The Good son update Friday 01 October 2021

The Good son 01 Oct 2021: Ramesh asks her to be quiet, calls her mad and fraud. Purva says he wanted to make you quiet just as he made Purva quiet. Rahul says Vedant had killed Purva and she used to love me. Purva says she used to hate you. Rahul says we both love each other a lot.

Purva asks then why did you get arrested for molesting Purva. Rahul gets tensed and says she is lying. Purva picks the trishul and says the day when Purva died, you entered her house forcibly and tried to molest her, but when she refused your touch, you strangulated her with saree pallu and killed her. Rahul asks how do you know this. The fb is shown of Purva’s death.

Purva walks towards him and keeps her foot on his chest and asks if he wants to go to jail by saying truth or want to die with her hand. She is about to stab trishul in him, but he stops her and confesses to have killed Purva. He says I strangulated her with her saree pallu so that when Vedant sees her and tries to get her down then people doubt him. Everyone cries hearing this. Soham arrests Rahul. The new Purva cries badly.Dr. Asthana comes to Pankhudi and says Dr. Vedant’s is breathing heavily. They all run to the room. Pankhudi rubs his feet.

Purva asks her to treat him and says she will rub his feet. Pankhudi asks her not to do acting and says Purva di is dead.Manjula asks Purva to let Pankhudi do the work. The Inspector asks Ramesh to come with him, but Ramesh acts innocent and tells that he wants to be with his son as he is critical. Soham asks Inspector to take Rahul with him. He then asks Ramesh to meet Vedant. Devi Parvati looks at Vedant and he becomes fine. Pankhudi says thank god, you got fine. Dadi thanks Pankhudi. Purva says Rahul has confessed to his crime. Soham asks Ramesh to come with them. Ramesh acts and asks Dadi to take care of his Vedant.

Manjula says all the accusations were cleared from you and this happened because of this girl. Dadi says she got him confessed his crimes holding the arrow. Purva says we shall thank her (devimaa) for giving me courage. Devi Parvati says I showed you the way. Dadi asks her to stay for haldi kumkum. Manjula does the ritual, followed by Sumiti. Devi Parvati blesses them. She asks Purva to do her haldi kumkum. Sumiti says she is not Vedant’s wife and tells that she is dead. Dadi says Vedant has accepted her as his wife. Sumiti argues. Devi Parvati tells that the truth color is far beyond everything else and tells that she will pray that they see the truth soon. Purva touches her feet and tells that I couldn’t do your haldi kumkum, but wants your blessings.

Devi Parvati blesses her. Pankhudi tells Vedant that she has treated him and gave an antidote without knowing about the poison. She tells that she has learnt from her Guru. Vedant tells that they shall find out about this girl. Pankhudi says yes. Purva comes there with soup. Pankhudi says she already made him drink soup. Purva says she will ask Dadi to drink soup and asks him to rest. Vedant thinks who is this girl who knows everything about me.

Episode starts with Pankhudi telling Purva that she already gave soup to Vedant. Purva says I thought he will feel better drinking this. Vedant says I can have normal food from tomorrow and is fine. Purva says I will make special food for you, will make sooji ka halwa for you tomorrow. Vedant is surprised. Ramesh tells Sanju that he told Police that he doesn’t know from where the poison came. Sanju asks him to get him married to Pankhudi soon. Ramesh says Vedant has returned and now Amma will transfer POA on his name.

He says Pankhudi will not have anything now and tells that he will get him married to a rich girl. Sanju says I love her and we have completed her condition. Ramesh refuses. Sanju asks if you love me then get me married to her, else I will think that I am another Gudadi lal for you. Ramesh says Gudadi lal is dirty mud and you are chandan fragrance. Sanju asks him to get him married to Pankhudi and prove this. Pankhudi comes to room and sees her innerself/counterpart. She asks who? Counter part says I am your innerself and asks if she is happy to marry Sanju or that Vedant is saved and Rahul is arrested. Pankhudi says she doesn’t know.

Her inner self says you are beautiful, sanskari, but have less intelligence. Pankhudi says if I can then I can make the world dance on my tune. Her counter part says that stranger girl came and is trying to snatch Vedant from you and you are marrying that Sanju. She asks her not to lose Vedant at the hands of stranger girl.Devi Parvati comes to a woman and asks if she brought a message for her. She asks her to show her face to her. The lady laughs and says she wants to be called as alakshmi. Parvati says Prabhu might be coming and asks her to go.

Alakshmi says she is waiting for him and asks why didn’t he accepted me, when he had vish from Samudra manthan. Parvati says as because you are more poisonous than that vish. Alakshmi tells that her bhakts will be destroyed. Parvati says my hands are on my bhakts. Alakshmi tells that she has her hands on the evils and shows Ramesh, Sanju, Sumiti, Gomti and Pankhudi in her hand. Parvati ji thinks how can Pankhudi become bad, she is Purva’s sister and helped Vedant. At the dining table, Purva tells Vedant that she made sooji ka halwa for Dadi and him. Ramesh says we have to bear their choice. Purva says I made Parathas for you and Sanju.

Sumiti asks what about me? Purva says I made Moong dal Pakoda for you. Gomti says she is on diet now as she will go to Denmark. Purva says she made fat free oats for her. Gomti says yes. Dadi blesses Purva. Ramesh says even Manjula didn’t make such tasty pakodas. Manjula smiles. Pankhudi says you knows about everyone’s preference. Purva says I made your favorite food also. Pankhudi says we don’t want to know how you know about everyone and tells Dadi that she wants to tell her something being a family member. She tells Purva that Court permitted her to stay here until the murder mystery is solved and asks her to leave Sanjeevani Sadan. Ramesh thinks Pankhudi made my work east. Purva looks at Vedant.

Devi Parvati tells Mahadev to burn Alakshmi and made evil go off from the way. Mahadev says where there is defeat, then the victory becomes good. He says one can take decisions of right and wrong. Purva tells everyone that she is Purva. Pankhudi says she died infront of everyone. She says we have seen her bridal dead face and last rites. She says even if Devi maa comes here, then nobody will believe that she is Purva. Devi Parvati comes there. Alakshmi stops her and tells that Pankhudi said that she will nobody will believe her even if Devi says that she is Purva. She tells that Mahadev had said that you can’t use their powers here. Parvati says to maintain the stability on the earth.

She tells that everything is fine and this is her trust. Alakshmi asks her to see. Pankhudi asks Gomti if she trusts that she is Purva. Gomti says this girl is playing game with us. Dadi tells that she trust that she is Purva. Parvati says everyone will believe slowly one by one.Purva telling that she is Purva. Pankhudi says even Devi maa comes here and says then also we will not believe that you are Purva. Dadi gets up and says I accept her as Purva. Ramesh asks how can you say this? Dadi tells about the religious incidents and tells that she believes that God has sent Purva back to Vedant. Devi Parvati says everyone will agree slowly. Alakshmi says Vedant will not agree. Pankhudi tells Vedant that he can’t give Purva’s place to her, although she helped them a lot. Devi Parvati says my bhakt will not do or say anything wrong.

Vedant gets up and says since this girl came here, she thought about my and everyone’s betterment. Pankhudi asks so will you accept that this is Purva. Vedant says his heart wants him to accept her as Purva as she is just like him. Dadi asks what is stopping her then? Vedant says he is a doctor and knows that after a person dies, then death certificate is remaining. Purva says she is happy that he didn’t call her fraud and didn’t tell that she read Purva diary etc. She tells that her face and voice are not like Purva, but she can’t accept defeat and can’t see Vedant mourning for my death even though I am alive. Ramesh asks what you will do, will you force us. Purva says you can take my test, I will not refuse, but this is my home and family, don’t ask me to leave.

Devi Parvati and Alakshmi watch them from outside. Dadi comes to her and holds her hand. She says this girl is a fraud for you, but she is the savior for me and that’s why I want her to stay here in this house. Ramesh says this girl has to leave and can’t stay in Sanjeevani Sadan, she is fraud and cunning.Purva goes to the inhouse temple and prays to God, saying I don’t know how to give my truth test, I left everything on you, don’t know where to go and what to do.

She keeps her hand on the diya and says I feel pain with your (Vedant’s) pain and says if you feel Purva’s hand burning feel then say something. Vedant feels a burning sensation in his hand and runs to move her hand. He blows on her hand and gets concerned. Pankhudi gets jealous. Purva smiles seeing his concern. Vedant says I have decided that until I find out about you, you will stay here. Devi Parvati smiles. Ramesh stops Manjula from supporting his decision. Dadi says until we can treat her as a guest. She asks Purva to stay here. Parvati says I never treated anyone with Adharm. Alakshmi says there will be many tests that Purva will leave from here. She tells that she will make Pankhudi against her.

Pankhudi asks Purva to come to the guest room and says I will show you. Vedant is still holding her hand. Pankhudi takes Purva from there forcibly. She says I have kicked you out of the room, then you will be out from the house. She says Purva di left, now I have right on Vedant. Purva comes to the guest room and says it is the same. Pankhudi asks her to stop acting and says nobody is here. Pankhudi says I know that you came here, to get Vedant, this house and the wealth. Purva says she has nothing to do with their money, says I just love Vedant. Pankhudi says not you, but I love Vedant. Purva asks even now? Pankhudi says yes, I love him even now. She says in the past, circumstances were such that he married my sister, but now he is mine and asks her to leave from there. Purva says you have done many mistakes in the past, but if you try to do it again then.

Pankhudi says she will kick her out from Vedant’s life. Purva says this is not possible. Pankhudi calls her fake di and says she will marry him after 3 weeks then he will be mine forever. She says this is my challenge. She goes. Purva thinks what to do and looks at the calendar where Pankhudi has marked the date.Devi Parvati tells Mahadev that he lost again in the game. Mahadev says Narad muni says that the husband’s betterment is to lose from a wife. Alakshmi comes there and greets them. She asks Parvati if she wants to play chaucer game.

Parvati says even Mahadev can’t make me lose. Alakshmi challenges her. He gets up and asks her to come with him. Parvati says first I want to defeat her. Alakshmi asks what I will get if I win? Parvati says if I win then you will remove your bad sight from Vedant’s family. Alakshmi says if I win then give me what I asked for.Purva thinks to talk to Vedant about Pankhudi and thinks to talk to him when he is alone. Gomti and Sumiti argue over the cooker. Narendra says I put your cooker’s lid into the other’s cooker body. Gomti says this is all Vedant’s mistake.


Vedant asks why? Sumiti asks Vedant when he is getting the partition done. Vedant says Dada ji has written in his ‘will’ that Sanjeevani Sadan and Jeevan Rekha can’t be sold for partition, but there is a FD, which I can break and give you 1 crore. Ramesh is shocked and thinks it is his father’s money. Sumiti and Gomti are happy. Vedant asks Dadi not to worry. Gomti and Sumiti ask each other to keep the cooker. Vedant removes the lid. Dadi asks Manjula to apply balm for her headache.

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