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Simran gets shocked seeing Raman. He says you said we are enemies, so I have come in enemy’s area. He gives his hand and says I came to do friendship. She asks why did you come. He says because you did not come to school. She asks will you enter my house if I don’t come to school. He says yes, maybe. She says you are Bajwa, you came in Pavaniya house, if I give a call, they will kill you. He says fine, I will tell them, if I die, maybe you will get peace.

She says no, listen and gets up. She falls down and Raman gets shocked. Everyone hear Simran’s scream. Chandar asks is Simran fine. Bebe says yes, her foot is hurt, but she is fine. Chandar asks shall I go and see her if you permit.

Raman makes Simran get up. He holds her in arms. They look at each other. Bolna mahi
bolna…………..plays………….. Chandar says she is my would be wife, if I don’t care for her, who will care then. Jagan signs Bebe and says he is right. Bebe says fine, go. Chandar says I will go and see. He goes upstairs. Amba feels angry.

Raman flirts with Simran, calling her a candle and himself a fly. He says I came to tell you, that I love you. She looks at him. He smiles. Chandar is reaching her room. Simran asks Raman to go. Raman says I won’t go without getting your answer. She says you go, else they will kill you. He says I don’t care and does shayari. They hear footsteps. Chandar comes to the room and holds the door.

Simran sees someone outside. Chandar opens the door and gets in. Simran gets shocked seeing Chandar. Raman hides. Chandar smiles and shuts the door.
Chandar says you did not come to sit in my car, I thought to meet you in your room. He stares at her. He says I heard your voice and came here, you don’t care for me. He sees her foot burnt and holds her foot. She gets ache. He says you did not tell me about this burn wound. She sees Raman hiding outside the room. Raman thinks who came, I can’t see or hear anything properly, Simran may fall in problem because of me.

Chandar gets close to Simran. Amba enters the room and asks is everything fine Simran. Chandar gets away and says you should have told me about Simran’s wound, I can’t bear to see her like this, I don’t like any stain on her. Chandar says we will go downstairs, you came to say this, don’t explain now, you don’t trust me, if you dislike me, why don’t you tell Bebe, you stay silent. Chandar goes. Amba thinks don’t know what will Chandar say downstairs. Amba leaves.

Simran shuts the door. Raman comes to her. She asks why did you not go. He asks who was he. She says anything would have happened, you think this is joke, this revenge is not a game, keep your heropanti to yourself. He holds her hand and says I came to tell you that I love you, I know you too love me.

She gets her hand away and says I saved you for humanity, don’t get mistaken. He says this is first step of love to see enemy as human, one day you will know what your heart wants, I will wait for that day. Mahi bolna……………plays…………… He leaves. She cries.

Chandar tells Bebe that he wants to ask something. Amba looks on. Chandar asks do you all like me, I mean its no pressure. Jagan says what are you saying. Bebe asks did Simran say anything. Chandar looks at Amba. Bebe asks him to say did anyone tell anything. Raavi says don’t get shy, tell us. Mannu comes and says I m saying this, this man is not a good person. They all get shocked. Amba asks Mannu not to talk like this, don’t you have manners, apologize.

Mannu says my sister can’t marry a bad man, she can’t marry anyone, she is not 18 years old. Jagan says I will beat you. Amba asks Mannu to say sorry, else you will get slap. Chandar says let it be, don’t scold him, he is little boy, we did not get friendly yet. He twists Mannu’s hand. Amba sees this. Mannu looks at her.Chandar acting sweet and telling Bebe that its his mistake to ask this. He says I m an orphan.

Bebe says don’t say this. Chandar asks Mannu why is he annoyed and gifts him a toy. Bebe smiles and asks Mannu not to say nonsense again. Chandar says I will leave, I got late. Bebe asks him not to feel bad, we will have food. Chandar says I have nothing in heart, I will have food anytime, I will keep coming now.

Jagan says fine, I won’t stop you, next time come for longer time. Chandar leaves. Bebe says if this happens again, you all did not see my anger then. She asks Mannu to explain Simran that its her good fate to get such guy, Amba took responsibility of raising Mannu, did Amba teach this to him, if Mannu does so, I will not leave him. She scolds Amba.

Mannu gets angry and kicks the toy. Bebe and everyone get shocked. Mannu says Simran can’t marry, she is not 18 years old. He leaves. Jagan asks Amba to manage Mannu, else I will make him right.

Mannu does aid to Simran’s foot and asks how is her pain. Gunjan tells Simran that Mannu told Bebe that you are under 18 and can’t marry. Mannu tells Simran that he will not let her and Chandar’s marriage happen. Amba looks on and asks what will you do, will you fight like this. He says I did not fight, I just said rules are rules, we can’t break it. She asks him to be quiet, I m explaining I m trying, I will lose if you guys fight, you all saw result of fighting with Raavi, let me fight, I won’t let this marriage happen.

Next day, Raman sees Mannu in school. He goes to Mannu and says you don’t know me, I was thinking I have two chocolates, we will share and become friends. Mannu says I don’t eat anything from outside. Raman asks his name. Mannu says you are strange, you don’t know name and calling me friend, don’t you have any other work.

Raman asks about Simran, she studies in my class, her foot burnt, she did not come today. Mannu gets angry and says everyone is after my sister, I will complain to teacher if I see you again. He goes. Raman says all Pavaniya are same to fight for little things.
Bebe and Raavi do arrangements. Amba comes. Bebe asks her to give clothes to Simran, its her roka today, make her ready. Amba gets shocked and asks when did this get decided. Mannu and Bheeru come home. Bebe says yesterday, when Mannu insulted Chandar, I took decision I will not delay.

Amba says its wrong Bebe, how can you decide Simran’s roka so soon. Mannu worries. Amba requests Bebe not to let wrong happen, I m not against you, but maybe that guy is not right for Simran, think well, we can discuss. She holds Bebe’s feet and says I will tell Simran to apologize to Raavi and Jagan, I will become your maid, my children are my life, I can’t see Simran’s life getting ruined, Simran is Charan’s daughter, Mannu will never misbehave with anyone. She asks Mannu to say. Simran comes out and sees this.

Bebe says leave me, why should I not do roka, whats the bad thing in Chandar, you and your children are making schemes, I won’t let this happen. She asks her to make Simran ready. Jagan comes and asks what are you doing. Bebe holds Amba’s hair and asks her to stop this drama. She asks Jagan to lock Amba in room, its fine if Amba does not want to be part of Simran’s roka. Jagan asks Amba why is she doing this drama. Bebe says take her, let her go to hell. Jagan asks Amba to let this happen. Amba says Simran is Charan’s daughter.

Bheeru calls out Jagan. Jagan says stand there, its our family matter. Amba says Jagan, you can also get daughter. Bebe gets angry and says your daughter’s roka will happen today. Jagan drags Amba. Mannu shouts mummy. Simran comes running and asks Raavi to ask Jagan to leave Amba, I will apologize. Sukhi comes and looks on.

Raavi says what did I do, Bebe will take right decision, don’t worry. Simran asks Bebe to leave Amba. Amba says Simran’s life will get ruined. Jagan locks Amba in the room. Amba shouts to Bebe not to do this. Mannu, Simran and Gunjan cry. Mannu gets angry. Amba says open the door Jagan and cries. She asks Bebe to stop this roka. Jagan leaves. Amba cries.

Mannu meets sarpanch and asking him to stop Simran’s marriage. He says family is forcing Simran for marriage, she is not 18 years old and its not her legal age to marry. Sarpanch says its your personal matter, your elders will be deciding it, you should get sweets for us, we can decide on matter if two parties come here. Mannu shows the book of law.

Sarpanch says your age is not of this law books, you go and play. Mannu asks will you do anything or not. Sarpanch says complain to them who follow this books and manage law, we can’t help you.

Simran gets ready for roka and cries. Gunjan asks why are you crying, Bebe has locked Amba, why did you request Bebe and Jagan, they will not listen, you go and tell them that you won’t marry. Simran says this can’t happen. Gunjan says then we will just obey. Simran says we can’t do anything.

Gunjan says then marry Chandar, you are worried for studies, I will marry when anyone tells me, its better than studies, who will save you from this marriage.
Mannu runs on the road and recalls Chandar. Amba sees Bebe and Raavi. Raavi says Chandar has come. Bebe says get Simran, I will welcome him. Raavi gets Simran. Chandar smiles seeing her. Mannu reaches police station. Raavi greets Chandar. She asks Simran to smile.

Mannu waits in station to talk to inspector. He says I m Manpreet Pavaniya, I m 8 year old, my sister is forced for marriage, come and nab the culprits. Amba sees Simran. Chandar sees Amba. Amba shuts the window. Chandar tells something to his Mausi. Mausi goes to Bebe and talks to her. Bebe says its nothing like that, I will go and see. Bheeru looks on. Inspector does not listen to Mannu and is busy in work. Mannu asks are you listening to me.

Roka rituals start. Mannu angrily puts the water glass on inspector’s table. Inspector asks who are you, where do I have to go. Bebe goes to Amba and says I would have not let you come in Roka, thank Chandar, he wants you to attend Roka, change clothes and come out. Amba says this relation is not good for Simran, stop this. Bebe asks her not to create hurdle in Roka, else I will get Simran’s marriage done today. She asks Amba to come out fast and goes.

Mausi gives shagun to Bebe. Jagan reads the marriage proposal aloud. He says so much hindi in Punjabis house. They laugh. Raavi asks Simran to smile. Amba gets ready and comes out. Bebe asks Simran to smile, else she will get beaten up. Amba holds Simran’s hand. Chandar smiles.

Bebe calls out Mannu. She asks Bheeru where did he go. Bheeru says I will go and see. Bebe says he always goes when needed. Amba says I will see. Bheeru says Mannu is not upstairs, I will go out and see, he will be nearby. He leaves. Bebe says Simran has other brother too. She calls Sukhi and asks him to give sword to Chandar to ask his agreeing for relation. Raavi asks Sukhi to take nek. Bheeru comes and tells Amba that Mannu is not outside. Amba says find him, I m scared. She thinks where did Mannu go.

Sukhi gives sword to Chandar. Mannu stops Sukhi and enters the house. He asks police to come. Everyone get shocked seeing police. Inspector asks whats happening. Mannu says she is my sister, she is not 18 years old, even then Bebe is forcing her to marry. Bebe and Jagan get angry.


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