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Amba asks Pahuja to come home and talk. She tells Mannu that Pahuja is coming to talk something imp, all arrangements should be done. Mannu says wedding planner is not there now. Amba says so what, you all manage, I have found other wedding planner, Pahuja has sent letter and asked for simple marriage, its easy right. Mannu says yes.

Sukhi goes and throws the bag in trees. He sees bag back in jeep and pinches himself. He thinks it it dream. He throws the bag again. He comes home. He hears someone saying, where are you leaving me, you are sinner, you have torn me. Rajveer hides and teases him. Sukhi sees bag in jeep back. He says Mannu did this. Rajveer says what, do one thing, take me home and burn to get peace for me. Sukhi says fine, I will burn you, don’t do anything.

Raavi says Rajveer was good guy, he celebrated holi function well, don’t know why he did cheap thing. Mannu sees Sukhi getting bag. Mannu thinks if anyone sees magazines, we will be trapped. Sukhi keeps magazines to burn. Mannu says what are you doing, I told you to throw magazines out. Sukhi says magazine is coming after me, I have to burn it. Mannu says mummy will know we did this to make Rajveer run, don’t burn it at home. They get shocked seeing Amba.

Rajveer comes back and says you all played game with me, such cheap planning against me, is this justice, I m simple, poor wedding planner, I had dream to earn name, but they broke my dreams, I worked hard, I would not work so hard even in my own marriage.

Sukhi says fine, why did you come back. Rajveer says how could I forget my small thing, even that’s valuable to me, my shorts. He takes it. Sukhi says you have no manners. Amba says now you have come, get back to work.

Rajveer says sorry, I can’t do this work, I did not know Shah ji hates me and can do such cheap thing, I don’t ant to come between you and your son, I respect you and regard you mum, your real son is Mannu. Amba says fine, as you wish. Rajveer says fine, and plays song Tadap tadap ke……. He does drama and sees everyone. He goes.

Amba says you don’t want this marriage to happen on time. Mannu says no, Gunjan does not want this marriage. Amba says enough, what Gunjan wants and does not, I don’t care, I know what’s right for her, I m her mum, my decision is final, Gunjan will marry Aman anyhow, you will do all marriage arrangements. Rajveer smiles and says Mannu got trapped, Mannu will ask my help, I will find my Soniyo.

Mannu is having a tough time at work. Mannu sees Raj and asks how did you come here. Raj says I did not catch bus. Mannu says fine, come and do work. Raj says this is not my work, I can help you, but you have to help me in finding my Soniyo, her simplicity made me mad, make me meet her once.

Mannu says you are mistaken, there is no such girl in pind. Raj says I have seen her. Mannu says you had drunk bhaang, you would have seen her in bhaang effect. Raj shows the anklet and says she was really there, tell your friend to help me.

Mannu says I have no friends, there was a friend and he left. Raj asks did you not try to find him. Mannu says no. Raj asks was he Bajwa. Mannu says get back to work, its about Amba’s respect. Mannu goes. Raj thinks you are still mum’s boy, that’s why I m not able to say I m Raj Bajwa, you will tell Amba and she will kill me to keep enmity.

Amba comes and sees Raj. She asks what are you doing here. Raj says I came back on work. Mannu comes. Raj says Mannu apologizes to me and got me back to work, he wrote apology letter. Mannu sees blank letter.

Raj says I could not stop myself as Mannu showed much love. Mannu holds ears and sits. Raj says I have forgiven you, get up Shah ji. Its morning, Pahujas look around the house. They see simple decorations. Raavi gives simple juice. Pahujas refuse. Pahuja asks will you do welcome arrangements like this. Amba asks what.

Pahuja says I will say straight, I know you are sunken in loan, but I want to do my son’s marriage well, we would have not fixed relation with you if you said this before, this is wrong, truth is always bitter. Aman says don’t know why you felt bad, its not bad to have simple marriage arrangements.

Amba says you said about making arrangements in simple style, you have sent letter. Pahuja says I did not send letter. Mannu signs Raj. Raj says I think there is some miscommunication, I m the great wedding planner, when it comes to Amba, I will tell you they always mean grand things. He gets his laptop and asks Sukhi to help him. Raj says you would have not seen such unique ideas in any marriage. He gives his presentation.

Raj says our try is to make this wedding day better. Pahujas get happy. He asks will you guys really do this. Jagan says we were not in loan, we give loan to entire pind, marriage will happen this day. Pahuja says our worry got over. Pahujas leave. Amba says Raj, you did great work today. Raj thanks her and says it was my duty. Jagan says we will know this when you actually do this. Mannu sees Amba staring.

Amba asks Mannu did you write letter. Mannu says no, you are mistaken. Amba says you did not like this relation, so you did this, what’s your problem, are you jealous, that your marriage can never happen. Mannu cries. She says this marriage is my wish now. She goes. Mannu recalls Amba’s words. Gunjan comes. Mannu says I m jealous of you right. Mannu cries and runs out.

Mannu goes to the shade. Mannu misses Raj. Mannu removes the Pagdi and sees her face in the mirror. Mannu recalls childhood time and hugs the doll gifted by Raj. Mannu sees Raj’s pic in locket. Manny thinks where did Raj go. Raj comes there. Mannu hears someone coming and worries. Mannu hides and looks on.

Raj sees Mannu in girl’s avatar. He asks what are you doing here, covering yourself with blanket. He says its good I got you, I m finding you since I saw you, I had your anklet and wanted to return it, I will give this when you say your name. He introduces himself as Rajveer, and says you can call me Raj by love. He says I like it, you are shy, come we will go inside and talk. She says no, my dad left me, if he sees me with you, it will be problem, please go.

He says don’t take tension, there was no one. She says he will be coming, I will go and see, don’t go anywhere, I have to talk a lot, I will just come. He goes to see.

Mannu takes the Pagdi and hides. Raj goes back and says I have seen, there is no one. He sees her gone and says she did not say her name. Mohini says my plan failed again, marriage did not break, Amba got good fate, if Harjeet knows this, I have to eat chilli again. Pammi says my friend is Pavaniya’s neighbor, Pinky said Gunjan does not want to marry Aman. Mohini says this news should be used.

Mannu ties her hair and wears Pagdi. She thinks of Raj. Mannu goes to Rajveer. Raj asks what are you doing here. Mannu asks how do you know this place. Raj asks did you see her. Mannu asks him to answer. Raj asks what’s in this place which I should not know. Mannu says tell me. Rajveer says I will say, come with me. He shows nameboard.

Mannu says I thought …. Raj says you thought your childhood friend Raj… Mannu asks what did you say. Raj says I was just asking, did you and Amba fight, you don’t want to get Gunjan married, I saw you worried and came after you, you disappeared, I m not your old friend, but you can trust me, maybe miracle happens in this beautiful place, tell me what is the matter.

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