The insolent heart update Tuesday 14 December 2021


The insolent heart 14 December 2021: Meher calls Abeer to ask how he’s feeling now. He is surprised and says his wife is calling him to ask about his health. She says she’s not his wife. He asks to wake him up from this dream. Meher hangs. Meher is giving massage to her mum when she gets a call from Abeer. Her mother insists her to pick it up. Meher hands are oily, so she puts the phone on speaker. Abeer talks naughtily and Meher’s mum laughs. He says she spoiled his sleep and now he must answer her question. When all the bewafaai didn’t hurt him, then this is nothing in front of that. Meher tells him that the phone is on speaker. Abeer gets shocked and asks Meher’s mum how she’s is and lunch that she made was very good.

Meher’s mum says they two share lunch? and laughs. She asks him how his hand is now. He says nothing happened to it. Abeer and Meher’s mum continue talking. Meher gets irritated and cuts the call. She asks her what was the need to talk about all that. Her mum says she’s having headache and leaves.Tillu shows his father’s embarrassing video to him asking what was need to do that. His wife also sees it and asks how she will face her friends. He gets mad at both of them and asks his wife to leave. He then blames Tillu for all this. Tillu says what did he do. Tullu always talks about business and all. Shyam thinks of something and tells Tillu to do some work with Tullu. Tillu says ok. Shyam then decides to teach lesson to Kuber now.

All are looking in Sattu’s cabin. Meher and Abeer come. Nissar takes them away and asks if they messed with anyone. Abeer says they had fight with someone. Nissar says that goon is MLA’s brother and MLA Pinky is in Sattu’s cabin, questioning him. Abeer says it was all because of Meher. Meher says she didn’t ask him to interfere. Nissar asks them to stop. They go to Sattu’s cabin. Inside, Pinky bhau has tied up Sattu and asking him about Abeer. Abeer is angry and wants to go inside, but Nissar stops him. He asks him to hide before Pinky sees him. Meher agrees with Nissar. Nissar takes away Abeer. Meher also goes. Nissas locks them in a room. Sattu’s wife requests Pinky to let Sattu go. Pinky takes out knife and asks Sattu about Abeer. Sattu says if he knew anything, then his wife would have told him after seeing the knife. Pinky leaves him saying to inform Abeer about this. No matter where he hides, he will find him.

Pinky and other goons come outside and all run away. His goons start breaking everything. Sattu comes and asks why they are breaking office’s stuff. Pinky pushes him and he falls. Abeer is getting mad inside and Meher tries to calm him down. Nissar asks what’s going on. Pinky asks who is that and goes to him. Nissar stares at him. Pinky says last time person who stared at him is blind now. Nissar still doesn’t fear. Pinky then sees his guitar and breaks it. Nissar is angry and hurt. Pinky warns all that this is just a trailer. If Abeer is not found, then he will show them full picture. He remembers about a girl being with Abeer as well and tells everyone to inform her as well that he will get to her. They finally leave.

Nissar looks at his broken guitar and cries. Rati is also sad. In room, Abeer blames himself for everything. Nissar opens the door. Abeer comes out and hugs him. abeer helps sani sir with ointment and says i am going no where, nishi says abeer listen to us just go somewhere some days and hide those guys are dangerous, abeer says i wont go, i will go and hit that pinky, mehar says abeer don’t be fool this will increase our problems and for office too, abeer gets angry and says ok i will go and leaves, mehar follows him and stops him and asks where will u go, abeer says anywhere whichever first ticket i get, mehar says ok just take care.

Tunno shows shams video to suman, suman says god why did he do so, tunno says i don’t know and look at these commenst they are so bad and just don’t let bua see it, bua enters and ask what are u hiding show me the phone, bua sees shams video, and starts laughing, and says look he is a celebrity now, suman and tunno start laughing too looking at the video. Madhvi asks abeer where will he go and why did he fight, abeer says this is all bcoz of mehar, madhvi says lets talk to dad, abeer says ma i am going dubai just for few days just chill, nisar tell her,madhvi starts crying, abeer says ma don’t cry plz i am not ur daughter who is going for ever, i will be back ma and i know when i will leave u will call dad and irritate him until he clears the mess, nisar says abeer quick or else we will be late, madhvi gives abeer curd sugar and hugs him, and says all will be fine i know but still take care,abeer says i will back soon, nisar lets go.abeer leaves.
Madhvi calls kuber, he doesn’t receive her call since in meeting, madhvi calls him back,kuber picks it up and says don’t u understand i am busy and hangs the call.nisar and abeer in car, nisar calls kuber and says uncle i need ur help abeer is in big problem, kuber says he himself is a problem and i cant help u, abeer laughs and says i guess he said i am a problem right, nisar says abeer, abeer says he wont let it be, and i am sorry bcoz of me ur guitar and actually mehar is at fault and i am facing all this, nisar says abeer don’t forget mehar is in danger too, abeer says take car back, nisar asks what,abeer says back nisar.


Suman says mehar i am worried abt abeer, mehar says ma he will be fine, tunno says call him here to stay he will be safe, tunno opens the door and sees abeer at door and hugs him,abeer enters with his bag, mehar asks him what is he doing here, abeer says u shd ask me how am i anyways tunno plz keep my bag in room, suman says abeer u sit i will get u milk, mehar says when are u leaving, suman says abeer u sit i will cook food for u, mehar says no need, abeer says mummyji i need a toothbrush too, tunno says i will get u, mehar asks what all is this abeer, abeer says i am staying here and i need a toothbrush baby, mehar asks u are staying here .

Mehar says abeer with whose permission are u staying here, abeer says mummyji can i stay here, tunno says of course u can, mehar says no he wont, abeer says i asked mummyji, suman says sure u can stay here,mehar says ma, abeer says mummyji i don’t like staying in hotel so, mehar says abeer what new drama is this, abeer says mummyji this danger i am in is bcoz of mehar, suman says abeer is right and he will stay here, mehar says this is my house, abeer says mehar she is ur mom doesn’t she have any right, suman says mehar isn’t this my house, i am sorry abeer i cant help u this is not my house, mehar says ma plz, abeer says so can i stay ma, mehar says ok stay but ma come with me, suman says abeer u eat food i will be back.
mehar says ma why are u doing so, suman says mehar he is in trouble, mehar says ma but bua and last 8 yrs he doesn’t know what has happened and i don’t want him to know aabt what all has happened, suman says don’t worry i will shift those things in my room.tunno says jiju there isn’t colddrink in fridge, mehar says i will make nimboo pani and tunno go help mummy,mehar says so abeer what type nimboo pani will u have salty sweet cold what, abeer says what are u fine mehar, mehar says i mean are u fine i mean did u fight again, did they follow u what happened, tunno slowly shifts boxes, abeer says what are u saying and why are u behaving so weird, mehar says what i am being so nice to u, abeer says thats what, suman signs mehar all done, mehar says ok have this and u have to follow rules and don’t cross ur lines, abeer says now this is fine.

Madhvi shouts on kuber why didn’t u receive call abeer is in trouble and explains the whole story, kuber says madhvi where is abeer, madhvi says he left for dubai, kuber says i will call him, madhvi says god knows what he must be going through.
Abeer chilling in mehars house, suman says abeer u must be tired go freshen up, abeer says ok ma, kuber calls abeer and it flashes atm on abeers call, abeer says mummyji plz see who is on phone, suman picks call and asks who is it, kuber says who are u its me abeers dad, suman says i am sorry kuberji i am suman, kuber says what is abeers cell doing there.

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