The frontliners Update Saturday 4 September 2021

The frontliners 4 September  2021: The Episode starts with Sid getting beaten up by goons. Ishani gets in between. Sid looks at her. He beats the goons. Goon takes her at knife point. The goon threatens Sid. Sid says don’t do anything to him, please. He gets beaten up. She gives her purse. She says take everything, just leave him. Asha puts off the stove. She coughs by smoke. She says Sid and Ishani’s burnt love can suffocate me. She calls Vardaan. She asks why were you calling me. Vardaan says don’t talk to me like this. She says sorry. He says I have no interest in your pregnancy issues. He says I m going to play the game with Sid’s professional life, it will affect his soul. He tells his plan. She gets shocked.

He says just do it now. She says fine.She says Vardaan wants to ruin Sid, why. Vardaan says Asha would be thinking I m ruining Sid, Sid is just a pawn in my game. Goons tie up Sid and Ishani. Ishani shouts for help. She sees Sid. She recalls their moment. She asks Sid not to see her like this. He asks how, like I madly love you, did you stop yourself from thinking about me. Tu hi meri shab…plays… they recall their moments. Sid says fate brings people closer. Ishani says we will fight fate, it was fate when brought you and Asha together, and that bab’s fate… Sid says I couldn’t write his fate to be without his dad, life is strange, my own fate changed. She says person can get it by courage if its not in fate, its time to show courage. They struggle and free themselves. Vardaan talks to a VIP patient and says there is a luxury wing in Sanjivani, don’t worry. He says my fate is great, Shashank you are gone now.

Neil says a big VIP is coming here. Rahil says security is tight, I want to be on this case. Neil says Shashank is handling this case. Rahil jokes. The doctor says I heard he is a big fortune teller. Neil laughs. Rahil says I pray that we don’t see any bad time. Sid comes home. Asha says you got late, is everything fine, you went to drop Ishani. Sid says yes, the parathas burnt, I will make more. She says no. Asha asks are you regretting to do this. He says I need time if its about Ishani, I can’t promise you anything. He gets a call. He asks right now?

Shashank talks to Vardaan and patient. Juhi says its high profile case, even media will be part of it. Sid comes and says Shashank called me, I assisted him last time and I came soon. Philo asks about Asha. Sid says mum and Guddu aren’t at home, I felt Asha with Kaki. Shashank says we can set the surgery for tomorrow. He introduces Sid and says he assisted me in last surgery. The man says I want Sid to operate me, not you.

Sid says Shashank has much experience, he is the best. The man says I know, you know my colleague, Mr. Dev, you operated him, I heard him praising him, you are young and talented, so I decided Sid will do the surgery. Vardaan gets shocked. Shashank says okay, Sid will do the surgery. The man goes to his room. Sid says sorry, I didn’t had the idea. Shashank says Dr. Siddhant Mathur, maybe you won’t understand this, this is one of the most beautiful moment for me, its best thing when a student is given higher status than his teacher, its still a teacher’s victory, I m proud of you Sid. Sid hugs him.

Juhi says good luck Sid, you got your teacher’s blessing, you will do the surgery well. Sid cries happily. Shashank says tomorrow is an imp day. Vardaan says it will be big day for you, none will forget it. Someone throws a ball and note into Ishani’s room. She thinks how did this come. Sid hides. She reads the note…. thief took away the ph one, you have no landline, I didn’t find the pigeon so got this way, I have to share, I have a major surgery to do tomorrow, Shashank is also happy. Ishani smiles and jumps happily. Sid sees her and smiles. She says I m so happy for you. He says its a big day for me, I hope to give my best. She says you will be the best. She smiles.

the patient praising Sid and asking about him. Rahil says Sid will do your surgery. Neil asks the patient not to worry. The lady asks where is Sid. Asha acts to scream and says I fell down, I m very hurt. She smiles and applies some oil on her hands. Sid asks her to try and get up. Rahil says Sid is already late. Vardaan says Sid can’t forget this day. Sid says Asha, just try. Asha asks him to go, she will take care. Ishani asks didn’t Sid come. Neil signs no. Sid says wait, I will call the hospital. Sid sees the wires cut. Asha smiles. Sid says phone is dead. Ishani says lets hope he comes. Vardaan comes. Rahil says patient is given anaesthesia. Sid asks what’s happening here.

Sid asks Asha to just try, I won’t let anything happen to you. He sees the clock. Asha says no. Vardaan says where is Sid, its highly irresponsible. Ishani says he is just a human, he got late, he would come. Sid breaks the door and gets in. Asha cries. Vardaan says patient can lose life, can’t you understand this, are you blind in love. Shashank says enough Vardaan, Sid isn’t here, Juhi will go. Vardaan asks what are you doing, patient has come just for Sid, you are sending Juhi, Sid would have informed us, don’t know how did he become star doctor, police commissioner’s surgery is scheduled in the evening, I won’t let anyone ruin Sanjivani’s image. Shashank says we will find out why Sid didn’t come, I will fire him if reason isn’t right. Sid comes. The lady asks are you coming here, my husband is getting treated here just for your sake, we regard you Lord, where will we go if you do this, tell us. She goes.

Shashank asks reason. Sid says Asha had an emergency. Shashank says when we get late, project doesn’t delay, patient loses life, people loses belief on us and Sanjivani, we are talking of someone’s life, it was your last mistake, Juhi will manage the case today, there is a complicated high profile surgery, can you do this. Sid says yes. Vardaan thinks I will see how surgery gets successful. Shashank says don’t break my trust, I won’t forgive you. Sid says I promise, I won’t break your trust. Vardaan says you don’t understand Asha, why I assigned this small surgery to Sid, doctor has to be confident, if the day starts bad, confident gets less, I want Sid to lose confidence, you wait for my next call.Sid recalls the lady’s words. Ishani comes. Sid says that patient came here just for me, Juhi would have done best, but patient wanted me to do the surgery, he trusted me, what did I do. Ishani says I know you can’t forget this guilt, but don’t make another mistake, get up and prepare, you have to give your best. Sid thanks her.

Vardaan stops the lady, Mrs. Joshi and apologizes. He says you can even raise a complaint. The lady says I want to thank Juhi, everything got fine, thanks. She goes. He says Sid got saved this time, Sid your story will end in some hours. Sid asks Asha, are you fine, Kaki will look after you. Asha says you couldn’t complete sleep. He says I have habit to work without completing sleep. She says all the best. He ends call. She smiles. He says I have to prepare now, this time there can’t be any mistake. Vardaan says Sid has to make a mistake, I will blame Shashank for it. Sid says seven hours for surgery. He studies the case. Ishani gets coffee for him. She asks can I assist you. He says yes. Media gathers there and say about commissioner’s surgery. Vardaan pays a man and says questions should be solid and humiliating.

The man says I have called fake media to mix up. Vardaan says game over Sid. Sid says just three hours now. Ishani asks him to just focus. Vardaan calls Asha and says your Sautan is sharp, won’t you get prasad and mannat thread, Ishani is supporting Sid, come fast, you know what to do after coming here, take the weapon from me. Asha says sure. He sees some drugs and smiles. Asha comes there and sees Sid and Ishani. She knocks the door and gets in. Ishani gets up. Asha says you can do the imp work. Sid asks what are you doing here. Asha says I went to temple and got prasad, its big day for you. She does tika to Sid and feeds him prasad. Vardaan looks on. He thinks Asha’s love will make this day memorable, your goodness will change your life’s truth.

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