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These streets 10 February 2022: Shan says now you will do what we want. This is the strength of our love. Love that no one can end. Shan takes Asmita out of there. They sneak out. Asmita is injured. Asmita hugs Shan in tears. Shan says I love you.

Asmita says I love you too. Shan says I knew my Puchki was in trouble. He kisses her forehead. He sees her bruises and says I will take revenge for all these bruises. Let’s go to the police. Asmita says we will do it when we have proof. I married him for my daughter and he tried to force himself on me. I only wanted a father who loved my daughter. Who would protect and care for her. Like you. I am sorry that I trusted him. He needs to be behind the bars.

Asmita says to Shekhawat I want my freedom. She turns on the recorder. She says I could run but I knew you would find me and kill. So I am requesting you. Please let me go from here. Shekhawat says are you crazy? Until my plan is successful I won’t let you go anywhere. Asmita says what’s the plan? At least tell me that. You think Shan would leave Asmita here? Asmita won’t be yours. Shekhawat throttles her and says now you would tell me what to do? Remember how I kept you locked. Better not say a word in front of me. Your life is in my control. You have to make Shan hate Asmita. I will make her mine at any cost. He says you wait here till I go to the basement and meet my love.

Devika comes there. Shekhawat is shocked. Devika says she is Asmita. They’re fooling you. Shan got to know I am there. They locked me there and came out to fool you. This is Asmita. She says don’t look at me. I am Devika. Asmita says she’s lying. I am Devika. Shekhawat goes towards Devika. He looks at Asmita and throttles her. He says I recognize you from your smell. I am a crazy lover, who are far more dangerous than a cop. Why are you doing this? Why do you want this animal out? Don’t you like me decent. You married me and never let me touch you? You made me this animal. You have seen my love, not my anger. He strangles Asmita.

Shan comes and punches him on the face. Devika runs. Shan holds her hand. Shan says you thought I won’t know if you confuse me with Devika? I can recognize my Puchki with closed eyes. Shekhawat says Asmita is the only mine and I will have her at any cost. Shan hits Shekhawat. Shekhawat picks a red color and throws it on Asmita and Devika. They both look alike. Asmita says Shan, I am Asmita. Devika says I am your Puchki. They both say please trust me. I am your Puchki.

Shekhawat says now recognize your Puchki. Asmita says Shan, I am Puchki. Shan says stop. Shan holds their hands and closes his eyes. He pulls Asmita close to him. Shan says I can touch and recognize my Puchki. Our souls are tied. Asmita hugs him.

Devika says where did Shekhawat go? Asmita says he ran. Devika says he’ll play a new game now. Shan receives a video. Krishi is crying. A man puts a knife of her. Krishi says mama, please save me. Papa, please. Shekhawat calls Shan and says do you want Asmita or Krishi? Would you save your daughter or lover? It’s all on you. Shan runs downstairs. Asmita cries.

Asmita tells Nevi and everyone Shekhawat has kidnapped Krishi. Shan says he said Asmita would have to go to him. Only then he would release Krishi. I have to choose between them. Nevi says Mamo calls your monster son and ask him to bring Krishi back. Mamo says I can’t ask him where he is? He is very dangerous. He can get very dangerous if he doesn’t get what he wants. Mamo says yet you were silent? Because of you Krishi is in this condition. If anything happens to her I will kill you. Shan says mama, please relax. I will save her. Asmita says I will go to save her. I can’t let anything happen to my Krishi.

Scene 1
Shan says we have to save Krishi. Asmita says I will go to save my Krishi. I can’t let anything happen to her. I will go there and save her Shan says please stop. Asmita says she kept crying for you. I will unite her with you. Shan says I won’t give him my wife and neither my daughter. Asmita says I will go. Shan says listen. You’re both equally important to me.

I won’t let anything happen to you two. Do you trust me? Asmita hugs him and says I trust you. Asmita says but our daughter is with that demon. Shan says nothing would happen to our daughter. She is blessed. Shan says Shekhawat wants Asmita right? We have to take help from the one who helped Shekhawat. Nevi says who? Shan says Devika.

Shan looks for Devika everywhere. Asmita says she is nowhere.

Shan says she fled. Asmita cries and says please save my daughter. They get a video of Krishi crying. She says mama please save me. There are so many dogs howling. They will kill me. Please save me. Shekhawat sends a voice note and says these hungry hounds will kill her in a moment. Send Asmita here in an hour. Don’t even try to inform the police. Don’t act smart.

Scene 2
Devika is on her way. She says I have to get out of here before someone else catches me. Finally, I am free. I would go so far away. No more shortcuts. No Shekhawat can trap me now. Asmita and Shan come in front of her car. Devika says God, what are they doing here? Asmita cries and says Devika. Please save my daughter.

I beg you. She is with that demon. Shan says Shekhawat will kill her. Shan says only you can save her. We will tell you the plan, please come with us. She says no, I can’t help you two. I was detained because of this Asmita. Because I look like her. He wanted me to make her hate you. So much confusion. I need my freedom now. It’s not my fault if I look like her. I need my life and freedom. Asmita says a mother is begging you. Please save her. I am begging you.

She sits on her feet. Devika says stop. What are you doing? He just doesn’t have your daughter. He has detained my mother as well. Now if I help you, he will kill my mother as well. I can’t take a risk. Please understand my problem too. I can’t risk my mother’s life. She is locked in his factory. I am going there straight. Shan says we will save your mother as well. Please don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to her.

Shan says please save Krishi. Devika says no, if I go there he will kill me as well. I can’t fall in his trap again. Asmita says please please save my daughter. He has given us 30 minutes only. I will die as well if anything happens to Krishi. Please think about it. Our lives are in your hands. Shan says please Devika.

Scene 3
Krishi is scared. The dogs are barking. Shekhawat says the time is over now. They are late. His man says should I release the dogs? Shekhawat says yes. Devika comes in and says Mr. Shekhawat. He stops. Devika says where is my mother? She isn’t where you said she is. Shekhawat says your mother is where she should be. You won’t have her until Asmita is completely mine. No one will go from here. He orders his men to catch her. Devika says no one would come near me. She says I did all that you asked. I didn’t question. I only hoped you will let my mom and Asmita go. What is my mistake? She picks the gun and puts it on Shekhawat. It’s Asmita, not Devika. Asmita says where is my daughter? You messed with a mother. I can kill you for her. Shekhawat says I am not doing anything wrong. I won’t harm Krishi. Just be mine. I wanted everything to be smooth. Please be mine. Asmita says I will kill you. Where is my daughter? A goon tries to come towards her. She shoots and says don’t even try. Asmita says where is my daughter?

Shekhawat takes her inside. Krishi is there. Asmita says Krishi, my daughter. Open her hands. The goon releases her. Krishi cries and says mama thank God you came. Those dogs would have eaten me. Krishi hugs her and sobs. Asmita says your mama is with you. Nothing would happen to you. Asmita cries. A good hits Asmita on the head. Shan hits him. Asmita and Shan hit the goons. Shekhawat picks the gun and puts it on them. He shoots Shan.

Asmita screams. Asmita says what did you do? Shekhawat says it’s all your fault. I can’t see you with someone else. I really love you. You have to be with me even if you don’t want it. Everything was fine. You ruined it. This Krishi ruined everything. I will kill her. Asmita says don’t even dare. Shekhawat says come to me or I will shoot her. Asmita walks towards him. She says you want me right? Shan says no Asmita. Asmita says let Shan and Krishi go. I am ready. Shan says what are you saying Asmita? Asmita says I have to save you and Krishi. I will be Shekhawat’s forever. She snatches the gun from him.

Scene 1
Asmita snatches the gun from Shekhawat and puts it on him. Asmita says let’s go Shan. They walk out. Shekhawat shoves a box on them and picks Krishi. He runs. Shan and Asmita run after Shekhawat. Krishi says mama, papa please save me. Asmita says he took Krishi there. They run after him. Shan stops Shekhawat. Krishi says mama please save me. Shekhawat says how will you stop me. Asmita says to think about Nirvan at least. Give me Krishi. Shekhawat says I don’t care for him. I adopted him. He isn’t my son. I only want you. If you can’t be mine, you won’t be Shan’s either. Shekhawat slaps Krishi and she falls on a stone. Shekhawat says I will kill this girl. Because of her, you went away from me. She has to die. Asmita and Shan run and come in front of Krishi.

Asmita shoves Shan. The bullet hits her. Asmita falls down. Shan screams Asmita.. Police come there and arrest Shekhawat. Nevi scream Asmita. Shan tries to go to Asmita. He holds her hand. Asmita is dying. Shan says I won’t let anything happen to you. He says to call the ambulance. Shan picks her. Shan screams and cries. Asmita says I don’t have time.

Shan says don’t say that. Asmita says I have the last few moments, I want to live them with you. I am in your arms while dying and with my Krishi. Shan says nothing would happen to you. Asmita says I only loved you all my life. She recalls their childhood. Asmita says I have always loved you. Every moment of my life. Asmita says I will always love you even after death.

The song humari adhuri kahani. Shan recalls their moments together. Asmita says we didn’t spend a lot of time together. But those have been moments of my life. And Krishi is the proof of that. Your Puchki has to go. Please take care of Krishi. Give her all happiness in life. Shan holds her hand. Asmita sobs. Asmita says I really love you. Krishi loves us. She did so much to unite us. Promise me you won’t let her feel that we weren’t together. She has cried a lot of us. She shouldn’t know we couldn’t be together. She will shatter. Don’t let her know that we are parted. Don’t let me die in front of her.

You will keep me alive in front of her. For that you will have to make Devika Asmita. Shan is shocked. Asmita says promise me. Shan says what are you saying. Asmita says you have to make her Asmita. God sent her for this moment. Shan says ambulance is coming. Don’t say that. Asmita says it’s too late. Asmita says I know it’s difficult. Asmita caresses his face and says you have to do it. For our baby.

You have to make Devika Asmita. I have to live for her. Promise me. Krishi won’t ever know I am not with her. I am dead. Promise me you will give her the love of both parents that we couldn’t ever have. Asmita says to give her the best life. This is my life. Asmita says you will keep our story alive for our child.

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