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Friday update on The Heir 5th July 2019

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The Episode starts with Simran asking Amba how can Mannu be a girl. Amba sits crying. Simran recalls Mannu’s birth. She shakes Amba and asks what did you say. Amba says this is the truth, I have hidden this since many years, just Bheeru knows this, I had to bear a lot, everyone tried to harm Mannu. Simran recalls the old moments and asks why did you hide this, you changed Mannu’s identity, Mannu does not know, you know you are so bad, what will happen when Mannu knows this. Amba says he won’t know, I won’t let him know.

Chandar says its very late now. Bebe asks Raavi to call Simran. Chandar asks Mannu to go, else I will go. Bebe says Raavi will get her. Chandar says wait, I will just come. Bheeru asks Chandar to stop, give some time to Simran, its special day for girl, let her do what she wants. Chandar says fine, let me see girl once, I will be satisfied. Bheeru knocks door and asks Simran to open the door, Chandar wants to see you. Chandar goes inside the room, and sees Simran with ghunghat. Chandar says Amba is not here. Bheeru says she will be in bathroom. Chandar asks them to come downstairs. He throws the ghunghat and sees Gunjan instead Simran.

Amba says I m bad mother to save you all, else you would be not standing here, Gunjan was young, don’t you remember anything, Charan was killed, no one knows who killed him, Jagan wanted to become Shah, Bebe said if it’s not a son, Jagan will become Shah, we would have got killed by now, I told you a woman’s respect is by husband and son, why we get respect, everyone feels Mannu is a boy, when I went to panchayat, everyone bowed down because Mannu is a boy, shall I give Mannu to Bebe, this secret will not stay, then we will be killed, I m worst mother, I risked my one child’s life to save other children, its not easy to cry every day, it needs courage. She throws her bangles and asks Simran to sell it, and run away with money, start a new life, else I can ruin your life too.

She asks Simran not to die, Mannu and I are dying every day to save you and Gunjan, if you die, Mannu’s sacrifice will be waste, I can’t bear this. She walks out and leaves. Simran cries.

Chandar tells Bebe that we got insulted, did we raise voice, Mannu broke my car lights, he misbehaved with me, I thought to get friendly with him, I asked you do you all like me or not. Jagan comes and asks what happened. Chandar says Amba and Simran are not at home, we got insulted twice, are we in hurry to marry. Bebe says sorry, we did not wish to insult anyone. Jagan asks Mannu where is Amba. Mannu says I don’t know. Jagan raises hand and Bheeru stops him, saying Mannu is not lying. Jagan scolds Bheeru and pushes him. Bheeru says Amba will come, she will not take any decision that hurts her children. Chandar asks what decision, where shall I go to find Simran, will this marriage not happen.

Jagan says no, let them run, I will find them. Bebe asks Jagan to send his men. Jagan sends Nekiram. He asks Chandar and Bansal to give them some time, they can punish Amba and Simran. He turns to leave and sees Amba coming. Chandar asks Amba where is Simran, I told you to tell me if you don’t like me. Amba gets silent. Chandar asks Bebe to see Amba came alone. Bebe asks Amba where is Simran, I will forget you are my bahu. Simran comes and asks what happened Bebe….. They all get shocked seeing Simran. Simran sees Mannu and gets emotional.

Bebe asks where did you go. Simran says I told mummy to tell everyone, we did not like to do engagement in same clothes, Roka happened in morning, so I went to market to get new clothes, am I looking good. She says maybe there is big misunderstanding, forgive me, its my engagement, I was getting a new dress. Chandar and everyone get surprised. Jagan says what did we think and whats this reason. Chandar says everything is fine, we will start the ritual.

Chandar and Simran exchange rings. Chandar tells Simran that she has done a lot, now he has right on her life. Mannu gets angry.

Later at night, Amba sees Simran crying. She says you did a big thing, but I promise you, engagement happened, but this marriage won’t happen, trust me. Its morning, Sukhi says I will get rakhi tied first. Raavi asks Simran to start. Bebe asks Simran why is she upset, smile now. She asks Mannu to get rakhi tied to his hand. Mannu gives his hand. Simran cries seeing him. Amba wishes Simran tied rakhi to Mannu as her brother, today Simran will tie rakhi to her sister. Simr an recalls Mannu and Amba’s words, and cries. Mannu asks Simran to tie rakhi. Waaris………..plays…………

She does the rituals and feeds laddoo to him. Mannu gives her the broken bangles necklace gift and asks Simran not to worry, he will make everything fine. Simran says I know, you will go very far and become a big man. She recalls Amba’s words, and says you will become big Shah, you will do good for everyone. She cries and runs from there. Gunjan ties rakhi to Mannu. Mannu gives her same necklace to her. Sukhi sits for rakhi ceremony. Gunjan says I won’t tie rakhi to you, my mum cried because of your mum. Amba asks Gunjan to tie rakhi to Sukhi. Gunjan obeys Amba and ties rakhi.

Amba ties rakhi to Bheeru and smiles. He is about to give her money. She says you gave your entire life to me, I can’t take anything from you, you left everything and staying here for my happiness, what more can I brother give to a sister, what else can a sister ask for. He blesses her that day comes soon when she can declare she is Shahni, and she has three daughters, who are the best.

Its morning, Mannu and Sukhi comb hair and smile. Sukhi says I will get moustache soon. Mannu says I don’t like that, when it comes, I will cut it. Sukhi laughs and says then you will look woman, its sign of manhood. Simran looks on. Sukhi asks Simran to say. Mannu asks Simran is that necessary, I look a man without it also. Simran recalls Amba’s words and says woman or man, it does not matter, you should have good intentions to do good things. She wishes world followed this, mum would have not lied. He asks why are you not coming to school. She says I won’t study now, its all over.

Bebe checks mud pots and asks the lady not to fool her. The lady says they are getting Simran married in young age, they know much about raw and solid things, will Simran be fine after marriage. Amba hears her and thinks. Mannu comes to school and recalls Raman’s words. He goes to Raman. Raj asks why did you come here. Raman says you are my good brother, tell me why are you sitting here and having lunch with me, its because you have no friends, will you talk to Mannu like this. Raj says Mannu also troubles me, I don’t like him. Raj goes.

Raman asks Mannu is he angry even today. Mannu says my sister is very sad, she is not allowed to come to school. Raman says her foot is burnt, she will need time to recover. Mannu says that’s not the reason, Bebe is getting her married, she is very sad, she wants to study and I m not able to do anything. Raman gets shocked and recalls Simran. Mannu asks will you help me. Raman says yes.

Amba apologizes to Mrs. Bansal/Chandar’s Mausi. She says we are happy with this proposal, it was misunderstanding, I wanted you to keep marriage, but…. Chandar comes and asks but? Mausi goes. Chandar asks Amba what was she saying. Amba says I was saying, marriage can happen now, but if bidaai can happen later then…. He gets Bebe’s call and says fine, I will ask Bebe about bidaai. Amba says no, Bebe does not know I m here. Chandar disconnects the call and says your daughter is very pretty, it will be tough to stay without her after marriage. She says thanks, I just wanted to know your answer. She leaves. He smiles.

Raavi asks Simran to save her tears, she has to cry after marriage. Raavi goes. Mannu gets Raman’s book and gives her. She gets shocked. He says you said you can’t study, so I got studies at home. She cries and hugs him. He says Raman said he will send notes for you. He wipes her tears.

Its night, Raman thinks of Simran and gets upset. Bolna mahi bolna……………..plays…………… Amba comes to Mannu and asks what is he doing. Mannu says I m preparing for school. She asks why. Bheeru says I was going to say, Mannu can’t go to school for 3-4 days. Mannu asks why. Amba says Bheeru has exams, he is going outside, who will take you to school and pick you. Mannu says who will get notes for Simran then. He says I can go with Sukhi, I m a boy, all boys go school alone, they take care of themselves, if I don’t go out, how will I know I can’t take care of myself.

Bheeru says I can give exam next year, I will take Mannu to school. Amba says no need, you will give exam, you did hardwork for many years, I will take Mannu to school, you don’t think for yourself.

Its morning, Amba asks Mannu to be careful and drops him to school. She says I will come to pick you, go. Mannu goes and thinks he left tiffin with Amba. He runs and sees Amba gone. He says she was here, she went so soon. He sees Chandar’s car and says Chandar is with some girl, and beating her too. He thinks I have to find out, maybe this can stop Simran’s marriage.

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