The inseparables starlife October 2020 teasers

The Inseparables this October 2020: Viren confronts Shashank about his identity and learns that he is Vidhi’s husband. Maanvi’s family refuses to accept Monty as her father. Maanvi goes to meet Monty who begs for forgiveness.

Thursday 1 October 2020

Episode 499

Maanvi is surprised to see Viraat home. Vidhi tells Harshad to take the money and leave the house. He threatens her. Jeevika suspects Vidhi and Viren of hiding something.

Episode 500

Harshad brings a gift for Vidhi. Jeevika insists she accept it. Swamini helps Harshad to impress Vidhi, but it does not affect her. Jeevika feels Vidhi likes Viren.

Friday 2 October 2020

Episode 501

Jeevika suspects Viren and Vidhi are having an affair. When Maanvi finds Monty’s photo in Daboo’s room she asks him and Monty about it. Monty tells her that Madan is his friend but Maanvi is not convinced and wants to find the truth.

Episode 502

Viren learns about Harshad’s death from his teacher but suspects that the guy is pretending to be Harshad is an imposter. Maanvi is furious that Beeji hid the truth about Monty being her father. Viren stops Shashank from misbehaving with Vidhi. Later, Maanvi locks herself inside a room and cries.

Monday 5 October 2020

Episode 503

Viren confronts Shashank about his identity and learns that he is Vidhi’s husband. Maanvi’s family refuses to accept Monty as her father. Maanvi goes to meet Monty who begs for forgiveness. Maanvi asks Monty to leave, to avoid trouble for the family. Monty explains his situation and Maanvi forgives him.

Episode 504

Maanvi accepts Mahesh as her father and calls Jeevika to tell her. Jeevika, in turn, tells her about Vidhi and Viren. Maanvi feels happy about bringing Mahesh home. Mahesh apologises to Beeji but she does not let him enter. Jeevika assures Viren of her support if he reveals Vidhi’s misery.

Tuesday 6 October 2020

Episode 505

Badi Beeji asks Beeji to forgive Mahesh. Vidhi panics when she reads Shashank’s message about the birthday gift. Later, Shashank decides to take Vidhi for shopping and Viren offers his credit card. The doctor tells Mahesh he needs a kidney transplant. Maanvi shows her childhood letters to her father.

Episode 506

Viren warns Shashank to stay away from Vidhi. Later, Shashank introduces her as his fiancee, but Viren announces that she refused Harshad’s Shashank’s proposal. Maanvi tells Mahesh that she will persuade Beeji to accept him. Shashank tries to get Vidhi to dance with him but Viren intervenes.

Wednesday 7 October 2020

Episode 507

Viren retaliates when Shashank tries to misbehave with Vidhi. Jeevika is curious about Vidhi and Viren’s relationship and asks Vidhi about it. Viren stops Vidhi from leaving and tries to tell everything to Jeevika who misunderstands him.

Episode 508

Mahesh welcomes Madan home. Beeji and Madan ask him to leave the house. Jeevika decides to walk away from Viren and Vidhi’s life. Madan tries to tell Maanvi about Mahesh’s misdeeds but she asks him to let Mahesh stay. Viren finds Jeevika’s letter. Viren and Vidhi look for her and find her in the temple.

Thursday 8 October 2020

Episode 509

Vidhi tells Jeevika the truth about Shashank. Virat requests Beeji to forgive Mahesh, but in vain. Shashank provokes Jeevika against Viren but she slaps him. Viren vows to throw him out of the house within 48 hours. Later, Jeevika stops Shashank from hurting Vidhi and he threatens to harm her baby.

Episode 510

Beeji is still struggling to forgive Mahesh. Viren finds Shashank’s criminal record in the police station. Beeji overhears Maanvi saying that Madan wants to reconcile with Mahesh. Jeevika hits Shashank with a vase when he tries to misbehave with Vidhi. Shashank decides to hurt baby.

Friday 9 October 2020

Episode 511

Viren exposes Shashank to Swamini and Vanshika. He asks Shashank to sign the divorce papers and gets him arrested. Badi Beeji requests Beeji to forgive Mahesh. Mahesh decides to leave Beeji’s house but she forgives him. Maanvi decides to surprise Jeevika by introducing Mahesh.

Episode 512

Maanvi returns to the Vadhera house with Mahesh. Maanvi, Jeevika and Daboo celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Seeing Mahesh, Jeevika gets upset and locks herself up inside her room. Mahesh apologises to the Vadhera family and decides to leave but Viren stops him. Later, he consoles Jeevika.

Monday 12 October 2020

Episode 513

Jeevika decides to walk out when Mahesh joins them at the dining table. But Swamini stops her. Jeevika decides to visit the temple alone but Swamini convinces her to take Maanvi and Mahesh. Maanvi and Jeevika have a disagreement in the temple. Later, Mahesh saves Maanvi from an accident.

Episode 514
Final episode

Jeevika admits Maanvi and Mahesh in the hospital and reconciles with him. Two months later, Vidhi has a fall and the doctor declares that she can save either Vidhi or the baby. Jeevika wants to save Vidhi but Vidhi wants to save the baby. Jeevika helps Maanvi deliver when she gets into labour.

The inseparables will be replaced by A PERFECT LIE after it ends.


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