Mismatched update Friday 10 December 2021


Mismatched 10 December 2021: The Episode starts with Shaurya talking to Anokhi. He sees she has fallen asleep. He thinks do really opposites attract. He cares for her. Devi asks why would Shaurya apologize to Anokhi. Anokhi feels cold. Shaurya gives his coat to her. Devi asks what’s that girl’s status that Shaurya apologizes to her. She gets angry on Gayatri and Kanchan. Shaurya and Anokhi have a moment. Devi says I had made her leave the college and city, what shall I do that she doesn’t come near my son, I have to do something, else my name isn’t Devi.

Bebo chats with Anmol. Kitty asks whom are you chatting with, your secret admirer, show me. Bebo scolds her. Kitty goes. Shaan says the evening is spent so soon, we didn’t know it. Aastha says you should go home now. Shaan says I m not going home, I have a breakfast date tomorrow with Noor. He goes. She smiles. She says why did Anokhi call me. Its morning, Anokhi wakes up and sees Shaurya sleeping. Shaurya also wakes up. She gets scared seeing some animal. She hugs Shaurya. He says there is nothing, don’t worry. She says there was something. He says relax. She thanks him for the coat. He sees the time. He says its 7am. She asks morning. He says no, evening. She asks did we sleep here all night. He says yes, I mean unfortunately yes.

She says its an adventure. He says yes, we were together, but we didn’t fight, its a serious problem, I kept my promise. She says my turn will come when you take the car towards the right turn. They smile. She asks did you find the way or not.He says lets see, we will ask someone. They wash their faces. He drives. They come to SIAC. She asks how was this journey. He says we have to wait for results of the exam. She says fine, take time to make results, I will get freshen up. He asks where.

She says don’t worry Sir, sorry to say Sir. He says you can know my cabin to get freshen up, till then, I will prepare for the hostel, are the rooms available or not. She says you said I will get a room. He says yes, I will find out. He goes to admin Bhatia and says I heard there is a vacancy in hostel room. Bhatia says its not possible, I will check. He says there is no room. Shaurya says let me check. He asks why is Kitty Bebo name written there, shall I complain in HR.

Bhatia says sorry, it was management’s order. Anokhi waits for Shaurya. Shaurya allots the room to Anokhi. He thinks she needs this room more, she should get this room. He goes to his cabin. Anokhi pics some files. She gets Shagun and Shaurya’s pic. She says who is this with Shaurya. He comes and asks ready. She says yes. She asks did you get the room. He says no, you won’t get it until you say Sir. She says sorry PS. He tells about the room details. She thanks for the big favor. She goes. He sees Shaurya and his pic. He comes home and goes to Kanchan. He asks is everything fine. Kanchan says you will say that to me, did you talk to Anokhi and say sorry. He says yes, I spoke to her, she is staying back, where is everyone. Kanchan says Devi is upset, you and Shaan didn’t come for dinner.

Shaurya comes to Devi and says I lost the route and got late. Devi asks did I do any mistake. He says no, you can never be wrong. She says you have changed a lot, tell me if you have any complains. He asks what complains, work is more. She takes his promise. He says I promise you will get what you want. She says remember this, maybe I need to ask something.Alok seeing Anokhi and stopping her. He says you have come back, you are so rigid, if anyone got so much insulted, she would have gone. Anokhi says I would have not come if I thought of people, I came here to do my duty, I will complete it and go.

He says you would have setting with Shaan to stay in his flat. She says no, PS arranged a hostel room for me. He asks who is PS. She says Professor Shaurya. He scolds her. She asks him to ask Shaurya about it, maybe he rectified some wrong. She goes. Reema and Maya hug Anokhi. They go to the canteen. Anokhi calls Babli and says I have come back. Babli says thank God, you understood your future is here. Anokhi says leave all this, is everything fine, is Vineet troubling you. Babli says no, everything is fine, I will talk later. She gets Vicky’s call. Vineet comes. She ends the call. He asks what’s happening, you are always on phone, give me some food now.

Shaurya meets Shaan and talks positive. He asks why are you so happy. Shaan says sometimes, we should stay happy without any reason. Gayatri and Kanchan laugh. Alok comes and asks Shaurya why did you do this, to what level will you go for this girl. Shaurya asks why was the room allotted to Kitty and Bebo, I m rectifying the wrong, do they need the rooms when they stay at home, rooms are for those who need to stay, who have come from other cities. Alok says you got against your sisters. Gayatri says Shaurya always supported them. Alok says he is thinking for someone else, he can do bad to the family.

Devi comes. Alok asks Devi to ask Shaurya as well. Tej comes. Devi says Shaurya did the right thing, that girl will study well and make our name big, he is supporting a bright student, Kitty and Bebo don’t need a hostel room. Shaurya says thanks, you will not misunderstand me. She says don’t do anything that your conscious doesn’t allow you, you should get happiness, I don’t want anything else. Kitty looks for Bebo. The girl asks about Bebo. Kitty says I had a fight with her. Anmol surprises Kitty. He says I m falling in love with you, we can be more than this. He gets close to her.

Tej says you were giving Gyaan to Shaurya, did your thoughts change about her. Devi says I can’t see Shaurya upset, it doesn’t mean that I will let him go on a wrong path, I have taught her right and wrong, even now its my turn, Alok and kids are behaving wrong, Alok would have said wrong if I didn’t interfere in time, you know Shaurya, we can’t force him. Tej says yes. She says let me handle Shaurya, a mother knows her child the best. Kanchan comes to Shaurya and asks about Anokhi. Anokhi tells Reema about Shaurya. Shaurya tells about Anokhi. Kanchan asks did you say those three words. He says yes, she agreed. She says its good, you asked her and she agreed. He says yes, I told her, I m sorry. She says wow, you said these three words.

He says we decided this, thanks to you, I realized, I was so wrong. She says fine, tell me what happened then, why didn’t you come home at night. He says we lost the way, we took a wrong turn. He smiles. Kanchan says you are lost even now.Anokhi says Shaurya got a hostel room for me. Reema says no one does this for anyone. Shaurya asks did I do anything wrong. Kanchan says you didn’t do anything, you did what I said, you have confirmed my doubt. He asks what, you had a doubt on me. She says yes, actually you like that girl a lot. Reema says he likes you a lot. Kanchan says love can happen to anyone. Shaurya says no, you mean to say, I love someone and I don’t know, listen, I feel you and your mind are doing overtime.

Kanchan says yes, you will understand this some time. He says you are wrong, I don’t love her, I m not foolish. She says she is special for you, aw. He says you didn’t fill nonsense in my mind when I spoke to you limited, she is just a student, I wanted to save her future. Anokhi says he wants to help me in studies, don’t think of anything, if anyone hears it, then it will be wrong. Shaurya and Anokhi think of each other.

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