The Rules of Love update Monday 11 March 2024

The rules of love 11 march 2024: Maitree is swinging the baby to sleep. On the other hand, Dinesh questions Sachin about whether the footage is real or fake. Sachin claims it’s genuine, and the man in the video is Saransh.

Dinesh claims he learned from the hospital that Saransh was high when he drove the car, which is why the accident occurred. He says they chose the wrong one, and he promises to bring Maitree back home. That time, Maitree calls him and tells him that there is good news, namely, Nandini is returning home.

She hangs up when she notices baby us waking up. Sadhna inquires as to what transpired. Dinesh claims Maitree is unaware that her close friends betrayed her by concealing the truth, and Nandini is currently in prison.Dinesh claims Maitree is unaware that her close ones betrayed her by concealing the truth, and that

Nandini is currently returning home, so Maitree will not come here, but I will not allow Maitree to stay once Saransh’s 13th-day ritual is completed.

Sona notices Kusum wearing a red shawl and inquires about it. Kusum and Om inform her that Nandini may regain consciousness at any time, so the doctor advises her not to expose Nandini to any shock, so she must hide. Maitree is a divorcee. Nandini returns home at that point. Maitree goes into hiding. Sona wraps a red shawl around Maitree. She asks Nandini to wake up soon so she can take care of her baby, saying she doesn’t want the baby to grow up in the wrong hands. Maitree is distressed. Om requests that Doctor accompany Nandini to the room.Maitree thinks back on her promise to Nandini. She is about to leave when she hears the baby cry. At the same time, Ashish and Maitree go to the baby. Ashish takes a step back. Maitree takes the baby to places near Nandini, but the baby is not soothed by hearing her heartbeat. Maitree tajes the baby, who calms down when he hears Maitree’s heartbeat. She puts the baby to sleep. Maitree is assured by Ashish that he will prove Saransh’s innocence. Maitree hopes it happens. Ashish says it will happen, and I promise it will.

Homam for Saransh’s 13th-day ritual takes place at Ashish’s house, and everyone gathers there. Dinesh arrives enraged. Sadhna advises him not to make a scene until they have a private conversation with Maitree. Vasundhara informs his brother that she will bring Nandini and the baby to their home today.

Maitree returns home to her parents. Sadhna informs Maitree that they must speak with her alone. The crying baby is brought there by the nurse. Maitree walks over to the baby to feed it. Dinesh and Sadhna are invited inside by Ashish. Sadhna exerts control over her husband by holding his hand. They go to Maitree to discuss Saransh with her.Maitree notices Dinesh is tense and inquires as to what happened. Dinesh informs Saransh that he is a drug addict and shows her the post mortem report. Maitree claims Vasundhara aunt sent it to her, but Ashish claims it’s a forgery. Dinesh claims the report is correct and that there is additional evidence against him. He shows her the surveillance footage. After watching the video, Maitree is taken back.

‘Saransh may have gone to take drugs on your engagement day, but he lied and said he went to buy you a diamond ring,’ Dinesh tells Maitree. Maitree claims the ring is a forgery, which is why it is broken. She believes Ashish is unaware of Saransh’s drug addiction.

Dinesh claims Saransh is using Ashish’s car and that he may be aware of his addiction because Ashish did not reveal that Saransh was not in the room despite checking his room. Ashish, according to Maitree, cannot defraud us. Dinesh claims Ashish also cheated them and tells her how Ashish always conceals Saransh’s errors. On the other hand, Ashish wonders if Dinesh and Sadhna are talking to Maitree about Saransh because they are taking so long. Maitree is feeling dizzy. Sadhna yells her name quickly. Ashish notices the voice and goes to investigate.

Dinesh tells Maitree that Ashish knows everything about his brother, but he keeps it hidden from us. Maitree is feeling dizzy. Sadhna requests that her husband stop. Dinesh believes Maitree must know the truth. He tells Maitree that Saransh intended to settle in London, so he didn’t book return tickets from your honeymoon trip and renewed the house lease for another two years.

He claims you married him to be close to Nandini, but he had plans to separate you from Nandini, and his family members may be aware of his plans.

Maitree wonders how Ashish can do this to her. Dinesh believes Ashish is selfish, as evidenced by the fact that he forced you to donate blood to Nandini while concealing your husband’s death, and that he is now using you for his baby. Maitree promises to confront Ashish

with a video. Dinesh claims that it is required for use in court and that it is not appropriate to show him. Sadhna claims that they will not allow them to use her.

Ashish arrives and asks Maitree and her parents if they are discussing the false accusations made by Vasundhara against his brother. Dinesh grips his collar in rage. Maitree intervenes. She expresses a desire to speak with Ashish alone.

Maitree is perplexed as to how Ashish can do this to her. Dinesh believes Ashish is self-centered, as evidenced by forcing you to donate blood to Nandini while concealing your husband’s death, and now using you for his baby. Maitree says she’ll confront Ashish with a video. Dinesh claims that it is required for use in court and that showing it to him is inappropriate. Sadhna claims they will not let them use her.

Ashish arrives and asks Maitree and her parents if they are discussing Vasundhara’s false accusations against his brother. Dinesh clenches his fists around his collar in rage. Maitree steps in. She expresses a desire to speak privately with Ashish.

Maitree returns home to her parents. Dinesh inquires as to what the cheater told her. Maitree claims Ashish cheated on my friendship, but I can’t cheat on Maitree’s friendship. Dinesh claims that they will not allow her to stay at Ashish’s house. Maitree says this baby requires my presence, so I won’t be able to return home with you. Ashish shows up. Dinesh expresses his displeasure with him. Om arrives and inquires as to what transpired.

Vasundhara and her family enter Tiwari House. Kusum greets her. Vasundhara claims she came here to get Nandini and her son out of here. Ashish enters the room and requests that Vasundhara refrain from creating drama. Vasundhara claims that my daughter is in a coma as a result of your brother’s actions. Om requests that she cease her accusations. Vasundhara accuses Ashish of ruining Maitree and Nandini’s lives by marrying Maitree to a drug addict named Saransh. Vasundhara is yelled at by Sona. Everything is recorded by Vasundhara’s brother. Sona is stopped by Ashish and others. Vasundhara questions Ashish about why his family members are keeping Saransh’s drug addiction a secret.Kusum requests that she refrain from making accusations. Vasundhara exhibits Saransh’s post-mortem report as proof. Ashish claims it’s fake proof, just like her. Vasundhara says you can confirm it, and I’m not going to let my daughter and stand daughter stay here. Dinesh prevents Maitree from assisting Ashish. Members of the hospital staff enter Nandini’s room without listening to Ashish. Vasundhara tries to kidnap Maitree’s baby. Sona notices it and grabs the fire torch.

Taking Maitree’s suggestion, Vasundhara asked Maitree to leave the Tiwari’s house. She requests that Maitree give her the baby. Maitree takes a step back. Sona grabs a fire torch and declares that she is going to burn Vasundhara.

Ashish requests that she refrain from doing so. Sona tells Vasundhara that she will not let her take the baby. Vasundhara says she’ll bring her daughter and grandson, and she’s not afraid of death. Sona accuses you of being responsible for what is about to happen and attempts to attack Vasundhara with a fire torch.

Ashish and Om intervene.Vasundhara sees her brother, who signs that he has recorded everything. Vasundhara informs everyone that Sona is mentally ill, and that my daughter and grandson are not doing well in this house. Sona becomes enraged. Ashish

informs Sona that Vasundhara cannot take his wife and child because it is illegal. Vasundhara promises to clear your doubt as well. She displays the court orders she obtained. Ashish claims that this is just an appeal to the court, and that we should face it in court, so leave now.

Vasundhara claims she came here with all the necessary preparations and that she will not be allowed to leave until her work is completed. Sona yells at her. The police arrive. Vasundhara’s brother reports to the police that Sona attempted to murder her and shows them the video. Ashish is taken aback when he sees it.

Princy is getting ready to leave. Raj Kumar stops her and inquires as to where she is going. She informs him that she is going to a grooming class and requests money from him. Raj Kumar gives her money and promises that one day he will be like Vasubdhara. On the other hand, Vasundhara informs the inspector that ‘Dcp Dinesh is another witness to the attack that occurred on her.’ Dinesh’s opinion is sought by the inspector. Dinesh claims that no action can be taken until Vasundhara files an official complaint.

Vasundhara says she will file a complaint and requests that Sona be arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. Everyone is taken aback. Sona is arrested and attempted to be taken away by the police.

Vasundhara requests that Ashish allow her to take Nandini and the baby in order to save Sona from the murder attempt. Ashish is feeling helpless. Vasundhara inquires if she can interpret his silence as acceptance. Ashish lowers his head. Vasundhara stops the police and requests that they leave. Sona is warning her, and I’m going to take Nandini and the baby. Sona requests that Ashish not allow his baby to leave the house, and I am prepared to go to jail. Ashish says he can’t let her go to jail and promises to bring his baby and Nandini back soon. Maitree informs her father that something is wrong.Dinesh confirms that this is correct, and that this house is unsafe for Nandini and the baby.

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