These Streets Update Wednesday 1 September 2021

These Streets 1 Sept 2021: Asmita says Asmita is Ridoy’s wife. Ridoy says can’t you understand she is my life. Ravindra says we wont talk about it anymore. Bua says but.. Nevi says enough. Asmita is Ridoy’s wife and Paro is Shan’s. Pandit ji please go. Nevi says Asmita ridoy please don’t worry. Are you happy Asmita? She says yes. Ridoy says she is disturbed. Nevi says no one should talk about your character again.

Nevi says let me do greh parvesh of brides. Ravindra says Pro come in. You are the elder one.Beauty comes to her house and laughs. she says my mission succeeded. Get ready to face your biggest enemy. Paro enters the house with Shan. Asmita look at him. She enters with Ridoy.Nevi says to PAro you both are responsible for this house now. She gives keys to both of them. Nevi says Asmita always take care of Ridoy. Beauty says go to your rooms.

Paro smirks at Asmita and goes to Shan’s room.Paro gets her stuff set in Shan’s room. Ridoy says to PAro I saw you and mohit. I love my brother. tell me what is truth. PAro says wow I just got married and this is how I am being treated. I had a relationship but he is my past. I met him way before. I have never met him after meeting Shan. She says do you trust me? Ridoy leaves.Beauty stops Asmita. She says why so upset? I know you wanted to come betwen Paro and Shan. Asmita says your daughter got the chance but there are always chances for truth.

Asmita says to bua you are leaving? She says I dont’ want to stya. Shan disappointed me. Asmita says it was fate. You did everything. I need you here. For me you have to stay. Asmita hugs her. ASmita says we will solve this. Bua says you are so brave. Asmita says this friendship is my life. Shan is on the door.Shan comes in the room. they both touch Bua’s feet together. She says I hope you two stay together always. Shan and Asmita hug her and cry.

Bua says you are married now. Shan I know you wont ever leave her alone. Shan leaves.Both coupes sit for rituals. Shan looks at the sweets. Nevi says both couple wont sleep with partners. They will have to sleep alone.Beauty calls Paro. SHe says I know how to bring my husband close to me.Ridoy says to SHan I can’t wait to start my life with Asmita. Shan recalls the marriage. He recalls all that happened.

Shan is crying. Asmita is also crying in her bed. She wakes up. Shan goes to balcony. The song lambi judaii plays. ASmita recalls their moments together.Beauty calls Paro. She says you have to make Shan yours. Do what I asked you. Paro takes out her nighty. Asmita sees her. Paro sneaks into Shan’s room and jumps on him. He screams. Ridoy wakes up. SHan says what are you doin here. Ridoy says bhahhi can’t wait? He goes out. Paro comes close to Shan. Ridoy comes to his room. Asmita is sleeping there. He goes near Asmita. asmita wakes up.

Ridoy says Paro wanted to sleep with Shan so I came here. Paro takes off her nighty. He says can’t we be close? Asmita says we should wait. He says but.. He says everything is fair in love. Please. He comes close to her. Paro comes towards Shann. He goes away from her.

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