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Everyone is having a meal.Sid’s Grandmother says it’s been long they had that. Raj tells DD that it’s a treat for them all to eat together but after that, they have to leave. DD begs them to stay; she apologises for everything again. Simran says it’s okay and as a family they are bound to have issues.

The doorbell rings and two Women enter.
They introduce themselves as workers from the local adoption agency and say they have received reports that Sid is trying to adopt a Child without paperwork. Aisha tells them to leave and says they are my Mum and Dad.
She grabs their file but Sid pulls her back and tells her not to behave badly with them and asks Roshni to take care of Aisha.
Sid tells them that he plans to adopt Aisha the legal way and do the paper work as well.
They ask him to come to their Office.
He leaves with them.

Sam brings Mona and some friends to Yash’s Office. Mona says she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to have come without Yash’s consent. Sam says he’s her husband and she has every right to come and go as she pleases. Her friends tell her she’s so lucky.

Aisha goes into the Kitchen to open the Cupboard and take out chocolate.
DD locks her in the Cupboard and tells herself that nobody is home to save Aisha. Aisha gets scared and asks her to open the door.

DD says no one will take you out. She says she sent Roshni away from here, and the domestic help is busy cleaning the house. She thinks she only agreed to let her stay so she doesn’t lose Roshni but she will come up with a plan to get rid of her!

Sam, Mona and her friends enter Yash’s Office. They are shocked to see him in what appears to be a kissing position with Kritika but he is really just fixing a plaster on her head. Sam pulls Yash and asks what he’s doing! He is confused as he doesn’t understand her anger.
Kritika tells her that Yash was just helping her put a plaster on the cut on her forehead.
Sam accuses Kritika of trying the same thing she did before, again!
She raises her hand to hit Kritika but Yash stops her and reminds her that he told her Kritika was his employee.
He explains that they only have a professional relationship and he would not have Kritika break the rules of conduct at the office.

Mona pulls Sam and suggests they leave.
Sam rues to ruin Krutika and warns her (Kritika) as she is leaving.
Kritika breaks down in tears.

Sid returns home and Roshni says she has a bad feeling.
Sid assures her it will all go well.
They call out to Aisha but she doesn’t respond.
They begin to search for her.

Aisha is suffocating in the cupboard.
Everyone joins in the search but they can’t find her.
DD comes down to ask what’s going on. They ask if she knows where Aisha is? She feigns complete ignorance and acts to call for Aisha, when everyone is calling her name.
Aisha calls out for help just before she passes out.
Sid opens the cupboard and she has fainted.
The Doctor comes to attend to her and warns them not to allow it happen again!
Roshni asks her Grandmother how she could let it happen when Aisha was in her care?
Grandmother apologises.
Her GrandAunt asks Roshni why she would speak to her Grandmother like that over a Street Child and blames Aisha for being hungry since birth!
Roshni tells her to stop! She says it is enough and asks them to go.

Roshni’s Grandmother is in the living room, crying over what happened.
Sid goes to her and says he hates tears. She asks if he wants something? He says he was looking for something. He pulls her cheeks into a smile and says your smile is lost somewhere. She smiles.
Grandmother says she doesn’t know how she let it happen but DD sent her on an errand and she went. Sid succeeds in cheering her up.

Next day, Aisha takes a box and places it on a table in GrandAunt’s room.
DD goes to open the box and sees it’s a jack-in-the-box.
She gets an idea.
Later on, when everyone is at home, they hear Roshni’s GrandAunt scream.
Aisha squeals in delight, happy that Roshni’s GrandAunt must have opened the box .

Roshni’s GrandAunt enters the living room and they are shocked to see she’s bleeding.
She says there was a knife in the box.
Aisha says all she put in the box was a joker and no razor.
DD tells Sid and Roshni that they need to discipline Aisha and groom her properly before thinking of adopting her! She says this girl came from the Street, but they will have to groom her so that she can stay in their society.
Roshni’s Grandmother cautions DD.
Aisha insists she didn’t put a razor in the box and GrandAunt is just lying.

DD says how dare you?!
Roshni also warns Aisha to keep quiet or she will get slapped!
Sid is surprised at Roshni.
The Women fromm the adoption agency enter and warn Roshni not to dare touch her!
They say it doesn’t seem like she should be allowed to adopt her.
Roshni is stunned.
They say they already prepared the paperwork but they no longer think they can allow the adoption go through.
Sid explains that it’s a coincidence that they walked in just when Roshni was trying to discipline Aisha for the first time and Parents discipline Children.
The Woman says unfortunately, this girl is not yours. Look at the girl, she is so scared. Roshni’s Grandmother says there is nothing as such. She takes Aisha inside.
The Woman says they don’t fit into their adoption parameters and they would need some more time to evaluate the case properly.
When they leave, DD assures Roshni that she will sort it out.
Roshni hugs Sid and cries. Sid consoles Roshni and tells her everything will be fine.

Next day, DD is complaining. Sid asks what happened? DD says her earrings are missing!
Her GrandAunt brings Aisha’s doll and says she found it wearing the earrings and tells that she got it at the pool side.
Aisha says it’s her doll but she didn’t put the earrings.
Roshni tells her to just admit it! Aisha insists she didn’t put the earrings on. Sid says it is okay.
Roshni asks Aisha to accept her mistake! DD says it’s not her mistake, as you both will have to take time to teach her discipline, as She might say something wrong infront
of the Adoption centre people and goes to keep the earrings.
Roshni says I don’t know how to handle her as she is lying again and again!
Sid is now suspicious.

A Model at Yash’s Office complains about the dress Kritika gave her and refuses to wear the dress!
Kritika apologises to the Model and says there was no stain when she gave her the dress.
The Model asks if she’s now lying!
Yash enters and asks what going on?
Kritika tries to explain.
Yash apologises to the Model and takes Kritika away.
The Model calls Sam to tell her she has done what she asked and she’s sure Kritika will no longer go near Yash and he will fire her from the job. Sam thanks her.

Sid takes Aisha out to get ice-cream.
Aisha says she doesn’t want it because Mummy is mad at her. Sid gives her the ice-cream and asks her to tell the truth. He asks if she played the prank? Aisha says she didn’t take the earrings and didn’t put the razor in the box and it is done by Alabonda… Sid laughs and says I will save you from him. Aisha says Mummy is angry with me and will throw me out of the house, then what I will do? Sid says your Mummy loves you a lot, and can’t stay without you.

DD is with Roshni on the balcony.
She asks her if she’s sure she really wants to adopt Aisha?
Roshni is quiet.
DD says Aisha’s background and past can come to haunt them. She tells Roshni she’s sure she doesn’t want to adopt Aisha anymore and Roshni should just say it.
Roshni says she’s trying her best to correct Aisha’s bad behaviour and she’s confused.
Aisha is listening.
DD tells Roshni that there is time and she can still change her mind.
Aisha concludes that Sid must have lied to her about Roshni wanting her.
She walks away and DD secretly hopes she walks out of their lives for good.

Aisha is sitting by herself and playing with her doll.
She tells herself that Mummy doesn’t love her. She throws her doll away. DD eyes her and asks if she’s taking out her anger on the doll?
DD sits with her and tells her that nobody loves her in the family, her real Mother left her, Roshni doesn’t love her and Sid has been lying to her.

Aisha asks if Alabonda told her that?
DD says Alabuda told her to tell Aisha not to stay in the house as bad things will happen with her if she stays here.
Aisha is surprised.
DD says he also told her to tell Aisha not to tell anyone otherwise he will take her far away and drop her in the jungle!
DD tells herself that she feels bad for what she’s doing but she can’t let her stay in the house because she is responsible for Roshni’s miscarriage.
Aisha goes to bed sadly and lays down.
Roshni tucks her in.
The help brings them milkshakes and says they are from DD.
Sid is about to drink his when he gets a Phone call to come to the Office. He gives Roshni the drink and leaves.

At the Khuranas, there is a heavy bang on the door at night.
Simran and Raj have gone on their trip to London so it’s just Kritika, Sid’s Grandmother and her Sister at home.
They open the door and a drunk Sam enters to accuse Kritika of trying to take her husband! She attacks Kritika and pushes her to the ground, then she pours some fuel on the ground and lights a match, telling Kritika never to cross the line of fire!
Sid’s Grandmother puts out the fire and warns Sam never to threaten her family again!
Sam says Kritika lures other people’s husbands!
Sid’s Grandmother gives her a slap and sends her out. Sid’s Grandmother asks Krutika, if she is fine? Krutika hugs her and cries.
Sid’s GrandAunt tells herself that she won’t allow Kritika spoil the image of the Khurana family!

Aisha leaves the house thinking about DD and Roshni’s conversation.
She’s walking along the street at night. A Car comes. Sid gets down from the Car and looks at her.
He asks where she is going so late in the night and asks if she wants to leave her Mom and Dad?
Aisha starts crying.
He begs her not to cry and holds her close.

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