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This is fate 26 June 2020: Rishab and did are talking when Sherlin comes with the glass of Thandai, however Rishab refuses and Dadi drinks the whole glass, she thinks that her plan failed, she gives her another glass to prevent the suspicion from coming to her.

Shrishti stop Samer demanding why she is so angry with her, he says that he got angry with her when she was talking regarding Tanvi, they both apologize and starts to have a romantic scene when Karina calls Him, He leaves, Shrishti gets shocked seeing| Sarla standing there, Sarla say that Samer is a good boy but he will never go against his family, she must remember how much Karina hates her. Shrishti gets confused hearing her words.

Janki is not in her senses and sitting in the room, thinking that she is driving, Dadi also come and take her side.

Sherlin is looking for a plan, she stops a waiter ordering that he give Rishab the glass of Thandai, Prithvi comes asking her if she has fulfilled her plan, she answers that it will son happen because she has ordered a waiter to do it for her so that’s he can be safe and be out of suspicion.

Shrishti is very nervous and standing at the corner, Preeta comes inquiring about the matter, Shrishti says that she doesn’t know why Sherlin is marrying Rishab because she even does not like him and so what is the point in doing it, Preeta answers even she does not feel if these emotions are really present in real life because of what is happening in the present moment she feels that they are only in films.

Her friend arrives to the function, Preeta takes Shrishti to her.

Prithvi starts to fight with Sherlin over the waiter, she gets angry, he comes and forces Rishab to take the glass, his friends also force her which burdens him and he takes it.

Prithvi explains that they have to take Rishab away from the function because in 10 minutes he will be in drugs and they have to do fulfill their plan.

Preeta walks and touches Karan signaling that he should come to meet her friend, Karan tries to joke with her, she stop him and he goes to meet her friend.

They are talking when Shrishti also comes, she is really angry with Both Karan and Preeta for not sharing their plan with her, and Preeta leaves to check on Sherlin asking her friend to enjoy the party.

Rishab starts to feel dizzy, Sherlin walks behind and thinks that she will make him do what she wants at the time and place of her choosing. He is about to fall when she holds him, saying that Preeta has called him in his bedroom, he says that he is going but stops and says that he doesn’t love her and he will not marry her at any given time. He says that he loves her very much and will not marry her asking that she go back to her house, he takes his phone and leaves.

Sherlin thinks that he can love anyone he wants but he will have to marry her and whatever he does he will not be able to back out from the marriage.

privthi is spying on Rishab who is collecting Roses, he hides and calls Sherlin asking her to come to his room because his is heading there and if he recovers from the drugs then there will be no point for anything. He thinks that he will take Preeta away from him and everyone else.

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Prithvi hears that Dadi and Janki are coming all of them are completely drugged and not able to understand what is happening he tries to convince them to not sit and come back, He then scares them that if they  all will sit then he will be get caught by the police. Everyone is not listening to him and he finds it very difficult to take them away from Rishab.

Rishab says to himself that he is going to give it to Preeta and be lost in her love.

Preeta is taking the Thandai when Rakhi comes and starts asking for it, when Preeta refuses Rakhi gets mad, Karan sees this and comes to help her, he takes it from Rakhi, Preeta takes it when she asks as to whom did she made it she says that it is for Sherlyn, both get tensed and then try to make an excuse, Karan makes her go away.

When Preeta leaves, Rakhi starts to scold Karan, he finding the moment calls the waiter and takes the Thandai giving it to his mother.

Rishab gets into the room and is wondering where Preeta is, Prithvi takes Dadi and Janki to the hall, they both are very difficult to control as they are drugged, he signals Sherlin that Rishab is alone, she immediately heads to the room.


Preeta holding the glass both wonder how they will make Karan drink I, Karan takes it and confusing Rakhi give the glass to Sherlin, both drink it and Preeta, Karan are happy to see that she has drinked the whole glass.

Rishab is in the room and looking for Preeta he is not able to find her, he wonders if she is playing hide and seek with him so he decides to find her. Rishab says that he is not Karan so she must not play it with him. He is not able to find her getting completely lost in drugs. Sherlin excuses Rakhi that she will find her mother but Rakhi refuses and goes away. Sherlin heads towards the room, Preeta stops Karan mentioning that she has mixed a lot of bhang so soon Sherlin will be out of her senses Preeta decides to follow her.

Janki and Dadi are making havoc in the hall, Sarla sees them both and judging the condition they are in she takes Janki away from Dadi so that the effects of the drugs can wear off.

Prithvi comes back to Dadi with the phone, he gives her phone to her but she is not able to comprehend it and asks him to bring her more Bang, he thinks why they drink it when they are not able to control it.

Prithvi thinks that Sherlin needs his help so he will go to her and check if she is in any trouble.


Rishab is not able to find Preeta anywhere in the room, he is still completely drugged and not able to control his actions, Sherlin is walking in the hall when she feels dizzy and collapses, Prithvi comes and sees that she is on the floor, he asks her to go and destroy Rishab but she says that she is feeling dizzy.

He says that they made a plan to destroy Rishab and she cannot back out from it at this moment o she must go there at the earliest without any worries.

Sherlin enters the room, Rishab is in his bed, she goes to hi as soon as he sees her he gets away, and blaming her for lying because she said that Preeta was waiting for him in his room but Preeta is not there.

Sherlin tries to take advantage of him but he pushes her away so that she can keep away, he makes her realize that these are bad manners and they must not do anything of this sort, even though she is a good looking girl yet he cannot marry her because his heart beats for Preeta, he collapses on the bed, Sherlin also gets unconscious.

Karan says that he is going to eat as he is hungry, Shrishti tries to stop him but he making comparison leaves them both, Preeta comes arguing that she was not able to find Sherlin and she by the present time would be really drugged. She ask her friend to wait for some time so she can find Sherlin.


Preeta is looking for Sherlin when she sees Prithvi, when they get closer she is about to fall and he catches her, he tried to romance with her and when is about to kiss her she slaps him and starts to scold him for his manner less behavior, He does not understand what to do and then explains that he was drugged and has never done anything like this with her, he apologizes to her asking that he will never do anything like this again, he leaves after this.

Karan comes and when he sees that she is crying, he gets worried and immediately asks her what the matter is, she thinks of what she will tell him becaus3e she does not know why she feels tensed when Prithvi touches her. Karan again asks her but she denies it, he forces her to tell the truth.

Prithvi is angry with himself for doing such things with peat, eh gets relaxed thinking that she will be his after their marriage but till then he must control his emotions, he says that she is the perfect wife material.
Preeta asks he will do anything to the person, but then thinks that if she says the name of Prithvi so he will fight with him because he hates him, Karan does not understand and again asks her what the matter is, she makes an excuse of the Sherlin case saying that it was because of her that Sherlin came to their house and she tried to fix it.

He makes her realize that she was not at fault and Rishab also had his mind and would have taken his decision after thinking, so she must stop blaming herself, he makes fun of her and after that leaves mentioning that he also has a lot of fans who are waiting for him.


Sarla brings Janki to the room asking her if she has drinked Bhang, but when she lies, Sarla doesn’t understand what she will do with Bi jee and Janki as they both are very childish. She is about to go but Janki makes fun of her and leaves leaving Sarla tensed.

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