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Jai asks the doctor how did this happen. Doctor says we can’t say, he had head injury, we tried our best, sorry. Amba shouts asking Bheeru to get up. They cry. Jai says see trust me. Amba slaps him. She says you killed Bheeru, get lost from here. Mannu asks Bheeru to get up and cries. Amba and children come home. Amba recalls Bheeru.

Mannu says you did not get fine, we got you back by Jai’s help. Amba says don’t take his name again. Mannu says Jai did not do that intentionally, he told me everything. Mohini looks on. Amba asks did you know about Bheeru, why did you lie to me, are you not ashamed to take Jai’s side. Mannu says doctor asked me not to tell you anything that makes you worry. She says I could have saved Bheeru, who am I, I m your mother, why did you do this with me.

Jagan comes home and asks what happened, did anyone die. Simran says Bheeru died. Jagan gets shocked. Jagan recalls Mohini’s words. He sees Mohini. Jagan asks Amba not to worry, I will do final rites preparation. Amba says I have done final rites with all rituals. Jagan says fine, if any there is any work…. She says yes, throw out Jai’s bags out. Jai is leaving.

Mannu says if we did not go hospital today, we would have not seen this day, everything ended, Bheeru went to get proof for me, but all blame came on you, what will I do without you, Amba is not listening. Jai cries and says Amba has to understand, now I will explain her, I know what to do, I will stay here, now its my responsibility to secure this house. Jai hugs Mannu. Mohini sees him and says I will see till when will you be with them.

Mannu sees Amba. Simran consoles Amba. She says Jai is a nice man. Amba goes. Gunjan goes to shut storeroom window. Simran stops her. She sends Gunjan and goes to storeroom. She sees Raman shivering. She sees the window open and shuts it. She covers him with a blanket and asks him to get conscious, how can you faint, get up. She cries and worries for him. Raman drops his hand. She gets shocked.

Amba sees Bheeru’s pic and crying. Mannu looks on. He sees Jai sitting out in cold and rushes. Mohini goes to cover up Jai. Jai gets angry seeing her. She says you are trying to become Harishchandra because of Amba, you came on road today. Jai says I got punished for deeds. Mannu hears them. Mohini says fate is strange, when we feel everything is right, it changes, who knew that compounder will expose you. Jai asks her to go.

She says if there is much cold, come in my arms. Jai asks how did you know compounder said that in hospital. He holds her neck and says you did that, why did you send that compounder. She says you know me very well, even then you got ready to leave me like a fool, you should have not done this. He asks did you kill Bheeru. She says no, if I was stone hearted, I would have not got hurt when you cheated me, I did a lot for you, you forgot my love at once.

Jai says yes, I did wrong, now I will do right, you love me a lot right, I will surrender in police tomorrow, I will not become yours, you won’t be able to do anything, this is your punishment. She holds his collar and says you got ready to leave me, punish me because of Amba, remember you are outside this house and I m inside the house, I will trouble Amba, by becoming her Devrani that she can’t go to anyone. Jai says you will not do this. She says you should have thought this before, now its late, you can’t do anything. She goes. Mannu hides.

Mannu thinks Jai can’t do anything, but I can do, I will not let Mohini succeed. Simran cries and asks Raman to wake up. She hugs him. Raman gets conscious. She gets away. He holds her hand and stops her. He asks do you love me so much that you got so scared, you did not tell till now. She smiles. Bolna mahi bolna…..plays………… They hug.

Simran goes out and locks the storeroom. Gunjan says you were not in room at night. Simran says maybe you got up when I went to bathroom. Mannu sees Mohini taking milk and adding some powder in it. She goes to Raavi and gives her milk. She says I was told you aborted the baby, but you still look pregnant. Raavi worries. Mohini says your life can have risk, have milk, everything will get clear.

Raavi worries. Mohini asks what happened, drink it. Jagan asks what are you thinking, drink it. Raavi says I don’t want to drink. She throws the milk glass. Jagan gets angry. Raavi says sorry, I lied to you, I did not abort the child. He gets shocked. He says such a big cheat. Mohini asks how can you cheat your husband. Mannu looks on. Jagan says you have daughter in womb, whom you saved by cheat. He asks Mohini will you marry me. Mohini asks what, my fate is not so good that I get a husband like you.

Jagan smiles and says get ready then, its our marriage today. Raavi cries. She holds Mohini’s neck and scolds her. Jagan asks Raavi to leave from house, else do marriage preparations. Jagan goes to call pandit. He sees Amba at the door.

Amba says you said and everyone agreed, you thought woman is your shoe, what happened to you, are you not ashamed, your wife is pregnant, you take care of her, you are thinking to remarry. Jagan asks her not to interfere in his personal matter. She says its illegal to marry when first wife is there. Jagan says I will marry. Mannu thinks to stop this marriage and fail Mohini’s plans.

Amba and Jagan are arguing. Raavi begs Amba to help her and stop Jagan from doing this, I did wrong with you, so I m getting punished. Amba says Raavi has supported you in right and wrong things, what are you doing, you are thinking to remarry, why Jagan.

The heir August teasers

Mohini says Jagan, your bhabhi has more interest in your life. Jagan asks Amba not to interfere in his life. Amba asks Jagan is he leaving Raavi for this woman. Mohini asks why, what’s less in me, I love Jagan, I know he is married and am ready to become his second wife. Amba asks her to be quiet. She says Jagan its illegal to do second marriage when first wife is there. He says I will marry and goes. Mohini asks them to do marriage arrangements.

Mannu tells this to Jai. Jai says it means Mohini is ruining Raavi’s life. Mannu says just you can do something now, Amba will save Raavi’s child. Jai asks what does Jagan love most. Mannu says his status. Amba says sarpanch is not answering, I will go and meet him, stop crying. Mohini attacks and makes Amba smell chloroform. She says you work a lot, now sleep for sometime, good thing is going to happen, I don’t want you stay around. She locks Amba’s room and leaves.

Gunjan says where did mummy go. Raavi says she went to call panchayat. Mohini gets ready in bridal dress. She asks Gunjan to get alta. Gunjan refuses and calls her bad woman. Mohini says yes, but if you come to my side, you will be good, tell me where is alta. She scares Gunjan. Gunjan says its in storeroom. Simran stops them. Mohini says I m going to get alta. Simran thinks Raman is in storeroom. She stops Mohini.

She acts sweet to Mohini and says I will get alta for you. Mohini asks how did you change. Simran says Raavi used to trouble Amba a lot, we used to pray to get a good aunty, I will get alta and apply to you. Mohini smiles and asks Gunjan to learn from Simran. Gunjan thinks why is Simran behaving such. Simran sees Raman and smiles.

Simran applies alta to Mohini’s feet. Jagan comes dressed as groom and gets mesmerized seeing Mohini. He asks pandit to go his work. Raavi worries. Jagan holds Mohini’s hand. He scolds Raavi and asks her to become part of marriage if she has to stay here, else leave. He asks Raavi to do to tie the knot. Raavi ties the knot.

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