These Streets update Friday 10 December 2021

These streets 10 December 2021: Asmita comes to the house. Everything is decorated. She smiles and walks on the roses carpet. Asmita runs and hugs shan. Asmita says nandani would never save me? How did this happen? What is your deal with her? I am sure you did all this. He says nothing. Asmita says tell me what it is. Shan says you shouldn’t worry. It isn’t good for you and the baby. Asmita says tell me the truth. What is it?

Nandani says shan you made me win by agreeing to my condition. You gave me something that is worth more thant seeing asmita in jail.Shan says nothing. I requested to her. Asmita says this can’t be true. shan says I told her I got the real video. He says you have to take care of yourself now. You can’t be roaming around. Asmita says I will take care of our baby. Shan hugs her and says in heart I can do anything to save you and my baby. I will sign the contract.

Bua and Ridoy make everyone eat sweets. He says nandani eat it. Nandani shoves him. Ridoy says how did this even happen? How did you do something good? Nandani says mind your language. Shan says I have great news for you all. Asmita is pregnant. Ravidnra is happy. Bua hugs Ridoy and says I am so happy. Ridoy says we have to party. Ridoy plays songs and everyone dances.Asmita wakes up. Shan isn’t next to her. Asmita looks for him in the house. asmita calls him.

Shan comes to nandani. He says I can’t sign this. Nandani says you can’t say no. Shan says I can disagree. She says you can’t back out. You have to sign these papers. Shan says you can’t force me. I learned this from you. I became like you. Nandani says don’t forget if you backout, I can kill your child. Shan throttles her and says don’t even dare saying anything like that about my child. He leaves.

Asmita waits for shan. Shan comes home. He says I went to take the meds. Asmita says what are you hiding. I can see you’re worried. Shan says promise me you won’t let anything happen to our child. Asmita says I know how important this baby is for you. Asmita hugs Shan.Shan says I want my child. ASmita says I will protect our child.Nandani says to someone on call you have to kill that child. His father said no to my deal, his child will pay now.

Bua comes to Asmita’s house with gifts. They both hug her. Bua says is shan taking care of you? They are idiots. ASmita says he is the best papa. Bell rings. Asmita says how is everyone? Shan says food is here. Bua says she will eat from a restaurant? Shan says she asked me to order. Bua says you have to do all that she asks. shan serves them.

Nandani calls Shan and says is asmita eating that poisonous roll? You might lost your child. Shan drops the phone.. Shan runs to asmita and throws away that phone. Nandani says I will keep making your life hell. A father has to comply to my condition.Bua says what happened? Shan says there was poison in it. Bua eats it and says there is nothing in it. You two are doubting everything. Stress isn’t right for all three of you. Everything would be fine. Shan says I am sorry. He leaves.

Nandani calls shan. SHe says hi.. Is youre pregnant wife not home? Shan says don’t dare harming asmita. Nandani says I did what I had to. Your wife is in market with bua. It is so eady to harm her there. I am serious this time. My men are there. Shan says you can’t do this.. He runs.
Shan comes to the market and looks for asmita everywhere. Shan tries calling her. A man points gun at asmita. Shan sees that guy. He screams asmita.. Shan runs to save asmita. She slips. Shan holds her. Shan says someone attacked her. Bua says asmita re you okay? Shan hugs asmita. Shan says I have to stop it. I can’t risk asmita and our child’s life.

Shan comes to Nandani. Nandani says welcome. I sent everyone out. Only you and I are here. How romantic right. Shan says stop it. Nandani says let me see my husband. Shan says I can do anything for my child and wife. Nothing is more important than them. I accept all your conditions. I will do what you ask but don’t harm them. Nandani says I won’t harm them. Nadndani hugs shann.Asmita calls shan she says I hope he is fine. He idn’t pcking call. Shan comes home. Asmita hugs him. Shan says there would be no problem. My child and wife won’t have any problem now. asmita says what are you saying. What have you done.

Ridoy kicks Nandani out. He says I don’t want you in this house. You have ruined shan and asmita’s life. Lawyer comes and says you can’t do this. Ridoy says you’re our lawyer. He says Shan has give his property share to nandani. Everyone is shocker. Lawyer says she has right on this house. Ridou says shan can never do that. Nandani shoves him and says yes this is right. Shan made me a partner in this wealth. I am not going from here. So I wanted you to hear from lawyer. Be careful now. You know to what extent can I go. Don’t dare talking to me like that.



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