The insolent heart update Thursday 13 january 2022


The insolent heart 13 january 2022: Episode starts with Meher asking Abeer if he wants to control her life like he did 8 years back. Abeer looks at the papers. She says you wanted me to go, but now want me to stay back. She tells Kuber has sent her a notice asking her to serve for 3 months else he will file case for breaching of contract against her. Abeer says I will talk to Kuber and goes. Appendix laughs. Abeer comes to Kuber and asks why did you stop Meher from leaving the office. Kuber says you wanted her to stay back and that’s why I sent notice to stop her. Abeer says Meher thinks I asked you to stop her. Kuber says you are my only son, and whatever I am doing is for you. I want to rectify my mistake and bring her in your life. He says I got 3 months time for you, and hopes they get together again. Abeer looks on. Kuber says my only interest to stop her forcibly is you, and I will do everything to keep you happy, and will never back off.

He says Meher went away from your life because of me. He says it is your decision, if she leaves from here the she will not return again. Abeer looks on. Kuber calls his name.Abeer comes to Meher. Meher asks did you talk to him. Abeer asks her to keep him away from her matters. Meher says I did a mistake again. Abeer asks her to stay in office for 3 months. And says do you fear that you will fall in love with you. Meher says my foot. Abeer teases her taking Akshat’s name. Meher says he is really good and has helped my family. Abeer says whoever helps you, you will marry him. Meher asks him to shut up and says just forget it. Appendix asks Abeer if everything is fine. Abeer tells him that Meher will stay near him in the office.

Appendix says you were cursing your dad unneccasarily. Abeer says I don’t understand that my Dad such a thing. He asks Appendix to perform with him in Groove.Meher talks to Akshat and says Kuber didn’t agree. She says if she leaves the office before the notice period then……Akshat asks her to leave her last salary. Meher says I told him, but he don’t care. She asks him not to worry. She sees Abeer standing and disconnects the call.Satish introduces employees to Kuber. Rathi comes. Satish introduces Rathi to Kuber. Kuber thinks he has seen her somewhere. Satish tells Rathi and Nisar were closer and then Nisar went somewhere leaving her. Kuber coughs and is tensed. Satish says Rathi is sad since then, and is not having problem with work. Kuber says I need to talk to her once. Akshat tells Devki that Meher have to work for 3 months. Devki says Meher shall come home, and says she will see Kuber in court.

Suman asks Devki and Akshat, not to worry and says it will be Meher’s decision. She says force is granted in love. Devki asks her to make tea. Suman goes. Akshat thinks Suman never reacted this way before. Devki says she will call senior corporate lawyer. She goes to Suman. Suman asks her to ask Meher if she loves Akshat. Devki says when Abeer left Meher, Akshat is the one who supproted Meher. She says you are taking a U turn now, and liking Abeer again. Devki says Meher’s life will be ruined because of her. Suman says Meher respects Akshat, but don’t love him. She loves only Abeer and asks her to accept it.

Kuber gives file to Rathi and asks her to sit. Rathi says no. Kuber says Satish praised you a lot and says you all are my extended family. He says I am really sorry for whatever has happened with you. He says I know about you and Nisar. He says Abeer and Nisar were good friends. He asks if Nisar told her anything about him. Rathi nods no. Kuber asks her, if she knows why he went suddenly. Rathi apologizes and says she don’t want to talk about him. Kuber says okay, and thinks she might know much about him. Meher thanks Akshat for taking her for dinner. She says she is in too much stress. Akshat says Kuber didn’t agree. Meher says it is waste to talk to him. Akshat says lets start with main course. Abeer comes and says dal makhani…………He sits on the table to have food with them. Meher is surprised.

Meher telling Akshat that Kuber holds 51 percent stake in Groove and talking to him is waste. Akshat says lets order main course. Abeer makes an entry and says Dal Makhani. He joins them surprisingly. He says I know Meher very well and it is Meher’s favorite. Akshat says it is chinese restaurant. Abeer says he will order it from outside. Meher says I don’t want to eat it and want to eat chinese. Abeer says it seems your taste has changed. Meher starts choking. Abeer panics. Akshat helps her feel better as something was stuck in her throat. He asks Abeer to sit and says Meher will be fine in sometime. He goes to attend call and asks Meher to sit. Meher asks Abeer, why did you come? Abeer says I came to talk to my wife. Meher asks him to get out. Abeer asks if it is your date. Meher asks him to shut up. Akshat comes back. Abeer asks did I disturb you on your date. Akshat says it was a simple dinner. Abeer says so I can stay. Meher says we want to talk something personal alone.

Abeer says I didn’t stop. Meher asks him to go. Abeer says okay and goes to sit in bar. He orders one large whisky. Meher looks at him. Akshat holds her hand and they start talking smilingly.Abeer looks at them while they are enjoying each other company and drinks lots of wine. He thinks Akshat is a compounder. Meher laughs and mingles with Akshat and this doesn’t go well with Abeer. Some girls notice Abeer and take photos with him. He asks them to talk personal and says I will leave now. He says bye to Meher and breaks glass by mistake. Akshat goes to washroom to wash his hand. Meher says you have spoiled my evening and morning. Abeer thinks I came here to say bye, she always think me wrong. He gets angry seeing perfume on the table and thinks he wanted to gift perfume to my wife. He sprays it and everyone start choking. Meher comes back and says it is a pepper spray. Akshat comes and says we shall leave.

At home, Akshat asks Meher to sign on some important documents. Meher says okay. She makes tea and serves him. Akshat asks her, how do you know what I need at what time. Meher says I know you. Akshat asks her to have tea as well, and makes tea for her. They cheer and smiles. Akshat takes her photo and says good moments should be captured always. Meher poses for him. Akshat says you are looking very nice, but may be I am not good. Meher says you are really good. Akshat says I couldn’t woo you since 8 years.Meher’s phone rings and she doesn’t pick. Akshat tells her that Abeer is uncomfortable seeing them together. Meher says it doesn’t matter. Akshat says you said Abeer is childish. He says he is a bit of childish. Meher excuses herself. She calls Abeer and says you should say sorry to me. She asks him not to call her and asks him to leave her alove. Abeer asks did he tell you anything? Meher says Akshat will never feel jealousy because of him, and says you will never understand our relation. Abeer says it is a conveniance relation.

Meher says you are getting bored talking about s…… Meher says she don’t like now. Abeer asks if he kissed her. Meher says no. Abeer says it is good else I would have broken his cheeks. He says I will kill him. Meher says Akshat is a nice person, and I have no problem in spending life with him. Abeer says where is he? Just give call to him. Meher says it is none of your business and disconnects the call. Abeer calls on Suman’s number. Meher picks the call. Abeer asks why pigeon is sleeping in Meher’s room. Meher shouts Abeer. Abeer disconnects the call and sends message that he will never leave following her. Suman laughs.Later Abeer and Appendix decorate Meher’s cabin with flowers and their photo frames. Abeer thinks about the past and smiles. Someone informs them that Meher has come. Abeer asks Appendix to go. Meher enters her cabin and scolds him for entering without her permission. She looks at the photo frames and takes it out angrily. Abeer asks what you are doing? Meher breaks one of the photo frame angrily.

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