Strange Love Update 4 Saturday September 2021

Strange Love 4 September 2021: The Episode starts with Jyoti being upset. Renuka asks her to make tea as sshe is having headache. Jyoti does not hear her. Renuka scolds her and says she will make it herself. Jyoiti stops her and says she will make it. Renuka asks what is going on with her, why did you come running that day, what happened in your home, I m a mother, I m have seen the world, I know you are hurt by some big thing, I will not ask again and again, tell me, nothing can be hidden to me. Jyoti says leave it, you won’t understand, I will get tea. Renuka gets annoyed and says she is fed up of her, she accepted her and her daughter too, you gave me wrong reply, I will ask Sid today will he want me or you, Sid was good before, and he changed because of you. She leaves.

Astha prays to get an auto on time. She sits in an auto and leave. She thinks Bappa fulfilled her wish soon, the presentation should happen good, I will check papers once again. She checks the file and the auto driver looks at her in mirror. She sees the way and says this is not the place I told, where did you bring me, stop. He says I got you to right place. She says stop and says she did not said this. He says I was told this address and shows her the knife. She gets down the auto and many goons surround her. She shouts for help and asks them to leave her. They take her somewhere.

They shut her mouth and take her. Shlok thinks why did Astha not come till now, but why am I thinking about her so much, I want to see her lost face, where is she, I will have fun of winning when she loses. He calls Astha and can’t connect. He gets worried. Niranjan comes to Shlok and asks him to come for the presentation. Shlok says he is calling Astha. Niranjan asks him to focus on presentation and switch off the phone. Shlok says yes and does so. Niranjan leaves. Shlok thinks he is feeling strange, but dad is right, I should concentrate on the presentation.

Astha keeps screaming and says let me go please. The man asks her to sit else he will kill her. She asks why is he doing, she has to go office to give presentation, its big day for her, you can kidnap me later. They ask her to shut up and bring the rope to tie her to the chair. She says stop it and they stop asking what happened. She says tie calmly, else marks will be forever. She asks why are they doing this with her, they look from good family. They say we have kidnapped you for two hours, then we will leave you. Astha is stunned.She says two hours? But why? The man shows knife and asks her to sit quietly. She says please let me go, its my presentation. The man asks her to be quiet, he will get mad if she speaks again. They leave. She says Bappa, the presentation will start now, I m fool, I should have gone with Shlok, please do something to make me reach there on time. Sid comes home and asks Renuka why is she annoyed. She says you go and ask Jyoti. He says tell me.

She tells him everything and says she always give me wrong answers, she says I won’t understand, she is lucky to have a mum in law like me, and she does not value me. Sid says she is worried and maybe she said this, she will not wish to hurt you.She says you have to decide I can’t be with her. Sid laughs and says you are my life, and world’s best mum, I will take Jyoti’s class and come. Renuka gets glad. Astha tries to free herself. She starts crying loudly and the goons ask her not to do the drama. The man says we will leave you in one hour. She says she is feeling dizzy and she needs three tablets every hour, free my hand, I will take tablet and then tie my hand back. She says I m saying the truth, I need tablets. She starts showing she is unwell. The men get tensed and opens the rope.

They check her purse and find the tablets. She gets up and takes her purse. They look at her. Niranjan and Shlok are in conference hall and some presentations are shown to the client. Astha throws the oil box and the men fall. She runs after troubling them. They ask her to stop. She asks why, are you my elder brother that I listen to you? She leaves. Niranjan asks Shlok why is he restless. Shlok says Astha………….. Niranjan asks him to concentrate on presentation. He says it looks you don’ worry for my respect, I will myself give the presentation. Shlok says no, I do respect you and I will give presentation. The goons run after Astha.

Shlok looks at the door and waits for Astha. Astha calls Shlok and his phone is off. She calls Anjali and Astha’s phone gets off by low battery. Anjali also tries calling her back. Astha stops a man and sees his new scooty. The man says I bought it today, is it good. She fools him and says she has four children and a short story. She says my children are waiting for me, I m tensed as people kidnap kids these days, please drop me to the school. The man says fine. She gets happy.Niranjan thinks seeing Shlok’s worry, I don’t want Astha to give presentation and get this project, as I ended her hopes, as if Astha wins, it means Anjali’s victory which I can’t let it happen.

Sid coming to talk to Jyoti. He asks what happened between you and mum. She says how much I try, I think about my family problems, my mood was off, and Maa was asking again and again, I just said she can’t understand it. Sid says Maa is hurt by your words, she worries for you so she asked you, she is elder, if she is hurt by you, your duty is to apologize, if you say sorry, we all will be happy. Jyoti says I know I should have not spoken like this. He says I understand. She says she will go to talk to Renuka. They say I love you and hug. Their marriage pic is shown.The uncle is taking Astha on his scooty. The goons are following her. Astha asks uncle to drive fast. He says I bought it today, I can’t drive faster. She says my kids will grow up if we go by this speed. She stops him and drives scooty. She says don’t worry, nothing will happen to your bike. He worried. She is shocked seeing ladies and stops. She says sorry hitting them and starts again. Uncle says wait, I will drop you. Astha says don’t take tension uncle.

The client asks Shlok to give his presentation. Niranjan looks on. Shlok starts it. Niranjan thinks no one can stop Astha from losing this time. Astha stops as the goons come infront of her. She gives them an angry stare. Shlok’s presentation continues. Next is Astha Agnihotri… Niranjan sees Anjali’s chair vacant and thinks Astha, today you can’t come here, its impossible, also you can’t come again in Shlok’s life, I will make it impossible. Astha races the bike. The auto proceeds towards her. Astha leaves chaging direction. Uncle asks Astha to drive slow. The client says he can’t consider presentation on other day. Astha comes and says sorry for the delay. Niranjan is shocked seeing her.The client permits her to give the presentation. She apologizes to everyone and starts the presentation. She gives it from Anjali’s side naming it Education Village. Shlok and Niranjan looks on. Niranjan gets angry.

Astha says its mix of culture and nature to focus on kids’ physical and mental health. The client asks about land dispute of the site. She thinks what to do now. Shlok says disputed land is on left side of railway station, Astha is talking about right side property, you can see the papers and shows him. Niranjan is angry and silent. The client check and says ok. Astha thanks him and sits. The client says Shlok’s presentation had good plan, but Astha gave unique suggestions. He praises Astha and Shlok looks at Astha.

He says I have decided that the project winner is Astha Shlok Agnihotri. She smiles. Niranjan is shocked. The client says the project goes to Anjali Agnihotri institute. Everyone claps for her. A lady asks Shlok is she your wife, she gave nice presentation. Shlok says ya, she is my wife and claps for Astha. Astha hears him and thanks everyone. She requests the client to give the project to Shlok too, as she is here because of her husband, so she wants Shlok to work on this project too. The client tells Niranjan that the women of his family are great, smart and courageous. He says like your wife supported you all your life, exactly same way, your bahu is supporting your son, well done.

Niranjan claps putting his anger in between. Renuka waits for Jyoti to come and apologize, is Sid scolding her a lot, I m annoyed with her, she should come. Jyoti comes to her. She apologizes and promises she will never say such thing again. Sid sees them and smiles. Renuka says you think I m fool to not understand your problem. Jyoti says I m fool to not understand you, I realized my mistake. Jyoti holds her ears. Renuka says fine. Jyoti thanks her and hugs her. Kalindi and Ajju talk about Ankush. Kalindi says I don’t know how to make him right.

Ankush comes and his feet is hurt and bleeding. Kalindi sees him and worriedly asks how did he get hurt. He asks why does he worry for her so much, mind her business. He says where were you when I got hurt in childhood, why love now, I always held myself, your tears won’t affect me. He shows his wounds and says his heart is also wounded, who did it, you. He says he does not need a mum like her and leaves. Kalindi cries. Ajju says he is much hurt, how to explain him, if he does not get medicine applied, he can get infection. Kalindi says don’t worry, I will apply medicine. Ajju asks how. Kalindi says she will say.

Shlok asks Astha why did she come late. She thanks him for helping, and shows her wound saying some goons kidnapped me. He is shocked and asks how did this happen. She tells everything and says I don’t know who did it. Shlok says idiot, give me your hand. He ties his hanky to get her wound. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon…………………plays……………….. She smiles seeing her. He says why do you go by auto, can’t you take care, lets go to police station, do you remember auto number. She says no, leave it, I m fine. Shlok gets Niranjan’s call. Niranjan says he is going office, come there soon. Shlok says fine, coming. Niranjan thinks don’ know how Astha fails me, but this time she has to pay the price.

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