This is fate season 2 September 2021 teasers


This is fate resumes for season 2, here are September teasers 2021:

Monday September 13 2021

Preeta returns to expose Mahira truth at a function, she collided with Karan and was about to slip when Karan holds her in his arms recalls everytime he had been close to Preeta in the past. Preeta accepts to be Karan’s wife before the press and people.

Tuesday September 14 2021

Karan refuses to accepts he has any feelings for Preeta but kept inquiry why she left the function and where she went and warns Mahira to stay out of his married life. Preeta confronts Sherlin and tells her secret, threatening her of severe consequences.

Wednesday September 15 2021

Mahira isn’t ready to accept defeat as she hatches other plans to separate Preeta from Karan but was asked to leave the house by Rakhi. Mahira is proving difficult and adamant not to be sent out but Preeta stepped in. Mahira threatens to take away Karan from her and all her happiness.

Thursday September 16 2021

Preeta succeeded in throwing Mahira out of the house with the support of the family while Sherlin went to Prithvi to ask for help to ruin Rishab and break the relationship between Preeta and Karan. Karan and Preeta are trying to be friends again.


Friday September 17 2021

Sarla is worried about Shrishti closeness with Sameer and mentions that she would not let her get married to anyone who does not like their family, Shrishti tries to make excuses. Nimmi comes to attend the function of Preeta and Karan.

Saturday September 18 2021

During the ritual rites at the function Preeta and Karan were having a great time when Mahira interrupted with her suicide attempt.Prithvi took advantage of the situation and blames it all on Karan ordering for Karan arrest, meanwhile Preeta isn’t convinced.

Sunday September 19 2021

All efforts to see the doctor proved abortive as Ramona has hired a man.Mahira’s plan to return to the Luthra house was successful as her mother played a major role. Janki warns Preeta reagrding Maira’s plans but she was convinced Maira won’t stay much longer.



  1. Thank you for these encouraging film teaching us challenge found in families and home.
    Be Blessed and continue teaching us.
    Regards rita, Uganda.


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