The insolent heart update Wednesday 15 December 2021

The insolent heart 15 December 2021: The episode begins with, kuber asks suman how is abeers phone with her ,suman says abeer is just freshening and i am sorry abt ur car and any message for abeer, kuber gets anry and hangs the phone, madhvi asks what happened is abeer safe, kuber says u fool ur son isn’t in dubai but at his ex wifes home and here on plz don’t bother me with any issue of ur son.Abeer says to suman i wont call dad he doesn’t care abt me, tunno says jiju plz play song my fav mere nishan, abeer says ur sister doesn’t like, mehar says yes i don’t like that song and tunno go fill ur forms quick, tunno says plz i wont get old in 15 mins, abeer says tunno bad manners u shdnt speak in this tone with ur sister, tunno says sorry, mehar says its ok, abeer says mehar where is my coffee, mehar says i am doing no coffee for u, tunno says ma see mehar isn’t getting coffee for jiju, suman says no worries i will make coffee, abeer says mummyji get me strong coffee, god knows whose habbit is this of drinking strong coffee, tunno says its mehars she still drinks it, mehar says ma i will make coffee u go and tunno u go too, abeer says so that was just an dialogue i don’t drink coffee any more ileft it 8 yrs back, right,mehar ignores him and says u are here just to irritate me right.

Nisar is upset abt his guitar and in tears, rati enters, nisar asks why didn’t u go home yet, rati says i thought u would like some lonely time so came now and ur guitar, nisar says my guitar was my best friend it was with me since college i played it alot i love me guitar and starts crying, rati says i can understand but see u made ur songs with guitar and a part of it is still here the pick, here u go, nisar says how did u find this thanku rati u made my day thanku,rati says coffee nisar.Suman gives abeer coffee, door bell rings, its madhvi at door, abeer says hi mom, madhvi says i want to talk to u, mehar says ma u two can go in my room, abeer sees madhvis angry face and says ok ma, madhvi asks abeer what all is this, abeer says i changed my plan and i thought it would safe here, madhvi says abeer stop troubling mehar enough of all this, stop it don’t cross ur limits, goons are behind u, sani sir is injured and instead of worrying abt it, u are here troubling mehar, abeer says ma sit u are taking me wrong, i am here for mehar but not to trouble her, i know dad would manage everything for me but what abt mehar she is in danger too and who will look after mehars bua ma tunno, so i am here, i hate mehar thats true and i don’t like having here near me but that doesn’t mean i will leave her in trouble, if any one try hurt her or her family i wont leave them alive and dare u tell all this to mehar and if u do so i wont eat any food made by u trust me, madhvi is in tears and says thats like my son, i am very proud of u and dare u trouble mehar, abeer says me n trouble no ways and that to mehar no ma

madhvi says i will take leave now, take care and god bless u.Madhvi reaches home and sees those goons at home, kuber asks her to get tea and snacks, pinky says to kuber u no my power, ur son shdnt have done this, kuber says u know what my powers are too, pinky says kuberji i am here with guards and ur wife is here with tea, so theres something in me right, i have lot of contacts under me, kuber laughs and says when i throw money goons like u run behind it, pinky says so i will leave and till i find u son i will keep visiting u and leaves.

Pinky says kuber is strong but his wife isn’t she is one we shd deal with, mehar goes to room and see abeer on her bed, and says what are u doing here on my bed, abeer says big bed come sleep, mehar pours water on his face and asks what are u doing here and see u waited my bed, abeer says mehar u pour water on it, i didn’t pee, mehar says since when are u sleeping so early, abeer says my new boss has changed my show timings so, mehar says see u have to follow my rules to stay here, abeer says always behind me what are ur rules, mehar says u wont come to my room or my bed and u shd knock before entering my room and u shd stop all ur orders, abeer says see i told u but ur mom said i will do so and u know how much i respect her, mehar says and u will stop this nonsense and will not show ur face, abeer laughs and says remember few years back we had same rules and u fell in love with me and ur bua shdnt get an heart attack, abeer stumbles on a box, and says what is in it, mehar lifts it up and says u leave now, a frame falls of it, abeer looks at it and picks it up and sees, mehar gets tensed, abeer asks why is it empty, mehar takes a relief breathe and says just leave, abeer says oh looks like it had my photo on it, abeer says satu sirs message,mehar says abeer just leave, abeer says relax going and leaves.

abeer watching his own show and says this guy is so handsome, bua enters and thinks it tunno on sofa and says tunno stop watching that bad boys show and keep volume low, abeer increases volume and turns to bua and says buaji its me, bua says what are u doing here,suman says didi calm down, bua says what is abeer doing here i agree he saved mehars life but that doesn’t mean he stays here, mehar says i told ma she didn’t hear, abeer says plz i needed some place to hide, suman says didi he needed help, mehar says abeer go leave, bua says see u, suman says didi plz let me stay, bua says mehar how did u allow him, abeer says she had too bcoz i am in danger bcoz of her,bua says enough and looks with anger and leaves and says remember one thing when abeer will leave he will surely break something, even this time he will leave us in pain and go. Sani in office says nishi abeer is in mehars house, i am here hiring costly bodyguards and this two are troubling me , nishi says calm down lets go home. Mehar wakes up listening some noise, she wakes suman and says did u hear the noise, suman says ya noise may be from out, lets go see what noise is it, mehar and suman go downstairs to find from where is the sound coming, they see bua is also following noise and even tunno is finding out, all four slowly follow the noise with torch and are scared, they go in kitchen and put on the lights and see theres no one.

mehar asks tunno to search around they find nothing, suman says tunno go check in lobby, tunno says no i wont mehar says i will go check, all follow mehar and the noise starts again, they think may be theres an animal in, all pick up something too hit the animal and see a shadow coming out, suman says may be its robber lets hide and attack together, tunno puts on the light and they find its abeer.Suman asks abeer did u wake too by the voice, abeer says oh voice i was gargling, suman says oh, bua says plz stop all this and goes, suman says abeer will u have tea, abeer says no no aunty i am fine and why did u wakeup so early and mehar why are holding rolling pin, oh cooking for me, suman says abeer u go sleep.mehar looks at abeer in anger and leaves.

Mehar meditating with suman and bua, they hear abeer playing guitar and get disturbed, bua gets angry and goes to abeer, suman says oh god and keeps meditating, bua says abeer we are trying to meditating, abeer says buaji shanti, peace, mehar says abeer what is this wet towel on sofa, bua says this boy is gonna be a big mess, mehar says abeer u used my toothbrush again, abeer says baby what mine what urs we are one, mehar gets irritated and leaves. Mehar in her bathrobe getting ready, abeer plays awargi song, mehar gets lost in his song, and remembers a past scene. Nisar says mehar plz don’t get upset with abeer , mehar says he plays guitar and disturbs me while studying, nisar says abeer is asking permission so that we can practise, mehar says but where is he, abeer comes and says here i am plz let us practise, mehar says ok i have to study in an hour and abeer plays awargi song. Back to mehars room, abeer enters and says baby thinking of me, mehar says u go out i need to get ready for work, abeer says going work in an bathrobe, mehar says shutup and leave, abeer unplugs her haid dryer and says baby plz don’t go, come sit with me and tunno, i will play a song for u and even bua will be going so it will be all peace, mehar says no i am going to work, abeer says every wife keeps saying that husbands dont spend time with them and see i am here but u, mehar says abeer stop all this, abeer says mehar u wont go today and for a week, mehar says u will not tell me what to to do i am going, abeer says mehar its dangerous and i am saying no means no and u know how stubborn i am, i have no interest staying here so better listen and stay, abeer leaves.

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