This is fate update friday 17 December 2021

This is fate 17 December 2021: Kritika exclaims she loves the view as it is a really nice location, after taking a sip of tea she is impressed how well she can make tea, Dr Rupali asks why is she wearing a Mangal Suture and when did she get married,

Kritika asks her to not be so formal because she sent the invitation but she would not have received it, Kritika says that her marriage is a technical wedding so she explains that she married the person who saved her from a really big problem and then she got in love with her so they both got married, she assures they still have to get married in front of their families she would then be invited ass there is nothing to worry about, Dr Rupali explains she also has a boyfriend, Kritika is really impressed after seeing his photo so questions if his eyesight is true because how could he

make her his girlfriend. Sherlin and Prithvi rings the bell on the door then Dr Rupali stands to go them but Kritika advises that they lay prank as she would be the one to open the door, Megha is calling Prithvi but he declines it and they once again ring the bell.

Rakhi opens the door to find Shristhi and Sameer with Karan who is unconscious and bleeding, Rakhi and Preeta lie him down while everyone is worried, they questions Shristhi and Sameer how did they bring Karan back to the house, Shristhi mentions their car got in an accident with the jeep so Karan got injured, they question what had happened so Shristhi replies that they went to the new jail where the inspector said that Karan cannot be the criminal so he must be released, since they were there Kran came back and she knows how fast he drives the car because of which they got into an accident,

Mahesh exclaims if she understand what she I saying as her reasons do not make any sense, he questions if they are hurt but Shristhi replies that since Mata rani wanted them to save Karan which is why they do not have suffered even a single scratch, Pammi is shocked so questions why did she not hurt herself from a scratch, she asks them to take Karan to his room as he needs to rest, Shristhi thinks she should turn off the bell and also lock the doors so that no one is able to enter the house.

Sherlin and Prithvi are standing at the door, Kritika very excitedly opens the door, but Prithvi gets a business call so goes to the backside, Sherlin also follows him, Kritika is stunned to see that there is no one at the door, Dr Rupali starts laughing but Kritika asks her to stop, she goes inside to attend her call. Dr Rupali invites Sherlin inside when she comes at the front, she questions about her husband when Sherlin replies that he is taking a business call, Sherlin asks Kritika to take care off the husband and allow him inside the house, Dr Rupali forgets her mobile, but Kritika does not disturb her during the meeting.

Preeta is applying the medicine on the wounds of Karan, thinking the time when he in order to free her accepted that he was the murderer of Akshay, she recalls when he shouted, she is not the only one to always sacrifice for the family as it is also his duty as a husband, Karan wakes up asking her to finish what she was doing, Preeta questions what he means, he demands a kiss, so she kisses on his cheek.

He is stunned after realizing that she is real so questions what has happened, Karan does not recall how he got back to the house, Preeta reveals it was because of his fast driving as he does not listen to anything she tries to explain, Preeta however insists he do not talk nicely with her when she is angry, Preeta asks what does he mean, Karan asks what has happened so calls Shristhi, she comes into the room and he holds her hand,

she reveals she would only speak the truth if he leases her hand, she rushes out of the room calling Sameer but Rakhi enters and pulls her back inside questioning what has happened, Karan questions what lies have they told everyone, Shristhi reveals they have done something which otherwise could not have accomplished as they broke Karan from the jail.

Dr Rupali brings Sherlin into the room questioning what has happened, she reveals that she does not even have a proper clinic so how her mother in law got her contact, Sherlin reveals that she was not feeling well last night so started vomiting and she got tensed so called her. Dr Rupali mentions that this is the truth because even mother in law are the same as mothers so she got tensed, Sherlin gets a call from Prithvi so reveals that it is her husband, Dr Rupali leaves the room.

Shristhi is calling Sameer who is stunned after entering as everyone is demanding the answers, he exclaims she desires to get him scolded at which Shristhi questions what is he saying as it was their plan to free Karan which they have accomplished, Sameer reveals Shristhi forced her to perform this, Shristhi blames it on the police saying they were misbehaving with her,

Karan stops her saying it was not the case as she forcefully came to meet him but they just took her into the corner, Preeta questions why did she try to break the law, Shristhi is furious asking if she is trying to say that her sister is wrong, Karan stops them both saying he would reveal the truth till the time he was awake, he explains that he was being transferred when the jeep got into an accident, Shristhi reveals they were following the car, after it got into the accident she thought it was best to take him with them while everyone else was unconscious.

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