These Streets July 2021 teasers Zee world


These Streets July teasers 2021: Thaku ma frees Chandu and Puchki from slavery but Beauty is against their freedom as she blames them for her misfortune.

Zee world these Streets July 2021 teasers.

Wednesday July 1 2021

Neel dresses Puchki as a boy. Shan keeps having the feeling that he knows Puchki. Puchki did some dusting in Shan room and find her photo, she recalls her moments with Shan. Beauty comes to Mazumdar family and sees Puchki. Puchki is scared if she recognized her.

Thursday July 2 2021

Puchki makes Beauty a spicy juice. Beauty screams for water and goes to the kitchen. Moushmi was disgusted how she reacted. Shan drinks milk shake and was about to faint, Puchki holds him and take him to bed. Puchki goes to the kitchen to get water for Shan. Water falls on Puchki. Nevi sees her and gets to know that the kid is Puchki.

Monday 5 2021

Shan is asked to bring 10 lac to save Puchki. He stole Ravindra’s money and confess to the crime but Puchki cover up for him as she has already taken away the money from Shan’s room and accused Jamai of the crime to save Shan.

Tuesday July 6 2021

Moushmi exposed Puchki as he takes off Puchki’s wig and accused Shan of keeping her in Mazumdar house. Shan was to be punished but Puchki saves him. Beauty is asking Nil to marry her.

Wednesday July 7 2021

Beauty blackmails Nil to allow her to live at the Mansion.RM questions Nil why Beauty was saying such things. Beauty tied up Shan in a coffin and disguised herself as Priti to marry Nil.

Thursday July 8 2021

Beauty threatens to kill Shaan until Nilambar marries her.RM asks police for help. Puchki and Rana get clues from the goons and reach that spot where he was buried alive. Puchki saves Shan and stops the wedding. Ravindra throw Beauty out.

Friday July 9 2021

Puchki tells Shan that Nivedita is behind his kidnap. Nivedita overheard it and accused Puchki of lying against her.Arindham thinks he saw truth in Puchki’s eyes but Shan trust his mother and sent Puchki out of the house back to Sonagachi.


Monday July 12 2021

Nevi took advantage of Shan love for her and deceived him into leaving the house forever, under the pretense of Aru divorcing her because of Puchki. Puchki breaks the relationship between her and Shan.

Tuesday July 13 2021

Thaku ma frees Chandu and Puchki from slavery but Beauty is against their freedom as she blames them for her misfortune.Chanda and Puchki goes to Nevi’s house to ask her to accept Shan.

Wednesday July 14 2021

In the cause of trying to save Puchki from Nevi thugs she lose her life. Nevi and Jamai framed Puchki up, whereas Puchki is drowning. Shan became more obsessed about leaving to London.

Thursday July 15 2021

Puchki grows to be an Inspector in Mumbai. Ridhoy was arrested for drugs and Shan came to bail him. Puchki receives an award for her good performance and was transferred to Calcutta.


Friday July 16 2021

Ridhoy is having a hard time convincing Shan to agree to go with him to Calcutta. Shan and Puchki meets at the airport but Shan couldn’t recognize Puchki. Puchki arrives Calcutta and discovered that Chanda is now Thaku ma.


Monday July 19 2021

Puchki was asked to investigate Shan’s business. Puchki got the chance to enter Mazumdar house for an interview and recalls her child hood. Ridhoy was excited to meet Puchki at his house, he called Shan to share the news but got into an accident.

Tuesday July 20 2021

Shan breaks the promise he made to Nevi as he returned to Calcutta to see Ridhoy. Ridhoy needs blood to survive and Shan gave him his blood. Nevi blames Shan for all that happened to Ridhoy and she sent him out of her sight.

Wednesday July 21 2021

Shan accused Puchki of acting to trap Ridhoy because they are rich. Puchki meets Beauty at the hospital. Shan goes to Mazumdar house, Nevi was dazed to see him.Shan wonders why he feels weird around Asmita and asked if she is hiding something.

Thursday July 22 2021

Shan plays drums,Puchki hears it and dances.Ridhoy sees her. He says he will learn how to beat drum. Shan visited Sonagachi and meets Chanda, Puchki took a recording of what happened and was chased by Chanda thugs.

Friday July 23 2021

Puchki hides from the thugs in a cold storage and was trapped with Shan who came to save her. Ridhoy rescued Shan and Puchki with the help of the police but Puchki had fainted and was rushed to the hospital.


Monday July 26 2021

Shan recalls that Asmita is Puchki. Shan is angry at Puchki after remembering everything and hides the truth from her. Ridhoy has fallen in love with Asmita, Shan heard him tell Puchki he loves her.

Tuesday July 27 2021

Beauty oppresses Chanda because she kept her alive. Ridhoy plans to propose to Puchki at Diwali and asked Shan for help. Shan asked Puchki to leave Mazumdar house but she returns. Asmita was asked to perform a dance.

Wednesday July 28 2021

Beauty attends Pooja at Mazumdar house unknown to them they invited her. Asmita performs as an artist, her blouse was about to fall when Shan helped her out and dances with her. Ridhoy thanked Shan for saving Puchki dignity and calls him a hero.

Thursday July 29 2021

Chanda was about to tell Shan the truth about his father Aru when he heard Ridhoy screams Asmita name. Shan shouts Puchki as he see her dupatta burning, he ran towards her to save her. Everyone was dazed.

Friday July 30 2021

Ridhoy proposes to Puchki but she rejected the proposal, he sees a knife and tries sliting his throat but Puchki saved him. On the other hand a girl has been arranged for Shan to marry.



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