The inseparables update Tuesday 10 March 2020

The Inseparables 10 March 2020: Maanvi runs off saying she cannot see her Jiju in this state. Viren is left speechless.Later Jeevika, Inder and Sambhav tells the police that Viren did not kill Riya.

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But Viren signed on a statement paper where he accepts that he killed Riya.Beeji and Madan chachu leave for Vadhera’s house which makes Sweety happy.

Vanshika tells Virat that Viren cannot kill anyone and Virat consoles her.Jeevika feels cough while eating and Manvi tries to give water to her.Jeevika refuses to take water which makes Manvi hurted.

Each of the family members are anguished in their own rooms, sleep evades them, Viren in Jail thinks how he who used to fight for justice is gonna stand as a criminal before the court, Jeevika prays to god to help them in the case, Maanvi shares her fears with Virat, Virat assures Maanvi that some miracle would happen the next day

Jeevika vents out to god in anger, reads the news paper before god, then breaksdown before him and asks him to help them, show the justice and restore her faith in him (god) she pleads and prays bhagwan to show a miracle in this case…

Maanvi is looking around for Jeevika, Beeji and Madan chachu arrive Maanvi hugs beeji and she shares everything with her, Beeji tells her to trust her di.. and gives example of how Jeevika took her to terrace and Maanvi trusted her di and her fear of heights was defeated..Maanvi says she can understand di’s feelings now.. but how can she not accept what she has seen .. Madan chachu says it could be her illusion, Maanvi agrees if she is in illusion what about jiju who is accepting the crime on his own .. SB is glad to see beeji Maanvi asks bua about Jeevika, as she couldn’t find her in the house.. all are worried

@Court – the police are walking Viren through the court corridor, Jeevika wants to meet Viren but the police don’t allow her to meet, Jeevika manages to hug Viren in the corridor and leave a news paper in his hand, which fell down on the floor, the lady constables take Jeevika away, they stare at each other, Viren is made to sit on the bench, Jeevika prays God to help them..

the wind blows, the news paper comes and lands near Viren’s feet, he is shocked to see Riya Malik’s obituary message with some other girl’s picture.. Jeevika tells IC about police not allowing her to meet Virenji, IC gives the court papers to let the family meet Viren. Jeevika is allowed to meet Viren, Viren tells Jeevika this is not THE riya malik, Jeevika is shocked, Viren says how can the media publish wrong picture. The rest of the family members arrive court, Viren tells IC about the picture which is not Riya’s, IC and family are shocked.

Jeevika says may be with this picture they can uncover the truth, but Viren is adamant that he killed Riya, IC requests Viren to take back his case.. Viren denies saying he can’t lie and tells them not to force him .. SB and V-mom tries to show different angles to the incident and convince viren, beeji requests him .. but Viren denies.. the cops take him for the hearing.. Jeevika seeks God’s help

Virat and Maanvi reach court, they see Sambhav going out, the ask him where he is heading now that the case hearing is about to start, Sambhav says that he cannot see Viren punished for the crime which he hasn’t committed.. Jeevika tries calling Sambhav. Sambhav tells VirMan that he is heading home and would pray for Viren Jeevika is coming down the stairs and calling Sambhav.. Maanvi tries to stop Sambhav but he leaves..

VirMan run into Jeevika, M asks Jeevika whom she is calling Jeevika tells she is trying to call sambhav, Virat says Sambhav left for his home.. Jeevika wonders how can he leave now as he is the one who can give the right information about the wrong picture published in the obituary column. VirMan are shocked.. Jeevika goes to find out Sambhav.. VirMan conclude that the picture is of the wrong girl as said by Viren… and Virat says this case has lot of twists.

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