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DD tells Sid that she is sorry but her family has been facing too many problems because of his family. She tells that whenever he comes to her house, something bad happens, and her husband would have been alive if he hadn’t brought Misha into their lives, so she has decided not to let Roshni marry him! Everyone looks on shockingly.
She walks out of the room.
Kritika says it’s not fair that DD only mentioned the bad things but forgot the good things Sid has done.
She says if DD won’t give her consent, then they will take Roshni forcefully!
Simran asks why she would say such a thing?
Roshni’s Grandmother says Kritika is right as DD is just making unneccessary issue. She says I want the kids to be together, they have suffered so much.
Sid says whenever they come closer, it was against his ex Mother-in-law and his Mom’s wish.
Sid says he wants DD’s approval as he wants her blessing.
Roshni says she will do whatever Sid decides.
Roshni goes to DD’s room.
Sid thinks he needs his ex Mother-in-law’s blessings at any cost.
DD says Roshni can save her breath because she would never agree to the wedding!
Roshni says it was all a misunderstanding.
DD says they have lost more than they gained with Sid and his family, so she will not agree to the marriage!
DD says since Sid came into their life, they’ve lost many things; They kicked them out of their own house, divorced her daughter, and took away her daughter’s father. She asks her not to talk about this alliance!

Roshni says she understands what DD is saying but she remembers the beautiful things she experienced with Sid.
Roshni says Sid always did wrong, and says whenever she looks in the past, She see the thorns on which she has been walking, and she does see the flowers that has blossomed because of Sid too.
She reminds DD that it was Sid who repaired their relationship and brought her Dad back into DD’s life. DD says you can’t sell Sid’s goodness and this is her decision and her decision is final!
DD goes back to the living room to inform Sid and his family that she won’t change her mind!
Sid asks how long it will continue for, as he won’t stop showing up, and he will take Roshni with him because DD will not be able to keep Roshni away from him. He says DD used to forget that he is her strong Son-in-law, and she will never be able to separate them.
DD shouts it’s not possible and takes out the gun. Everyone is shocked.
DD keeps the gun to her head asking them to leave else she will kill herself!
She says she has just Roshni and she can’t afford to lose her daughter!
They all plead with her to put the gun down.
She tells Sid to go ahead and marry Roshni, but after her death as she cannot handle this anymore and threatens to shoot herself if they don’t leave!
Sid says he won’t marry Roshni, so DD should please put the gun down. Roshni’s Grandmother asks DD not to do this.
Raj intervenes and tells DD that Roshni and Sid are made for each other and tells that she can’t separate Sid and Roshni by blackmailing them with a gun.
He takes his family and they leave.
Roshni begs DD to put the gun down as they’ve gone just as she wanted. DD keeps the gun down.
In Sid’s house, his Grandmother says DD will never allow him marry Roshni because of her enmity/hatredness.
Yash and Sam discuss the issue at home.
Yash says he doesn’t understand why DD is being difficult?
Sam says she knows he (Yash) wants to be with Roshni!
Yash tells her to stop being unreasonable and asks her to grow up!
Roshni pleads with DD once again.
DD says Roshni can go ahead but she will kill herself!
Roshni gets dizzy and faints.
DD calls Kesar!
In Sid’s house, a photo of Sid and Roshni falls and breaks.
Sid picks it up and says something is wrong with Roshni.
His Grandmother tells him to be positive and not to worry as she has a feeling DD will give in.
The Doctor comes to see Roshni.
The entire family is gathered in the room. The Doctor says she needs rest at the most. He says he gave her medicine and there is nothing to worry about.
Everyone go outside the room. The Doctor stops DD. He says he wants to speak to DD alone.
Everyone leaves and the Doctor says he knows that Roshni is a divorcee and she’s not with Siddharth Khurana. DD asks what happened? He informs DD that Roshni is pregnant.
The blood drains from DD’s face.
Roshni seems happy.
Roshni tells DD that she should see the good in what has happened.
She tells DD that she is feeling connected to her child and says she wants to deliver this baby.
She says she is carrying the baby of the Man she loves. She says she (DD) can separate her from Sid, but she can’t separate a baby from his father, as she doesn’t want her baby to grow up without his father. She says she will deliver the baby anyhow!

DD asks do you think I will get this child aborted? She says the baby will be her grandchild and before now, Roshni has been the single most important thing in her life but the child is now a part of it.
Roshni says she will need Sid by her side then.
DD says Roshni can go ahead and marry Sid because she won’t let the child grow without a father and will get his father’s love.
Roshni gets happy and thanks her. She says she can’t wait to tell Sid!
DD stops her and says she can’t tell Sid till after the wedding because she doesn’t want people to gossip about them since she’s divorced.
Roshni says Sid has to know as it’s his baby.
DD says she will try to figure out the solution for this and to do as she says! Roshni agrees and says she won’t tell Sid now. She talks to her baby and says your Dad will be happy knowing about you once we get married.
Next day, Sid is about to leave the house.
Raj asks where he’s going?
He says he’s going to see DD.
DD enters and says he doesn’t have to go anywhere.
Mona and Grandmother bring in gifts.
DD tells Sid he can marry Roshni and become her Son-in-law!
Sid and his family are elated.
Sid’s Grandmother gets happy and hugs Roshni’s Grandmother. She says she was sure that DD will come.
Simran says they are delighted and thanks DD. Roshni’s Grandmother says it is not needed.
Raj says they were depressed earlier but they are now happy because of hee decision.
Sid’s Grandmother says they need to start the preparation.
Roshni’s Grandmother goes to Sid and asks if he is happy now? Sid smiles.
Sid sits down while Mona and Roshni’s Grandmother perform some rituals on him and prays for their togetherness.
He touches their feet and he goes to touch DD’s feet but she tells him it’s not necessary.
She says she spoke to a Priest already and he said they can get married in 4 days.
Sid’s Grandmother says the time is too short.
DD says things always go wrong, so the earlier, the better.
Raj agrees.
Sid takes Roshni’s Grandmother aside to ask what’s going on?
Her Grandmother says Roshni fell ill and DD changed her mind.
Sid asks if Roshni is okay?
Her Grandmother tells him not to worry because she’s fine.
DD asks her Mother to come.
At DD’s house, Samaira complains the wedding is too soon and she has put on some weight she would like to lose before the wedding.
Roshni says they need to have it fast before she puts on too much weight.

They ask what she means and she says she has been putting on some weight also.
At Sid’s house, Simran tells that she will call all the alliance. His Grandmother says she will also invite her Sister to the wedding.
Sid get tensed and complains about his GrandAunt.
At Roshni’s, her Grandmother says her own Sister will also be coming.
Roshni get tensed and complains about her too.
Krutika asks who the GrandAunt is? Sid says she will come to know when she comes.
Sid tells Kritika to go shopping with him.
His Grandmother warns him not to go and see Roshni because according to the custom, he’s not supposed to see her before the wedding.
Sid says he’s aware of the custom.
Sid is in Roshni’s room at night.
He asks why she made him get her cold coffee at this time of the night (12am)?
Roshni sips her drink and says she loves it. Sid laughs and says he will see her lost moments in their kids.
Sid says he would want their kids to be just like her.
She doesn’t respond.
He puts his hands around her stomach and she is shocked.
She then gets happy and feels him touching their baby. Mere Rubaru song plays…
The Door bell rings. Mona opens the door and She’s shocked to see Roshni’s GrandAunt. She enters the house and starts throwing tantrums. She scolds Roshni’s Grandmother and calls her Middle class!
Roshni and Sid spy on them and Sid says she’s exactly like his GrandAunt.
Roshni’s Grand Aunt complains about Roshni marrying a Middle class Man! She says you have fixed Roshni’s Marriage with the same Middle class Man with whom Roshni married before and then got divorced!
Roshni’s Grandmother tells her that he’s actually a very rich Man.
Sid tells Roshni that DD spoiled his image.
Roshni’s GrandAunt says she wants to see Roshni!
Roshni tells Sid that he has to hide.
Sid hides behind the door.
Mona, Grandmother and her Sister enter the room to see Roshni.
Roshni’s GrandAunt tells that they will do all the rituals this time, so that her Marriage doesn’t break again. Roshni’s Grandmother sees Sid hiding there and smiles. Sid also smiles. They leave. Sid tells Roshni about his GrandAunt.

Next day, Kritika tells Sid that he looks very handsome in his traditional wear.
The entire family is dressed and ready to go out.
An elderly lady comes in.
Raj gets happy seeing his GrandAunt coming home. His GrandAunt asks if everyone is going somewhere and hugs her Sister.
Kritika asks who she is and Sid says She’s his Grandmother’s Sister.
Simran asks Sid to take her blessings. Sid goes to greet her and she pulls his cheek and blesses him and asks why he is marrying the same girl again?
Krutika goes to greet her as well and tries to touch her feet, but Sid’s GrandAunt asks who she is? Sid’s Grandma says she is our daughter, Simran’s daughter and Sid’s Sister.
Sid’s GrandAunt asks why she didn’t just say she is Simran’s daughter from her first marriage! Everyone is shocked.
Raj says she’s still his daughter and Sid’s Sister.
His GrandAunt says she’s not related to him by blood!
Sid says Kritika is his elder sister.
Sid’s Grandma takes her Sister in to go and freshen up.
Krutika gets sad. Simran tries to cheer her up.
Sid asks her not to get sad and says you are the elder daughter of this house and this is the big truth, and If she keeps looking sad, then he will cancel his Marriage. Krutika hugs him.

They all have a group hug and Raj says he visited the temple and begged God to make things well for the family.
He tells that he used to pray for the family’s happiness and the day has finally come. He says they will celebrate all the 4 days.
Roshni is getting ready for her engagement and DD is with her.
Roshni gets up and feels dizzy. She leaves to go and throw up.
DD tells the Servant to get her peppermint tea.
Roshni’s Grandmother and her Sister enter the room.
They hear Roshni throwing up.
Grandmother’s Sister asks what’s wrong?
Grandmother says she may just have eaten something bad.
Her sister tells them to call the Doctor.
DD says it’s not necessary.
The Servant brings the drink and her Aunt asks what the drink is made of?

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