The insolent heart update Saturday 15 January 2022

The insolent heart 15 January 2022: Episode starts with Abeer telling Akshat that Meher is his and loves him. He says Meher would never come to him if she wants to go far from him. He says you will not be successful and asks him to return his house. He says you want to make me let down infront of Meher, but it will not happen. Akshat gives him something and says he got it outside his car. He sits in the car and says I thought to give it to Meher, but then thought to return it myself. He asks Abeer to keep the things safely else he might lose things like 8 years back.

Akshat makes special dinner for Meher and switches on the TV. He watches Abeer’s song Tere Nishaan…………..and switches off the TV when someone rings the bell. He opens the door and finds Meher. Meher sees the special arrangement and asks what is it? She asks where is everyone? Akshat tells they have went to watch movie. Meher likes the candle light arrangements. Akshat gives her wine and cheers. He looks at her. Meher asks what you are seeing? He says you……..Meher finds ring in the glass and is surprised. Akshat says will you marry me and proposes her. Meher gets uncomfortable and tries to excuse herself saying she will clean the stain. She comes back after cleaning the stain. Akshat asks will you marry me.

asks him not to make the situation more difficult and apologizes. She says sorry and says I know you are waiting for my yes since 8 years and have been my friend and a great support. Akshat says I am not asking for compensation. Meher says I need some time to think about it, and says she is not yet ready. Akshat agrees and gives her 24 hours to decide yes or no. He says I can’t move on till you take a final decision. He says if your decision is no then also nothing will be changed between you and me, I will always love and support you for forever, but I will move out of your house. Meher looks on and thinks she is still standing on the same place since 8 years and 24 hours are less for her to decide.

Suman calls Abeer and says she needs to tell something. She says Akshat…….Abeer asks what did he do? Why you are hesitating to say. Suman says Akshat has proposed to Meher for marriage. She says he always wanted to marry Meher, and told Meher and us, but he never got serious. Today he brought ring for her and asks Meher to say yes or no. She says I never saw her tensed before. She says even Akshat’s mood is off and he went out. Abeer says I will talk to you later and disconnects the call. Abeer gets sad…………….neend udi thi meri raaton ki plays…………………Meher is also sad and couldn’t decide. Abeer cries………………………………….

He recalls their marriage and happy romantic moments between them while the song still plays……………..Suman comes to Meher and sees her tensed. She hugs Meher. Meher cries in her lap. She says I am feeling as getting divided in two parts, and I don’t know what I wants. She says at one side is Abeer, and other side is Akshat. She says am I a thing which wants to get by them. She says nobody bothers what she wants. She says I loved abeer very much with my heart more than myself. I don’t have strength to love someone else again. She says Akshat was my friend, but need answer from me. Abeer stands shockingly while tears roll down his cheeks.

His team asks him to record the song. Abeer cancels the recording and goes. Kuber stops him and asks if you are fine? he asks why did you cancel the recording…He asks Abeer to answer. He asks him to come home and says your mum is very tensed. Abeer looks on.Kuber and Abeer come to Meher’s house. Devki opens the door and is surprised to see them there. Kuber asks shall we come in. Suman and Meher come down asking who came at this time. They see Kuber and Abeer home. Abeer looks at Meher angrily. Kuber and Abeer coming to Meher’s house. Kuber apologizes to Meher for his mistakes which led Meher and Abeer to separate. He says he became egoistic because of the money and status. He says I stopped Meher forcibly as she is very talented and I also feel that Abeer and Meher should be together again. Abeer looks on. Kuber tells Meher that he want to apologize to her and says you are suffering because of me.

I was wrong about you. He folds his hand and apologizes. Devki asks whether you have started a new business of apologies. Sometimes your son comes and sometimes you. Meher says today you came to my house, but I can’t forgive you. It is easy for you to apologize, but can’t imagine what I felt in those 8 years. You have stopped me in groove with 3 months notice, but you can’t forced me. She says I hope you remember this thing all your life. Kuber asks why you are punishing Abeer and yourself for my mistakes. Abeer asks him to stop it and says we will go home. He touches Suman’s feet and says if his love is true then everything will be fine.

They were leaving and see Akshat coming. Kuber asks Abeer to come. Abeer looks angrily and goes. Kuber smirks victorious and leaves. He asks if he will come home or shall I drop you to office. Abeer shouts angrily and says I will come home, but I have two conditions. First, I will drive the car and second, you will make me drink bear. Kuber smiles and hugs him. Abeer cries. He tells that he will surprise Madhavi. Kuber says good idea. They come home drunk and sing Mere Nishan song. Madhavi sees them coming home together and gets emotional. Abeer says I will drop you to your room as you are old. Kuber covers him with his suit. Abeer hugs Madhavi and asks her to take care of her oldie. Kuber asks who is oldie here….

Abeer sleeps on bed. Kuber makes him sleep and is happy with his return. Madhavi gets teary eyed. In the morning, Abeer wakes up Kuber in the morning and gives juice glass. Madhavi sees him ready and asks why did he wear clotheslike Kuber. Abeer says it is Kuber’s clothes. Madhavi goes to get breakfast. Kuber tells Abeer that he is really sorry. Abeer says it is done and asks him to cancel Meher’s contract and let her leave. He says Meher is very stubborn and he knows how to convince her. Kuber says whenever you need me, I will be with you. They talk about Akshat. Madhavi asks what did Meher said? Abeer looks on.

Devki asks Meher to say yes to Akshat and says he is always with you at your tough times, and you are still doubtful about him. She says if you want to end abeer’s chapter then you have to say yes to akshat. She says he will also move on in life. She says it is your decision now. Meher sees Akshat bringing his luggage and asks what is it? Akshat says I am preparing myself….if you say yes then i will stay else I will leave. He says I have my feelings….i like you and are fond of you. Meher says okay and goes.Meher comes to the office thinking about akshat and Abeer. She comes to her cabin and finds Abeer sitting. He asks how am I looking? Meher says I don’t have time for your childishness. Abeer says your friend is cheap, and made me drunk much on the press conference day, and also gave money to someone and got the lift closed. Meher doesn’t believe on Abeer.

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