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This is fate 27 November 2020: Sarla talks to Preeta on phone. Sarla says it’s a special day, she needs to speak to her. Sherlin was passing by and overhears their conversation. Sarla says its her first day of kitchen, she must cook some good sweet and give it to her in laws.

Preeta thinks no one in the house will eat from her hand. Preeta says the ritual is great, but everyone here is particular about their diet; what if no one eats this. Sarla agrees that times have changed, but when a daughter turns to daughter in law, she must feed some sweet to her in-laws. This little dose of sweet will sweeten her relationship with them as well.

Preeta agrees. Sarla was emotional that Preeta’s words are sweet enough to win hearts; she is a good daughter, sister, and granddaughter. She must live in that house as a good daughter in law, and a good wife as well. She never went to live in Luthra House as a daughter in law. Its always a daughter in law’s duty to mix with them as sweet and add some sweet in every relation.

Preeta was flattered that she can never compete Sarla in her sweetness. Sarla was emotional that people blessed with daughters are extremely lucky and nothing can match her who got four of them. Both were weepy but decides not to cry. Sarla tells Preeta to go and cook some sweet. May be people might not be in her favor but her right as a daughter in law will be fulfilled if anyone even eats a pinch from it.

Mahira was in her room smelling some fragrance. She speaks to mirror that she is unaware what happened between them in the room. She knows what will happen between them. Sherlin breaks into the room and says Preeta is going to prepare sweet for the family. She is going good by preparing sweet on the second day of her wedding. She is trying to be a good daughter in law. Her mother taught her all this. Mahira was determined to mix bitterness.

In the kitchen, the cook Ginesh was happy that Preeta is back at home. He complements the aroma from her sweet. Sherlin and Mahira comes to the kitchen. Sherlin was angry at the cook for not bringing her morning tea. He says he brought it to her room early morning. Sherlin demands a second cup. She sends the cook outside of the kitchen instead and gets to prepare tea for herself. Mahira takes a chance to pour salt in the sweet dish. Preeta pulls her hand right in time. Her sweet would have been ruined.

Mahira asks what Preeta wants to prove, if she wants to win everyone’s heart. Preeta tells Sherlin to leave if her tea is done, its her first kitchen and she wants to concentrate. She needs some space here. She clarifies Mahira she doesn’t want to be a sweetheart, its only her duty. Its her first day after marriage. Sherlin smirks what if she burns Preeta, she can accuse her of not knowing her work. She gives the cup to Mahira. Preeta in time placed a bowl over her dish to catch Sherlin’s trick. Sherlin was irked and leaves. Preeta tells Mahira not to stare and go to help Sherlin who burnt her hand.

In the corridor, Mahira discusses with Sherlin that she is more alert. Sherlin says Preeta knows they aren’t innocent. Sherlin takes Mahira aside.

The cook comes to Preeta and says her mother is calling. Preeta requests Ginesh to keep on mixing the Halwa. Sherlin comes to the kitchen and tells Ginesh to take water to Dadi. Ginesh requests Sherlin to take it, as Preeta wanted him to mix the Halwa. Sherlin promises to mix the halwa in his place.

Sherlin had been daydreaming her plan after spotting Preeta’s phone in her room. She tells Mahira her plan that they will give a missed call to Sarla and then remove her number from the dial list. Sarla will be worried and call Preeta and Preeta will leave everything for Sarla’s call.

Then they can ruin the sweet dish. Mahira brings Ginesh to take his attention to the phone. At present, Sherlin and Mahira look for salt in the kitchen which Preeta had taken along with her. Mahira wanted to do the kitchen ritual, as she was about to get married.

Preeta comes to the room to take Sarla’s call. There, Sarla was impatiently waiting for Preeta’s call. Shrishti decides to make a video call. Sarla and Shrishti complain about each other. Sarla takes the phone aside and speaks to Preeta. Shrishti was annoyed. Janki tells Shrishti not to worry. Preeta could see both of them in the video call. Preeta tells Sarla she is cooking Gajar Ka Halwa for everyone as she said.

Sarla was happy that Preeta agreed to her. Sarla was sure everyone will like her. Sarla asks Preeta if someone at Luthra House is thinking about a Reception. Preeta says receptions are given when two families are happy. It is not the case here. Sarla tells Preeta to cook sweet for everyone. Soon, her relations will get on track.

Sarla mentions that there is no problem if they are not giving a reception but she should make something for the family as the relations would get better after some time, Rakhi calls Sarla and she says that she has to go because Janki might have done something wrong.


Sarla is about to end the call but Shrishti takes the phone from her mentioning that she ahs to talk to her sister, Shrishti asks if she missed her but Preeta says that she was just teasing her and missed her a lot, Preeta explains that she was not able to sleep the whole night and could not sleep, she starts talking and Shrishti asks if she was able to control Karan Preeta explains that she did not have to as he slept on the balcony and got ill,

karan takes the phone mentioning that he is the tiger and Preeta could never control him as a cat cannot control a tiger, Preeta takes the phone explaining that he has gotten ill as he has been acting weird since last night, Sarla takes the phone but is shocked to see Karan, she mentions that whatever the situations be amongst their family members he is still the member of their family so he should fulfil the ritual of coming into their house with Preeta, karan agrees and Preeta ends the call before leaving. Karan tries to lift her bag and is amazed to see how heavy it is.

Preeta enters the kitchen but is shocked to see Maira and Sherlin standing there, Sherlin explains that she has taken care of the dish which she left and Maira is also cooking the same dish but Preeta explains that she has no problem until Maira doesnot do anything that hurts the Luthra family. Maira requests Sherlin to help her then dishes out the dish for them all.
Shrishti starts putting the ointment on Janki asking her why did she hurt herself as she has been working in the kitchen for a long time, they see Sarla who is worried,

Shrishti asks the reason as she has just now talked with Preeta who is alright, Sarla answers that they both were not able to see what she has seen as Preeta always tries to hide her pain and face everything by herself but she cannot win a fight when her husband is not with her. Shrishti explains that she should not worry as her sister has the ability to make everyone feel good for her because of her attitude and abilities, also by how well she cooks, she quotes the famous writing “the path to someone’s heart is through the stomach”

she answers that it is not just for males but the law of the world, Sarla teases her by saying that she is not as dumb as everyone thinks, then slaps her out of love, they both hug each other.

Maira brings the dish for everyone while they are at the dining table, Karina apologizes for being late, she asks about Ramona, Maira answers that she was not able to sleep all night because of what happened the previous night and she has also been getting a lot of calls from the relatives who are congratulating her as they are not aware of what has happened.
Preeta comes out of the kitchen and greets everyone, Dadi asks her what she has made.

Preeta responds that she made a sweet dish because her mother said that it is her first day and she should make something sweet as it soothes the relation, Maira also says that she has made the same dish but Preeta is not worried and explains that she should be the first one to serve her dish. Then Preeta dishes out and tries to serve it to Dadi but both Karina and Dadi refuse to take it explaining that they have refused to eat sweet, however Rishab mentions that he will eat it along with Sameer, Rakhi also says to eat it just for the sake of tasting it.

Preeta first serves it to Rakhi then when Rishab takes it he explains that it is looking really nice so it would taste really well, Maira thinks that if everyone doesnot eat it they would not be able to decide, she asks everyone to eat it as otherwise Preeta might call the police, Preeta responds that she did not call the police even the first time, Maira answers that she was the one to call the Ngo. Rakhi stops her saying that she should not take the matter further, then everyone starts eating it and they are not able to believe what it was but Rishab says that it was made just right and tasted excellent, however no one judges it the way they both wanted and even Karan mentions that he liked it however it was not as sweet as he hoped it to be.

Rakhi exclaims that after the first cooking the mother gives a gift to the daughter in law and so gives her a gift as she has fulfilled her duty after cooking for their family, Dadi also gives her a gift before sitting back to eat, Maira is not able to believe it and leaves the hall to her room.
Maira asks Sherlin if she understood anything as she had mixed spices in her dish so how can everyone like her dish, Preeta comes into the room and explains that they both are wondering how could everyone like her dish when they filled it with spices.

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