This is fate update friday 3 December 2021


This fate 3 December 2021: Karan and Preeta both are hugging each other, she steps back and they both are weeping, Karan explains that he has brought Megha and Ruchika so there is nothing to worry about, he says that he desires to say he is doing everything for himself because the room also misses her a lot and even he cannot live without her,

Preeta mentions they would talk about it later but Karan asks why could he say it now because he thought he would say how much he and the room is missing her, she needs to come back and take care of everything, Karan explains that he has not come to sit and listen to the hearing without saying a word but instead wants to inform her how much everyone was missing her, she explains that even the heart of their room was beating for her, he even allows her to sleep with him on their bed,

Preeta says that he only exclaims he cannot do anything but she knows he is capable for anything which he desires, Karan mentions it is because he is The Karan Luthra, both of them once again hug each other.

Rakhi is with the doctor who says he has informed them at the Holi event that the memory of Mahesh has not recovered so they must all be really careful because this is a really tense situation, Rakhi explains that what has happened today never happened because he forgot what he was saying just a moment ago, the doctor once again says that he informed them that they must stop Mahesh from taking any sort of tense because otherwise it might deteriorate his health even more, Rakhi is really worried, the doctor explains the memory of Mahesh might take some months to fully come back, he leaves to check Mahesh.

Rakhi is standing, Karina and Dadi come asking what the doctor said, Rakhi replies that there is nothing to worry about, she explains to Karina the doctor explained Mahesh might not be able to remember everything for a couple of months so they all must keep him away from any sort of stress, Dadi advises her to leave for the court hearing while she would stay to take care of Mahesh, Karina also desires to stay back, she explain that she knows Preeta means a lot to her so she must leave for the court hearing without any worries for Mahesh as she along with Pammi and Suresh and Dadi would take good care of him.

Karan and Preeta are both hugging, Rakhi walks along with Kritika, they both get nervous seeing them both, Kritika even signals them but they do not listen, Rakhi then calls Karan’s name after which he steps back, Rakhi explains that Dadi is not feeling well so Mahesh decided to stay back, Karina also explained that it was not right to leave them both alone as they are both patients, Rakhi asks her to never think that her family is not there to support her because she has come for her, Preeta explains she never thought like that, Rakhi hugs Preeta.

karan explain she is hugging her like a mother and so there is nothing for her to worry about because Sarla has also considered him as her son, Sarla says he is her son and there is nothing to consider about, he asks Rakhi if she is feeling jealous, Rakhi holds him by his ears, he asks what has happened,

Preeta exclaims that it is the love, everyone gets worried, Preeta mentions it is because he is loved by everyone, Karina also says that she is also loved by everyone now, he promises that he would make sure Preeta is with them at the dinner, ACP comes explaining it is time for the hearing and they have to take Preeta, she starts walking when Karan calls the ACP thanking him for allowing the meeting.

The court hearing begins, Preeta walks to the witness box, Prithvi is anxiously waiting for her to look at him but then thinks that it is not fair because he is really worried for Preeta still she did not even look at him, Rakhi and Kritika also sit down when Shristhi sits in front of Megha and Ruchika.

The judge walks into the court room, everyone stands in his respect after which they sit down, the hearing starts with the lawyers explaining their clients, the lawyer of Preeta calls Ruchika to the witness without announcing ahead and the prosecutor objects however the objection is overruled, Ruchika is asked the questions but she acts as if she is not feeling well so needs some time,

the lawyer starts revealing the story promising to not waste any time of the court, he reveals it all started when Preeta along with her sister in law went to meet Akshay in the hotel, there they both got into an argument because of which Preeta had to hit him in his head for her self-defence but this did not kill him because the time of his murder doesnot match,

he reveals that Preeta enterd the house at 7:30 while Akshay was murdered at exactly 8:30 in the night so his client could not have possibly murdered him, he presents the footage from the front door of the Luthra house, Sherlin thanks god exclaiming they would have been caught if they had entered from the front door, Prithvi also praises the intelligence of Sherlin.

The lawyer asks the judge to also see the footage himself which would prove that his client is innocent and did not murder Akshay.

The judge after seeing the video exclaims that the video proves Preeta came back home with Kritika around 7:30 so he desires that the video be shown on the projector, the prosecutor objects saying that the video can be falsified, the defendant explains he knew that the proof would be objected which is why he has another proof, they are in person, he is ordered to present the proof at which the lawyer points at the back but when everyone turns they are shocked to see that the seats are empty seeing which they are shocked, Shristhi rushes outside to find out when Karan also explains that Ruchika would also come back really soon.

Shristhi is searching outside for both Megha and Ruchika, she also tries calling them but both of their mobiles are not reachable which worries her so she gets a call from karan, she explains that she is going to their houses as they are not in the court, he says that she would not go anywhere, Shristhi then sends the auto away, Karan speaks with the lawyer who requests the judge for some more time to gather their witnesses, the judge allows stops the hearing till after the lunch.

Karan along with the entire family come out, Shristhi asks what has happened, he replies they have been given fifteen more minutes, Karan calls Sameer asking where he is, Sameer explains that he is coming to the court, but Karan asks him to go to the house of Ruchika and Megha because they ran away from the court.

Karan and Shristhi both see Preeta coming out in handcuffs, she also looks at them and starts crying after which Karan leaves with Shristhi, Rakhi asks Mahira to take care of Sherlin as she is already pregnant so should not have come to the court however Sherlin replies she would have come even if she was stopped, Mahira however asks her to come with her as it is not right for her health, after walking some distance Sherlin appreciates that Mahira brought her as she was tired of acting as an obedient daughter in law,

Sherlin and Mahira see Preeta sitting in handcuffs, Mahira sits beside her asking if she accepts that Mahira defeated her in three days as she did not challenge her without taking into considerations the events that would unfold, she is sitting beside her when the constable advises her to leave, Mahira walks away.

Prithvi stepping out, is shocked to see Preeta and thinks that had she accepted his proposal he would not have let anything happen to her, he would have himself brought Megha and Ruchika as he is not an idiot like Karan who was not able to control them both because of which they were able to run away, he desires that if Preeta even looks at him for once he would lay down his life for her, he longs for her to turn but she doesnot even look at him, Sherlin knocks on his shoulder inquiring what is he doing, he says that he was p[raying for his destiny to turn and ask for something big to happen in his life, Mahira sees Karan and Shristhi coming, she exclaims that she thinks it is a bad news and they should all listen.

Karan and Shristhi explain they searched everywhere however Megha and Ruchika were not anywhere, Sameer also reaches the house of Akshay questioning if they are in the house however, he finds out that they both are in the hospital as his father is not well.

Karan is standing when Sameer calls him explaining he was not able to find Ruchika and Megha and even they are not at the house of Akshay. Karan ends the call and seeing how worried Sarla he is asks why she is so worried as he has promised them that he would make sure Preeta goes back to the house with them, Prithvi also tries to take her sympathy but she gets nervous.

The lawyer comes explaining that the court hearing would begin and the judge has been replaced, the court hearing begins when the prosecutor explains that he is replacing the lawyer who was fighting the case against Preeta, the prosecutor blames that the defendant has made up a story which has nothing to do with reality and Preeta in her frustration for Akshay murdered him, he also seeks permission to ask some questions from her then explains that Preeta did not like Akshay and desired to break the marriage of Kritika with Akshay as she wanted to get her own sister married to him but when she ended the marriage her desires could not flourish so she got angry,

seeing the opportunity she went to Akshay’s room in the hotel and murdered him when he demanded that she leave the room, Preeta tries to plead her innocence however the judge doesnot listen to her requests, Shristhi also stands revealing she did not have any interest in Akshay and what happened at the bachelor party was all a made up story, the judge orders her to not talk in between as it would be considered contempt of court for which she can be arrested, Kritika makes her sit down, the prosecutor reveals that he has the video from the bachelor party which the parents of Akshay gave him however they are not able to attend the hearing because they are not well due to the grave loss which they faced.

Kritika also says that Preeta did everything for her, the prosecutor says that Preeta did everything because of Kritika as she was jealous of her and desired to marry Shristhi to Akshay, Kritika along with Shristhi stand up saying that it all just a made up story which is false, the judge warns them to not cause the contempt of court as everyone would be given a fare chance to present themselves standing in the witness box, Karan rushes to the lawyer asking why is not doing anything, the lawyer replies that he doesnot have anything to say because the state lawyer is presenting a lot of proofs for which he doesnot have a reply and they only witness which they had has left the court, he says that from his point of view they will lose the case and if Karan wants to win it then should bring Ruchika to the court.

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