The insolent heart update Saturday 1 January 2022

The insolent heart 1 January 2022: The episode begins with, mehar comes wearing red dress, abeer walks to her, mehar steps back n says abeer remember u promised, abeer goes behind her n blows her hair n pulls her near him,taiji knocks the door n asks mehar to open the door, mehar rushes inside blanket,taiji opens the door,and asks abeer when did u come,i thought mehar was alone so i opened the door sorry, mehar get ready n come down soon and taiji leaves,abeer says relax,mehar says see abeer i told u now what will taiji think abt me,mehar changes n goes down stairs, taiji says mehar don’t take me wrong, i know its difficult to do and if u cant tell me,its fine, mehar says no taiji i will do as u say, taiji says i saw abeer near u, and if u love abeer then where is sacrifice for that love why aren’t u following what i say, i am doing all this for u n abeer, u don’t believe but i believe in this and i am scared for abeer,

The insolent heart 31 December 2021

mehar says taiji trust me nothing happened between me n abeer,taiji says abeer is my son and i cant see anything happening to him, mehar says taiji believe me i will keep distance from abeer, taiji says for me plz stay with me for seven days, mehar says taji why are u taking trouble, taiji says this is for u n abeer and atlast its ur decision, mehar says ok taiji for next 7 days i will stay with u, taiji says good go get ur things from abeers room, mehar leaves n taiji says thank god he made me reach u at right time and now see what i will do today and when u will cry in pain that will give me peace.

taiji in pooja room purposely drops diya n shouts oh god what all is this happening why these bad signs, what are u trying to say god, mehar comes in n says taji i will clean it and goes to get broom, taiji picks a broken glass piece, mehar enters n cleans all the glass pieces and lights the diya again,taiji says good mehar, abeer was so right abt u , u are so sweet, mehar leaves.
Mehar stumbles with abeer, mehar says abeer what are u doing here, abeer says mehar see we have to dash again or else either i will have horns or we will fight, mehar says abeer i will break ur head plz stay away just 7 days, abeer says 7 days how will i and walks to mehar, mehar closes her eyes n says plzz, abeer hugs mehars apron, mehar opens her eyes n laughs n says u are mad, abeer says ok i will go, mehar says sorry,abeer leaves,mehar starts smiling looking at abeer, abeer blows a flying kiss n leaves.

Taiji calls abeer to take Prasad, abeer says taiji u know i dont believe in all this, taiji says for me,abeer says ok, taiji says first go remove ur shoes, taiji puts the broken glass piece in abeers way,abeer steps on the glass piece, taiji starts shouting oh god what all is this, i told mehar to clean properly n see she left this n u got hurt,abeer says relax taiji its just a glass piece, mehar comes in, taiji says mehar step away see i told u to clean properly but u didn’t listen why don’t u listen mehar, abeer says why are u shouting her taiji, mehar says its my mistake i am sorry abeer, taiji says i cant see my child going through pain and what is this love troubling my son, abeer says taiji plz stop this, it was just an accident, taiji says yes why will u believe me i will not interfere in ur matter any more, mehar says taiji plz don’t feel bad he didn’t mean to hurt u, i am sorry, taiji says let me put u an ointment, and mehar see these are signs and so stay away from my child, mehar says taiji as u say and leaves feeling bad.

Mehar n abeer video chatting, abeer says seriously mehar how du believe all this, mehar says abeer, see taiji believes in all this n for her we have to do this and if i don’t listen to all this she will feel like i am trying to take u away from her and i don’t want all this, abeer says wow what thinking , i mean ur doing this for me thanku, u shd get a mdeal for this but one thing how abt a ghungat, mehar says ok we cant meet eachother n now u don’t want to see me n mehar puts dupatta on her face, abeer starts laughing n says oh remove it, mehar says no i wont , abeer says plz.
abeer asks mehar to remove dupatta from her face, mehar says no i wont, abeer says wait and sings song for her, mehar removes duppatta from her face.

6 Days to go:Mehar sees a note on mirror, saying i love u, taiji calls mehar.
5 days to go: mehar sents breakfast for abeer with heart on it, abeer looks at mehar n blows a flying kiss, mehar blows back a flying kiss. 4 days to go: abeer tries to get close to mehar n mehar runs away from him, taiji calls mehar and gives her some instructions abeer hides behind pillar and teases mehar. 3 days to go: mehar sleeping beside taiji, and video chatting with abeer, abeer singing song for her.
2 days to go: kuber says to taiji 7 days are gonna finish, taiji says yes now we have to send abeer somewhere out and this will give us time to think what next to do, kuber says i will send him for work, taiji says will he listen, kuber says i know we aren’t doing well now but i will emotional blackmail him,taiji says very good n i will make sure that mehar n abeer never get close n never let them have a baby n this is only bcoz of mehar n her family since they are responsible for my husbands death.servant informs kuber n taiji that abeer is suffering from high fever.

Kuber taiji n madhvi with abeer, kuber calls doctor, mehar rushes to see abeer but taiji stops her n takes her out and closes the door n says mehar u take care that u don’t come close to abeer n abt his health i and madhvi will look after him u go now.mehar leaves. Abeer feels bad, mehar n abeer video chatting, mehar says abeer go take rest, abeer says no i don’t feel like, mehar says u want anything abeer, abeer says yes u, mehar says abeer just one day, abeer says u know dad wants me to go out for work with nisar, mehar says thats good abeer but pooja, abeer says no its not important that i attend pooja, mehar says we waited 7 days just 1 day more, abeer says yes yes u don’t want me u just wanna be perfect daughter in law, mehar says abeer this is not true i miss u too n i promise when u will return u will get a sweet surprise, abeer says ok till then i will manage with a kiss so one kiss,mehar says first go finish dads work n then why one i will give u lot of kisses.

1 day to go: taiji wishes abeer luck for starting new work n says this is mehars good luck n may god give such daughter in law to everyone, kuber says enough of this abeer leave now n here is a pen for u for ur first contract sign,abeer says wow u giving me gift looks like mehar is really lucky for me, taiji says abeer stop praising mehar n take everyones blessings,abeer does so,abeer says taiji can i meet mehar, taiji says yes go take her blessings too and laughs n says go meet her, abeer walks to mehar n holds her hand n says take care, mehar says u too,abeer says bye will miss u n wispers will kiss u soon, mehar says me too n now go fast n come fast ur surpise is waiting, kuber says abeer quick or else u will miss flight, mehar says take care bye, abeer leaves mehars hand n goes.

Next day during pooja, taiji says to herself mehar u praying to spend whole life with abeer but trust me i have made all arrangements to break ur marriage.after pooja,taiji asks mehar to distribute sweets among the people in the temple,mehar takes Prasad n starts distributing it, taiji n madhvi get busy talking to panditji, madhvi n taiji come out n see mehar is missing, taiji n madhvi search for mehar.
Abeer n mehar reach home, abeer says see how quick ur husband is, mehar says taiji n ma must be worried give me ur phone let me inform them, abeer says first tell pooja done, mehar says yes, abeer hugs her, mehar says abeer someone will see leave me, abeer says no one will see us i have sent all servants out, mehar says ur work how did u come so soon, abeer says nisar is handling all there n i am here for u,abeer picks mehar n takes her to room.
Taiji searching for mehar , sees the pen kuber gifted abeer on ground.

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