The frontliners Update Tuesday 24 August 2021

The frontliners 24 August 2021: The Episode starts with Sid caring for Ishani. He jokes and laughs. She turns away. Anjali checks Shashank’s BP and says its fluctuating a lot, Juhi was with you, did you both talk. He asks is it done. She says this happened because of her, BP is high, take care. He asks her to sit. He says what about my dream of grandchildren. She says you always joke. She goes. He thinks to tell the truth to Juhi. Anjali asks Juhi to come, she can be the cure of Shashank’s fluctuating BP, this never happened, we know the reason for this.

Ishani collides with Sid. They have a moment. He greets her morning. She sees her inner self irritating her and shouts shut up. Sid says excuse me, I don’t understand your strange language, come. Juhi says stop it, you think I deserve all this, I lived in this misunderstanding that my mentor Shashank is protecting me, I didn’t know he loves me, you told me about this, my career was badly affected, do I deserve this, why do you hate me. Anjali asks do I deserve to be number two in my dad’s life, you have snatched him, I have no problem that he loves someone, but I have a problem that he loves you, you are nearly of my age, just few years older, nothing will change between us. Sid says we will schedule the surgery today.

Sid and Ishani see a critical patient. She says we have to operate him today. He says its our first responsibility, prepare for the operation fast. Vardaan goes to his secret chamber. He meets Dr. Basu and asks what happened. Basu says work is done, girl is dead, the body was decomposed. Vardaan says this work should happen in time, none should know about it. Basu says none will know it. Neil asks Vardaan from where is he coming. Vardaan says from main door. Neil says I didn’t see you coming. Nurse says even I didn’t see. Vardaan asks Neil to do his job. Sid and Ishani operate the patient.

Rishabh comes in the function. His dad gets happy that he got the pandit. He says I was thinking to tell everyone that you are my son. Rishabh says no need to tell anyone. His dad gets upset and goes. Sid says successful surgery, nurse give me hourly updates. Ishani asks Asha what is she doing here. Asha says there is a big problem. Sid and Ishani run to see Jessica. Jessica cries and says my hair are falling off, I m ugly, its too late now. They console her. Jessica tells about meeting Jignesh. She says Jignesh praised my beautiful hair, he used to love my hair. Rishabh asks how is my new sherwani. Neil says it looks good. Rishabh says don’t ask me how much I spent on it. Rahil says we won’t ask, Sid will come and guess it, he knows your price tags. Jessica says Jignesh wanted to marry me, when I want to marry, this is happening, he accepted my cancer, I can’t even look beautiful for him. Sid and Ishani cry.

Shashank asks Vardaan what’s going on in his mind. Vardaan says you are the best neurosurgeon, find it out. Shashank says I promise you, the day I find a bad tumour, I will remove it. Vardaan says do it soon, it may get late. He goes. Shashank asks where are Sid and Ishani. Asha says they are with Jessica. Shashank says you know what senior doctors say in this situation. Juhi says lets hope for the best. He says senior doctors are smart.Ishani says a born baby isn’t cute, he is bald, but he is beautiful for his mum. Sid says your face just got pale, it happens with everyone in fever. They console Jessica. Ishani asks her to say it, she is beautiful. Jessica says I m beautiful. Sid asks her to say it louder. Jessica shouts I m beautiful. They hug Jessica.

Shashank asking Jignesh to get habitual, girls take much time, did you hear about ladies standard time, five mins could mean many hours. Juhi says men also take time like you took many years. She smiles. Vardaan smiles seeing Anjali coming. He gets shocked seeing her different attire. He thinks I have to think something big.Sid says Jessica is coming. Jessica comes there with nurse Philo. Everyone meets her and compliments. Jignesh says I m the luckiest person in the world, you don’t need this wheelchair, I will manage everything. Everyone claps. Din shagna da…..plays…. He lifts her and takes her. Rahil says hero is here, where is the heroine, Ishani. Sid says she was making Jessica ready, she would be coming. Ishani comes. Sid smiles seeing her. Ishani sees him. Rahil says video on, audio gone, good…. Ishani and Sid sign to compliment each other. Sid jokes and makes faces about her look. She gets upset. She signs the same that he isn’t looking handsome. She goes. Rahil says she looks terrible. Sid says are you blind, I was joking, she is…. Rahil asks what. Sid says Vardaan is calling you. Rahil says you got a Lord’s boon today. Sid says anything.

He smiles seeing Ishani. Vardaan stops Anjali. He says you didn’t wear the saree gifted by me. She asks will you force me to accept your apology. He says no, it would be good if you forgive me soon, I wanted to tell you something. She asks what. He says if you had worn a bindi today, you would have looked much beautiful. She goes smiling. Juhi says there is a wedding atmosphere here, many things changed in Sanjivani, one thing is same, valuing relationships, love and oneness, it makes Sanjivani a special hospital. Everyone claps. Ishani sees Sid. Juhi calls them out and asks what are you two doing. Ishani says nothing. Juhi says then do something, start the function. Jessica greets Jignesh’s parents and asks for their blessings. Ishani says its Jignesh’s marriage, aren’t you happy. Sid says say something. Jignesh says they will not say anything, I will speak, my parents like to chat a lot, they prayed to Lord that if the wedding is successful, they will quit something that’s difficult to quit.

Jignesh’s parents bless them. Jessica says thanks, lets start now. Ishani and Sid say first sangeet and then mehendi. Vardaan asks Sid to remember the deadline, 10pm. Aman plays songs. Sid and Ishani dance with everyone. Chogada tara…..plays….Shashank holds his neck and feels pain. Juhi asks are you all right. He says I was setting my hair, come on. She asks what, stop lying, you have become old now. He says that’s true, I feel pain in my knees. She says you want me to believe it. He says yes. They laugh. She says our discussion about Anjali is incomplete, do you really… He says I have given you the answer, you have to decide if you will call it love. A staff guy comes saying emergency. They ask what. The guy says food got over. Sid says don’t shout emergency, order food. Shashank jokes. Sid and everyone dance on Kamariya…. Sid holds Ishani close. Jessica faints. Everyone gets shocked.

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