The Rules of Love update Monday 8 April 2024

The rules of love 8 April 2024: Maitree consoles herself and decides to relaunch her profession. She gets a video call from Kusum’s phone number. She wipes her tears away, answers the phone, and speaks with Nandish. Maitree inquires if he ate anything. Nandish claims Nandini made hot food, thus he did not eat.

Maitree reminds him of his pledge and asks him to look after his mother. Nandini arrives with a gift. She notices Nandish conversing with Maitree. She hangs up the phone and scolds Nandish. Maitree mulls about what transpired. Nandish apologises to Nandini and claims he did nothing wrong. Nandini believes she can’t express her feelings for Maitree to Nandish. She apologises for yelling at him.

Nandini tells Nandish that Maitree is bored of being responsible for him and has left. Nandidh says no, she left to care for

her mother and requested me to look after you. Nandini claims Maitree lied to you, but the truth is that Maitree became tired of you. She embraces him. Nandish seemed to be unhappy. When Maitree phones Nandish, the phone is switched off. Sadhna tells Dinesh that she isn’t sure whether to wait for Maitree or go talk to her about why she is nervous. Sachin arrives and claims to have discovered what happened to Maitree’s data.

Sachin summons Maitree outside. Maitree appears and inquires as to what transpired. Sachin informs Maitree that someone hacked into her account and sent an email to all of her clients detailing what happened over the last six years, with images attached. Dinesh says he’ll summon the cyber team to punish the perpetrator. Maitree stops him and says, “I know who the perpetrator is, but it’s best if we don’t file a complaint because many people are connected to that person.” Sachin reports that he has recovered all of the data. This, according to Maitree, is very good news.

Maitree is hoping for work from one of her clients. She calls one by one and receives unsatisfactory responses. She resolves to try again the next day, not giving up hope.

The following day, Maitree meets with one of the clients and tells him about her presentation and current circumstances. The client claims he only cares about how she performs her duties and provides her their corporate event. Maitree thanks him and exits cheerfully.

Nandini notices Maitree exiting delighted and wonders if she influenced the client. Maitree checks to see whether anyone is watching her. Nandini hides in her car and chases after Maitree. Nandini believes she will not let Maitree win.

Nandini notices Maitree standing by. Maitree requests that Nandini open the car window so she can speak with her. Nandini does not open her car window, instead backing up and driving away. Maitree believes Nandini must respond and pursues Nandini’s automobile. Nandini notices Maitree following her to her residence. Nandini exits her automobile and confronts Maitree about what she is doing in her residence.

I know you send images to my clients, says Maitree. She faces the issue that is bothering her. She claims I’m a police officer’s daughter and that I can even launch a case against you. Ashish arrives and notices them. He decides to find out what’s going on between them and listens in on their chat.

Maitree notices Ashish in the rearview mirror and changes the subject. Ashish inquires of Maitree as to why they are conversing outside. Maitree claims she travelled here for employment and planned to see Nandini while she was here. Maitree instructs Nandini to follow her counsel and drives away. Ashish asks Nandini what she was talking about with Maitree and if she did anything else. Nandini complains about Ashish constantly thinking she did something wrong and drives away.

Kusum enters the house and asks Nandini what they need to order from the grocery shop. Nandini says she just came in from outside and needs to rest for a while. Nandish shows Nandini his drawing and requests another drawing from her. Nandini asks Nandish if he doesn’t notice she came from outside and needs to rest. Nandish declares that he will never speak to her again and walks away crying. Kusum enters Nandish’s room to comfort him. Nandish expresses his need for Maitree and threatens to leave the house if Nandini continues to chastise him. Kusum tells Nandish not to think that way. Maitree informs her family that she has closed the sale and that it is a game changer for her. The Mishras celebrate by dancing, but soon they hear anti-Maitree chants outside their door and proceed to investigate.

Maitree chooses to go back to work. Maitree has returned because she is tired of being your responsibility, according to Nandini, who also informs Nandish. Nandish informs Nandini that his mother had requested him to take care of her. Maitree is sick of you, notwithstanding Nandini’s allegations that she lied to you. She embraces him. Nandish was dejected. When Maitree tries to call Nandish, the phone is off.

Dinesh asks Sadhna if he should wait for Maitree to emerge or approach her directly to find out why she is upset. When Sachin shows up, he makes the assertion that he knows what happened to Maitree’s data. Maitree was invited to go with Sachin. Maitree shows up and queries what transpired. Sachin notifies Maitree that her account has been hacked and sends an email with pictures to every one of her clients outlining what has occurred over the last six years. Dinesh promises to summon the cyber squad to punish the offender.

The following day, Maitree meets with a client, who she updates on her presentation and current situation. The customer gives her her corporate calendar and says that she just cares about how she carries out her tasks. He is thanked by Maitree, who gladly leaves. Nandini notices Maitree departing with joy and wonders if the customer was assaulted. Maitree scans the area to see if anyone has noticed her. Maitree drives her automobile after Nandini. Nandini is confident that she won’t allow Maitree to triumph.

When Kusum comes inside, she asks Nandini what they need to get from the grocery shop. Nandini claims she just got back from the outside and needs to take a little nap. Nandini is shown Nandish’s drawing. Nandini inquires as to Nandish’s awareness of her need for relaxation after travelling from outside. Nandish then declares that he will never speak to her again and leaves while sobbing. To comfort Nandish, Kusum visits his room. In case Nandini continues to correct him, Nandish confesses his desire for Maitree and makes a threat to quit the house. Nandish is advised not to think that way by Kusum.

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