of the sort and she is not pregnant, she starts crying apologizing to him saying that she is not pregnant.

Sherlin is running after the airplane, it flies onto the car and she is tensed, she sees that it drops on the road and water, she with disgust opens the report, she gets the call of Prithvi who asks if she has read that Preeta is not pregnant, she asks him to be quiet because she was not able to read the report, she tries to make it dry when the report gets stuck in the tyre of the bike, she runs after it when the report lands in mud, she thinking that she has to pick it from the mud if she has to reveal the truth to the family, a bike passes by throwing the mud on Sherlin, she gets angry exclaiming it is her bad day.

Archala jee comes to Rakhi exclaiming it is normal as the husband and wife get into a fight, Rakhi replies this should not happen as when the brother and sister fight it is because of their love but the quarrel between husband and wife is something which is really worry some, Archala jee replies it doesnot seem something to be crying about, Dadi replies she saw Karan saying something in Preeta’s ears after which she left crying, Archala jee tries to explain it is between them both. Rakhi explains she taught her children to not talk wrong with the girls so if they don’t say anything to her then how can they be rude to their wife as their wives are going to be the mother of their child, Shristhi tries to explain there might not be anything serious, Rakhi replies that she must not wait for the time when Preeta starts crying because of him, Rakhi leaves to sort out the problem.

Archala jee mentions that she has not seen anyone like Rakhi who considers her daughter in law to be her own daughter, Janki mention she would also not have seen anyone like Preeta, they turn back, Sonakshi exclaims she wants to be like Preeta so that her mother-in-law also cares for her like Rakhi cares for Preeta, Rajat leaning to her assures that his mother would also care for her like Rakhi.

Sherlin enters the resort, the manager asks what has happened ordering the waiter to bring the napkin, Shristhi and Janki start smiling, Karina questions what has happened, she replies she fell because of the hole, the manager brings the napkin but Sherlin orders her to first have the dug filled outside their resort, she leaves to clean herself, Janki and Shristhi both laugh on her condition, Karina in anger turns questioning what is to laugh about, Shristhi clarifies they were laughing because Janki cracked a joke, Karina demands Janki to repeat the joke, Shristhi also asks Janki who leaves without saying anything, Shristhi is also nervous.

Karan asks Preeta is she is making a joke, Preeta explains that she was the one who was joked at because the Dai maa came and told she is pregnant with the twins, she also tested from the pregnancy kit which showed that she was positive, but when she went to the clinic she found out she was not pregnant as the doctor conducted the multiple tests, she told her that she cannot be a mother again,

Preeta explains she wanted to tell him and was searching for him after coming back from the clinic but he was so happy and hugged her so she could not say the truth, she then tries to reveal the truth in the van but was about to fall, Mahesh papa got so angry starting to scold the driver, she was forced to remain quiet because of the happiness which they were celebrating, she apologizes hugging him, he also starts crying hugging her.

Karan explains now he has gotten back the entire attention mentioning that he thought she would give him his entire attention but now they both are together once again, he explains that they will make the cot a little bigger so he will sleep in it.

Rakhi is walking in the hall fearing if Karan has become like the old self so he might have started fighting with her even when she is pregnant, she has to go and stop Karan, Dadi stops her but Rakhi is really worried, Dadi explains the door is closed and they both are husband and wife, so she must not interfere in there matters, Rakhi asks what would happen if he is fighting with her, Dadi says she is fearing that the fight would become so large, Dadi however assures her nothing wrong would happen since Karan is the father of the child, he would not le anything wrong happen he cares for Preeta, she takes Rakhi away even when she explains she is really worried.

Karan in the room asks Preeta to take care of him like a child and not worry about anything else as this would quench his jealousy, they both start hugging after which sit-down crying, while recalling how he cared for her, so she remains healthy throughout the pregnancy. He calms himself down wiping off the tears.

Karan and Preeta sitting in front of the bed, crying their hearts out, she has placed her head on his shoulder, they both are not able to bear the news, Preeta wonders how they would reveal the news to Mahesh papa, Karan mentions he would tell the family, she must not be worried.

Prithvi is walking when he sees Sherlin covered in mud so gets scared and tries to run away when Sherlin explains that it is really her, Prithvi is shocked when Kritika comes laughing her heart out, she explains Sherlin is looking like a child mentioning she doesn’t look where she is going which is why fell even that day, Kritika apologizes so asks her to be careful while she takes Prithvi downstairs to the function, he apologizes to her, Sherlin thinks she would now make her pay because she laughed at her.

Prithvi and Kritika reach the function, Shrishti is not happy with him, she going to Sonakshi asks her to come and then ties the black ribbon explaining her Dadi says this would make sure all the bad omens are not with them so she will also have the feelings of love, Rajat asks Prithvi who he is searching, he immediately takes the name of Preeta then covers it up by mentioning he is looking for both Karan and Preeta as they are the friends of Sonakshi and should be here to attend the function,

Kritika going to Shristhi assures her there is nothing to worry about because Karan would convince Preeta, Prithvi coming asks what has happened, have they both gotten into a fight, Shristhi replies Kritika knows how much Karan and Preeta love each other, it is habitual to have small quarrels, Karan has gone to convince Preeta while Rakhi went to scold him, Prithvi in anger asks why is she talking when they did not ask for her opinion explaining it is not always right to discuss how much they love each other, he explains he also loves Kritika a lot but they never show it because iit leads to bad omens,

Sonakshi is impressed mentioning that the entire husbands of Luthra family love their wives a lot. Rather it be Mahesh uncle, Karan or Prithvi, Shristhi says that he is not a member of the family but the one who lives in their house, Prithvi explains he mostly stays out of the country. Rakhi replies she has an idea so when Karan and Preeta walk down the stairs, they would throw flowers on them as it will create a romantic scene, Sonakshi also agrees, Kritika asks Aanaya to bring a lot of flowers, she agrees.

Karina comes asking Rakhi what has happened, she leaves so Karina questions Dadi, who explains Rakhi tries to advise Karan a lot of time in the day that he should take care of Preeta, if she had entered the room and scolded Karan, he would not have felt nice, she asks Karina to go upstairs and ask them both to come downstairs because she is practical, Karan and Preeta are sitting when there is a knock on the door, he opens it, Karina questions what are they doing her while everyone is really worried downstairs,

karan mentions there is nothing to be worried about, Karina questions why is there nothing to be worried about because Preeta is pregnant and they all really love her so which is why they are worried. She asks them both to come downstairs because everyone was thinking that he was fighting with her, Karina asks what has happened because he must come down to the function.

Shristhi and Kritika ask Aanaya how much time it would take for the flowers to come because they do not have much time, Aanaya mentions they are in the store but would reach really soon, Shristhi asks where they are so they will get the flowers by themselves.

Rajat stops Sonakshi mentioning how he needs to show her something, he points to Preeta who is coming with Karan, they both come downstairs when Rakhi questions what had happened, Preeta apologizes explaining that it was her fault that she left without telling anyone, and now because of her they feel Karan is at fault when he did not do anything, Mahesh also coming mentions he is really disheartened with what karan has done because it is his fault that Preeta is crying,

Preeta stopping Mahesh says that it is her fault and karan always stood by her, Karan then explains she has taken care of the family for the sake of there happiness, he thought of praising her when she is saying good things about him, or rather they are her mistake, Kritika and Shristhi both shower flowers on them both, they come to hug Karan and Preeta, Karan leaves, Preeta thinks she knows he is sad after hearing the truth.

Karan is sitting when Preeta comes apologizing explaining she knows he is sad after hearing the news, karan assures he is sad but because she did not share the news with him, he wants to stand beside her every step of the way weather it was the sadness or happiness but she did not tell him for the sake of the family, Preeta asks him to not treat her with such respect as she is a simple girl and was really confused about what is right, she did not know if she made the right decision by hiding the truth from the family, Karan mentions he only needs her support and they will take care of everything, he only wants her, doesnot care if they not have the child mentioning it is for the better that she will not get pregnant as she will not have morning sickness and they both will have each other to love,

he doesnot care if he cannot be father, asking if she cares, he explains he also did not write the names of the children in her hand but wrote their names as he only wants her in his life and nothing else, she cries leaning on him when he kisses her head, exclaiming there is nothing to worry about, they both are enough to live with each other, he holds her head so she can stop crying, hugging her so she gets comfortable, Preeta is not able to stop herself, Karan is also weeping.

Sonakshi is standing in the corner, she has heard everything so also feels sad, she comes to them both from behind interrupting their special moment, asking if she can disturb them, she apologizes saying she has listened there conversation, Karan requests her to not reveal the truth, she assures she will not reveal anything , Sonakshi asks why are they taking so much tension and should get a second opinion, she mentions they believed the truth when one doctor said Preeta cannot be a mother, they believed her, karan says he agrees with Sonakshi, she mentions that they should not lose hope until the last thread in the world says that they cannot be parents, and this problem is associated with almost every other family, Sonakshi mentions she knows a doctor who has solved a lot of problems, his name is Archal Mehta, she can take a second opinion from him, he even has a branch here in Lonavla, she is sure the doctor would be able to find a way by which they can get the happiness which thye believe can never come into their lives.

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  1. This is fate – The language interpretation is difficult to understand, what happened with the previous people’s interpretation.

  2. What has happed to the language as we can hardly understand what is being said. It seems all of a sudden everybody is talking with a french dialect


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