These Streets Update Thursday 2 September 2021

These Streets 2 Sept 2021: Asmita says Ridoy please.. Phone rings. Nimki says this isn’t right. He says do you love me asmita? Bua comes and says do you really have to know that right now? I told you the ritual. Where is paro? He says in Shan’s room. Bua comes there. She sasy you are so shameless. She says I am with my husband. Bua drags her downstairs. She says see how shameless this paro is. Nevi says what happened. Bua says she made fun of our rituals. She went to Shsn’s room.

She made Ridoy part of her plan. Moushmi says really? Bua says this was all Paro’s plan. She is so shameless. Paro says I dont’ have to apologize. shan says say sorry. Paro says sorry. She says see this girl was never good for Shan.Bua says to Aditya I dont’ know how to handle this. How will I prove who is the criminal. Aditya says don’t worry. We are keeping a keen eye on Nevi.

Mousmi says whhere is Asmita? She comes out and says your brother is here. Bua says she must miss her family. Beauty comes there.Asmita comes to her room. Ridoy comes there. HE says please relax. He says I am with you in everything. Nothing is more important than you. We will come close when you want. Asmita says thank you Ridoy. I was scared.You are very nice. Thank you. She says I just.. He says you dont’ have to give any justification. Thank you for everything.

Asmita comes to Sona gachi. She recalls her childhood. Asmita sees Arpita everywhere around. She sees Chanda. Chanda hugs her. She says Asmita why is there no sindur your hairline? She says I will only fill it when Shan fills it.Asmita hugs Chanda. Chanda says I knew you and deep are made for each other. You have to be with Shan. I am your mother in law too. Asmita says you know I got married to him. Chanda says I knew God wont separate you two. Take blessings from you MIL too.

She says why is there no sindur? Asmita says whose name’s sindur? CHanda says Pathan told me everythin. she says world thinks I am Ridoy’s wife. She is going to risk our marriage for them. Where were you? You were goin to tell me something about Paro’s mom. Chanda stays silent. She says just be careful. God will show you the way. He has married you no one can separate you two. Asmita hugs her. ASmita fills her hairline. She says I will always fill my hairline in Shan’s name. Chanda hugs her.

Beauty says to Paro always keep your sindur up. You have to start the real plan now. PAro says I know how to do it. Shan has to be mine tonight.Asmita comes to temple to pray. shan is driving. He sees the temple and stops. Asmita prays please help me God. Shan comes to the same temple. He sees an anklet. It is on Puchki. she has stepped out from the backside.

Shan comes to beauty’s house. She says Paro is yours forever. Beauty does her arti. Paro says Shan has to be mine tonight. She lays in bed. Beauty sends Shan towards the room. The girls take Sahn there and lock the room.Asmita comes home. Pathan isn’t well. He says don’t worry about me.. He falls on the floor. Asmita says baba.. There is blood coming out of this mouth. Asmita calls Shan.

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