Mariam Khan Reporting Live update Friday 1 October 2021

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 01 Oct 2021: The Episode starts with Mariam coming to Fawad. She recalls how she made the girl unconscious and spoke to Biji. Mariam says I know its tough to believe, stop staring, you are at an imp party. Fawad comes to the party. He thinks minister has the pendrive, I have to go in that meeting any how. Mariam thinks minister has the news, I can give it a try. Bhakti thinks this story is also mine, I pity on Fawad. Fawad thinks this time I won’t do any mistake.

Minister praises Bhakti and her last story coverage. He asks her to keep up her good work. Fawad gets angry. Mariam stops him and says you are allergic to guava. She thinks Bhakti has trained her spy well, her acting is natural. She says you seem upset with Bhakti. He says I can know people well, Bhakti trained you well, congrats, you are working with passion. He thinks the deal didn’t get cracked by now, I have full chance to get pendrive, I have to keep an eye on minister. Fawad and Mariam dance on Fanaa….. Their imagination starts. They hug. Janun na….plays…. They dance romantically. Mariam asks what are you going to do.

He asks really, shall I tell you my plans, you just enjoy the party and leave, don’t spoil anything. She says I know what you want, you want the pendrive, I m here to help you, tell me what are you going to do. Bhakti becomes his dance partner and asks why are you tensed, drink some ice tea. Mariam hurts Bhakti and says so sorry. She asks her to go and drink some ice tea.Fawad thinks where did the minister go. Minister says if the pendrive content gets leaked, we will be going behind bars, the pendrive has info about terrorists.

Fawad looks for minister. Mariam looks for him. She says how will I get dad’s info. She sees Fawad climbing up. She distracts the guards and sends them. Fawad thinks why does she always ruin my plan, guards will be alert now. He says my plan failed again, do you have any problem with me, did anyone ask you to do this. She says no. They hide from guards. Fawad goes back in the party and collides with Bhakti. He asks her to ask her spy if she wants. She thinks he is talking about that girl. She says yes, that girl is in intern, that pendrive is imp for me, my intern is determined.

He says I won’t leave her, she won’t spy on anyone again. Bhakti smiles. Mariam says I was helping him, he should have thanked me. She sees a man keeping pendrive in the bouquet. The man asks waiter to deliver the bouquet. Mariam thinks Fawad is finding this, does this have dad’s info, my aim is the same.Mariam colliding with the waiter. She gets the pendrive. Minister shouts and says I want this pendrive at any cost. Mariam thinks Fawad also wants this pendrive. She goes to Fawad and signs him. Guards stop everyone and say that they will check everyone, some imp documents are stolen.

Mariam gets worried. She stands in the line. Fawad looks at her. He thinks I can’t give up, no…. She thinks I have found info about my dad, I hope things don’t mess up. She escapes. He thinks how did she manage to escape. He leaves from the party after checking. Madiha sees Majaaz’s pic. She says you have become a truck driver now Akshay, but you are still the same. Meher asks where were you till now. He says nowhere, I went here to transport sugarcane. Madiha goes to get biscuits for her.

Meher asks how can this happen, you said you have seen Mariam. He says yes, I have seen her having similar pic, I felt like there is some connection, like I have seen her before, I think she is Mariam, if she is, then its all because of Madiha’s prayers. Rifat hears this and gets shocked. She recalls lawyer’s words and says Mariam shouldn’t come back here, she is alive… Mariam runs on the road. She takes an auto. Fawad shouts on her to stop. He says my plan got ruined because of you, I can’t tolerate cheat. Bhakti looks on. Mariam says how will I extract info from pendrive.

She goes to some cafe and asks the man to let him use any computer or laptop. The man allows her. She checks the pendrive contents. She sees some video. Some people involved in terrorist activities talk to Majaaz. Mariam gets shocked seeing him. She cries recalling the past. Rifat recalls Mariam. Choti comes to her and asks her not to believe rumors, they see Mariam everywhere. Rifat says Mariam is in Bhopal. She recalls sending the goons to kill Mariam.

Choti says Mariam will never come here. Rifat says we have to find about her, its really imp. Mariam runs on the road crying. She sees Majaaz coming. She gets shocked. She says dad can never do anything wrong, the data in the pendrive was fake. Fawad comes to Bhakti and says congrats, you got successful in your plan. He doesn’t see her. He ruins her office. Bhakti meets Mariam. She says I get what I deserve. Mariam asks why did you get me here. Bhakti says everyone was after that pendrive, many people can get things by it, its a jackpot, Fawad thinks I have sent you, you work me and inform me about Fawad, I will give you good money, he is hunting a new story, I want you to get all the details, an Indian man has become a terrorist, its quite interesting. Mariam thinks I have to find the truth.

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