This is fate update Friday 6 November 2020


This is fate 6 November 2020: Preeta sees the manager with the MasterCard and so thinks of taking it from her but is not able to think of a way to get the card from him, he sees her then asking her who she is he thinks that she is not a client so he calls the authorities.

Sherlin asks Prithvi to go and get the papers signed, he explains that it is not so easy which makes her nervous and she asks why is he talking like this as she only wants to help but he explains that she is only teasing her which Is causing more stress.

Preeta stops the manager from calling the authorities and explains that she is from the housekeeping and was only showing a client the room when some wine spilled on her uniform so she had to change and she then had to wear the informal clothes, she also makes him give her the MasterCard by mentioning how committed she is to her work which really impresses him, he hands her the key but when she is about to leave he mentions that she doesn’t seem like she belongs to the housekeeping.

The manager stops Preeta pointing out that he feels she is not from their housekeeping staff, she turns to him and explains that she is not the member of the housekeeping and is a doctor, she is a psychologist and has been tasked to keep and eye on the employees and if there is any such hinderance then she must inform the authorities, he believes her and leaves which makes her curious as she begins to think that karan doesn’t even believe when she is telling the truth. Preeta decides to use the master key to find Rishab and also see who the kidnapper is.

Prithvi advises to Sherlin to return back to the Luthra house as he will transport Rishab to another location and for Karan he will use his men but she must leave as if anyone else comes from the Luthra house it will have severe consequences, Sherlin leaves, prithvi puts on the mask before going to Rishabh’s room.

Karan is trying to untie the knot and is constantly scolding Preeta for ruining his plan as she instead of helping him instead tied the knot again, he starts daydreaming of her and imagines that she stumbled onto him while trying to untie the knot, he also remembers the party where she was about to kiss her but was not able to, he remembers how much he loved her. He regains consciousness and wonders why he constantly thinks of her and wishes that everything will be alright, but she always does something that completely shatters each and everything.

Preeta is walking when she stumbles into Shrishti and Sameer who both are excited to see her, she asks why did they come, Shrishti mentions that she told her that if she doesn’t call her then they will come, Preeta scolds her for coming into this danger, Preeta also apologizes to Sameer as she knows that Shrishti would have teased him a lot.

They both start to quarrel over who teased the other one, Preeta explains that she knows Sameer is not the one and also knows how Shrishti is, she immediately jumps in the conversation saying that they have come to save Rishab so must focus on that, Sameer inquires that Karan also came to save Risahb, Preeta replies that she knows where he is and he is tied in some of the rooms, Sameer asks why did she not untie him, she explains the entire situation how he was scolding her so she left him there, she assures them that nothing will happen to him.

Preeta explains that she has arranged the MasterCard and so they must search the rooms until they find the room, Sameer explains that they have found the room which is 1110 and they must search it as it is a suite and so they leave for that particular room.

Sherlin is about to leave when she gets a call from Maira, who asks where she is, Sherlin gets angry scolding her that she is irritating her and she is coming to meet her in the room, Maira pressurizes her to not lie as she is ion the same hotel where Sherlin, Maira threatens her to not lie and if she doesnot tell her anything then she will tell each and everything to the Luthra family, Sherlin also calls her in the room 1110.

Prithvi is pulling Rishab who very angrily asks him to stop pulling him as they will get him and he will have no where to run away, he asks him to let him and his brother go as otherwise he would have to pay with his life, Prithvi explains that he will show him what he can do and will make him unconscious so he will not be able to do anything. Prithvi makes him sit explaining that he will not be able to do anything after screaming as the room is sound proof so he must remain quiet as only those things will happen which he wants, Rishab promises to do anything that he wants and so he leaves.

Sameer prays that they are able to find them in room 1110, Maira also heads for the room also asks a waiter for directions, Prithvi is searching for Rana, when he comes he asks where he was as they have a lot of things to do, he orders rana to take the car out from parking, he takes the vile to Rishab who immediately says that he has never done anything wrong with anyone but if someone threatens his family he does not forgive them so he must let him and his brother go.

Prithvi does not pay any heed to his words saying that he has no interest of becoming a part of his family and will take each and everything from him.

Sameer, Preeta and Shrishti reach the room meanwhile Prithvi makes Rishab unconscious, they are still searching but are not able to find it.

Rishab is unconscious prithvi checks to see if it worked, the three of them reach the hotel room and insert the card, they are about to open the door, Maira is searching for the room when she stumbles on the carpet, she also gets a call from her mother who asks her to come home as soon as possible and nothing will happen to him. Ramona mentions that she must come back as Rakhi and Karina have also gone to the hotel.

Rakhi is really worried about her sons, she asks Karina to speed up as they must reach as soon as possible.

Maira is not able to believe that karan is not present in the wedding so she must not take stress as he will come back, Maira asks who will have the courage to help them, Ramona mentions that her father will help them but for that to happen they would have to tell each and everything to him, so she will only call him if she agrees to the idea of involving him

Maira asks her mother if she is trying to call her father, Ramona mentions that theyhave to use his connections as he will make a single phone call and Rishab and Karan would come back, Maira explains that they should not tell anything to her father,

Ramona mentions that she knows her daughter and that she would choose the calmness of her heart. Ramona asks her does she know when everyone would come back, Maira gets angry with her then ends the call, she wonders how she would find the room.

Preeta along with Shrishti and Sameer open the room but are shocked to see that it is just a simple room, Preeta mentions that it was not the room in which she was kept then they realize that they are in the wrong floor.

Prithvi is shocked to see that Sherlin has come back, he asks her to which she replies that Maira is coming to meet her so he should leave as soon as possible as she does not want that anyone know their secret, he therefor leaves with Rishab, then Preeta along with Shrishti and Sameer enter but they are not able to find anyone, he says that they have not checked the washroom, they plan to search it but Shrishti is about to head in however is stopped by Preeta who mentions that it is not a friend rather kidnappers, Sherlin gets scared about what she will do as she knows that they would not believe her, Preeta sees the rope and explains that they are telling the truth however they are not able to understand why he would have opened the hands of Rishab, she mentions that she feels someone might have told the kidnapper that they were coming. They wonder what they should do next.

Preeta remembers that karan said the kidnapper was prithvi, she asks Shrishti how she came to kno0w of it to which she says that looked at the register, the name that was used was Khurana industries.


Shrishti sees the glass with lipstick then asks if there is someone in the gang who is a girl, they think that it is possible, Preeta wonders if Prithvi is really the one behind the mask.

Prithvi is pushing Rishab but he sees the laundry then covers him in a sarree, when he is pushing him out they both bump into Maira. He wonders what he will do now that she has seen them and if she sees him then his entire plan would fail, he really scares her to the extent that she is forced to seek apology from her, then she sits in front of her prithvi wonders what he must do so that she leaves him and Rishab, he mentions that the only way she can seek her forgiveness is by looking down and apologizing, his aunt does not like that anyone touches her and she straight away curses the person who harms her, he knows this because he can read her thoughts,

He says that she wishes that she is married to karan and has a lot of children, she seeks her blessings before leaving but turns asking how does she know her name to which he mentions that she is famous as she is about to marry karan who is a famous cricketer, so she is also famous, Maira gets excited and leaves.

Preeta mentions to Shrishti that karan said the man behind the mask was Prithvi, they both say that if karan said it then it would be true, Preeta does not agree saying that karan only lies and does not use his head, just then there is a ring on the door and it is Maira which makes Sherlin really nervous.

Karan and Rakhi reach the hotel, they ask the receptionist where Karan is, he says that they are in the hotel, but she is about to call the authorities however they both leave.

Sherlin wonders what she can do as Maira is not that smart and will tell anything to the three of them which will make her plan a total waste so she has to do all that she can to stop Maira.

However she is relaxed to hear that it is the receptionist who has come to question them about the entry register, they both put the entire blame on her and also threat to call the manager which scares her so she leaves.

Maira goes to the wrong room demanding to see Sherlin and does not even listen to anything that the tenant has to say.

Shrishti exclaims that she believes karan was right and it is Prithvi who has planned the entire kidnapping, this really makes Sherlin nervous.

Sameer, Shrishti and Preeta were in the room. Shrishti backs Karan as she also thought Prithvi was behind all this. Preeta was still unconvinced and deems it her mistake to discuss the matter with her, she always sides Karan. Sameer says there must be some reason Karan said so. Preeto says the mask man considered her as intelligent, while claimed that Karan is stupid; Karan was jealous and thus blamed Prithvi, as he does. They turn to find Rishab. Sherlin heard the conversation from the washroom. She decides to leave, but then waits for some time so they pass by the corridor.

Mahira was looking for Sherlin inside a room. The guest of the room insisted on her to leave but she didn’t want to hear, as Sherlin called here there. Shrishti passed by the corridor. She couldn’t see Mahira and asked the man to fight his wife behind a closed door. The man denies being her husband. Shrishti wonders why is it after the marriage that men stop recognizing their wives. Mahira confirms the man if it’s Room 1110. The man takes her outside to show the plate, 1011. Mahira apologizes and goes looking for the right room.

Prithvi dragged the wheel chair in the corridor. The dress was stuck in the wheel of wheelchair. Prithvi hears Preeta from the corridor. The three had reached the corridor. Prithvi manages to move the wheel chair behind a wall. Prithvi wonders how Preeta came out of the room, she was locked in with Karan. Preeta asks for Shrishti’s call and dials Prithvi’s number. Prithvi was relieved that his phone is on silent. Preeta was tensed that Prithvi didn’t pick up her call, she wished to ask where Prithvi is. She would speak to him on video call, so that Karan’s blame is falsified. Prithvi decides he would never take her call. Preeta says Prithvi must surely not be taking the call because its Shrishti’s number. They move on.

Behind the wall, Prithvi was flattered that Preeta blindly trusted him. The hotel staff arrives. Prithvi grabs his collar that he didn’t inform him about the ladies coming to corridor. The hotel staff asks why Prithvi is so hyper when he isn’t wrong. He inquires who is on the wheel chair. Prithvi says its his aunt, also drunk.

Mahira reaches the room as soon as Sherlin was about to leave. Sherlin says Preeta, Sherlin and Karan are in the same hotel. They shouldn’t know that they are both staying in the same room. Mahira was angry that Sherlin lies to her a lot. She questions how Sherlin came to know that Rishab’s kidnappers brought him here; it was a secret she heard through Rakhi Aunty. Sherlin tries to clarify her position but was speechless. Mahira threatens her to tell her everything, otherwise she believes Sherlin is the master mind of this crime plan and kidnapped Rishab.

Sherlin bursts that the man, Mahira is repeatedly calling a kidnapper, isn’t a kidnapper but her love of life. Mahira was taken aback. Sherlin says Rishab’s kidnapper is her love of life, but she can’t tell her anything else. Mahira was frustrated that Sherlin was being selfish in protecting her own love.

Sherlin assures Mahira that nothing would go wrong. Although Karan is kidnapped, but only his hands and feet are tied. Mahira was in a panic, her voice shivers out of care for Karan. Mahira wonders what if Preeta finds Karan and saves him. Sherlin tells Mahira that Karan is inside the room there, he is there since his kidnap.

Mahira was alert what if someone overhear their conversation. Sherlin tells Mahira to go inside the room and make Karan feel that she put her life on stake and reached him. She herself leaves to save her love of life.

Inside the room, Karan was shocked to see Mahira. Mahira unties Karan’s hands and feet. One of the goons reach Mahira with a knife. She whispers she is with his boss, meanwhile Karan wrestles the goon. Karan runs outside to find Rishab and follow the goon.

In the corridor, Prithvi decides to confirm the goon if everything is in control. His phone falls on the floor. The goon thinks his data is in the phone, he can’t let Karan steal his connection with Prithvi. Karan grabs the phone but the goon was able to snatch it. A hotel staff member and Mahira reach Karan that his mother is waiting for him. Karan asks for Mahira’s phone but it was dead. He turns to go to Rakhi.

The goon now calls Prithvi. Prithvi was frustrated that he is an unprofessional goon. Prithvi threatens the goon not to say that Karan isn’t in his custody. The goon tells Prithvi that another lady reached the room and saved Karan. Prithvi thinks it must be Preeta. Prithvi tells the goon that he is on 7th floor. He can’t leave as Luthra family is spying him. He tells the goon to bring his car to main entrance so that he can transfer Rishab to another place.

Karan comes across Sameer, Preeta and Shrishti. Sameer hugs Karan. Karan asks about Rishab. Preeta says they have been looking for Rishab for so long. Karan argues if really, she was free long time ago but was still unable to find Rishab. Mahira comes there, while Karan boasted that he himself untied his hands in the room.

Preeta understands that it must be Mahira who saved him. Karan complains to Sameer and Shrishti that she got herself freed, but instead of untying his hands she tightened the knots of his hands. Preeta says it was Karan who teased her badly, anyone else must have thrown him out of the window. Karan blames that Preeta must not have intended to save Rishab as well, she must have come to protect the mask man. Its Prithvi behind the mask.

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